Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Paramedic works amid gangland shootings in Guatemala City

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"Angie Dymott spent two gruelling weeks swapping the streets of Cardiff to work with bomberos, who carry out paramedic and fire fighting duties in Guatemala City.

Angie has been a paramedic in the Welsh capital for six years. There, a typical Friday night involves dealing with lots of drunk people, patient transfers and minor injuries.

But in the Central American nation, shifts are more likely to deal with gang violence and multiple shootings.

In Cardiff, she shows the cameras around her ambulance packed with state-of- the-art kit, before heading off into the city where she is seen comforting the mother of a man who has been attacked and reassuring a drunk teenager.

On arriving in Guatemala City, Angie is handed a bulletproof vest as part of her uniform."

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