Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Spain organized crime is increasing

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Organized crime is increasing on Spain's touristic southern coast, the Costa del Sol, where more than 700 international criminal rings operate, the far-left party Izquierda Unida (IU) said in a report released Friday. The number of criminal organizations present in Malaga province grew by almost 10 per cent in 2007.
More than 50 abductions and settlements of accounts occurred in 2006 on the Costa del Sol, where police dismantled over 130 criminal rings, detaining more than 1,200 people, over three years. The report stressed the link between organized crime and political corruption on the Costa del Sol. More than 170 people including mayors, officials and entrepreneurs have been detained in connection with scandals linked especially with the construction sector in the region in the recent years.
IU representative Antonio Romero accused regional authorities of not taking sufficient measures against organized crime.

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Drugs of all types were confiscated by the police in Almoradi

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Drugs of all types were confiscated by the police in Almoradi recently . Three youths and a man were arrested on suspicion of supplying drugs .
The police discovered amphetamines , ecstacy , cocaine , crystal meths , hashish and cash . There was also the cutting agent made of a chemical compound used in such dealings .The males were all Spanish and were seen by police in a car on an industrial estate well known for drug dealing .

Saturday, 27 September 2008

military planes breaking the sound barrier have been revealed to be the cause of two loud explosions

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Two military planes breaking the sound barrier have been revealed to be the cause of two loud explosions heard at 0940am this morning in Málaga and along parts of the Costa del Sol, especially in Torremolinos and Fuengirola.There was a fair amount of panic in the city as people feared that some sort of terrorist attack may have taken place.The Ministry of Defence has confirmed that two military planes on exercises were responsible.

Friday, 26 September 2008

Marvin Herbert, head of security for a beachfront bar in the millionaires’ marina playground of Puerto Banus was shot on the terrace of Solly’s Diner

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Marvin Herbert, head of security for a beachfront bar in the millionaires’ marina playground of Puerto Banus.In his mid-30s, he is said to have spent several hours drinking coffee alone on the terrace of Solly’s Diner in Puerto Banus on Wednesday.
He was joined by a second man, also thought to be British, at around 7.30pm. The pair were talking before the attacker pulled a gun from his pocket and shot Herbert five times as he walked towards his blue BMW across the road.
Despite being shot in the eye, twice in the crotch, once in the arm and once in the leg, he survived.He is said to be in a serious condition in a Spanish hospital.

Mystery Blasts in Malaga

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Two loud blasts have jolted the southern Spanish holiday resort of Malaga this morning - but baffled police said there was no sign of any explosion."They were heard practically all over Malaga. People are saying that it came from different places, but we haven't been able to find anything," a spokeswoman for the local police said.Spanish radio reported that a jet breaking the sound barrier might have caused the blasts, which rattled the city just days after the government blamed Basque rebels ETA for a bombing offensive in northern Spain.

Fernando del Valle, who the prosecution considers to be the ‘brain’ behind the scheme which allegedly laundered money originating from drug traffickin

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accused is lawyer Fernando del Valle, who the prosecution considers to be the ‘brain’ behind the scheme which allegedly laundered money originating from drug trafficking, prostitution and tax fraud. Also suspected of involvement are two notaries, two female employees of Del Valle’s Marbella office and some clients, the majority of whom are foreigners. Del Valle spent six months in prison and was released in September 2005 on bail of 600,000 euros. The prosecution is requesting that he be sentenced to 15 years in jail, ordered to pay a 37.1 million euro fine plus compensation of 610,846 euros and a guarantee of 13.8 million euros for having laundered 12 million euros, according to the prosecutor’s report. The anti-corruption prosecutor alleges that Del Valle carried out 13 money laundering offences, 141 of falsifying documents, three offences against the tax authorities and two others against the legal authorities by providing false testimony.

Driveby shooting in Fuengirola

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Residents on Calle Teba in the Los Pacos area of Fuengirola were witnesses to a drive-by shooting on Sunday night, which police suspect was a settling of scores between rival gangs. Officers say that the passengers of a passing vehicle shot at properties on the street before driving away down Calle Yunquera. Another car then set off in pursuit of the first. No injuries were reported but several properties were hit by bullets. Police hope to make arrests in connection with the incident within the next few days.

Police are reported to be investigating possible links between the shooting of a British man in Calle Ramón Areces in Puerto Banús on Wednesday night,

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Police are reported to be investigating possible links between the shooting of a British man in Calle Ramón Areces in Puerto Banús on Wednesday night, with an earlier shooting incident at the Nikki Beach discotec.They think the British victim of the latest shooting, named with the initials M.H. could be linked to those who took part in the shooting at Nikki Beach. He remains in a serious by stable condition in hospital after being shot five times including to his right eye, right arm, right leg, pelvis and to the genitals.He is from Liverpool and has been living in Marbella with his partner for some years. Government Sub Delegate, Hilario López Luna, said that he has a previous police record and has served prison time in Britain. Yesterday the victim's home was searched as police tried to establish a motive for the shooting.Speaking in Algeciras yesterday, the Minister for the Interior, Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba, said that it was thought the shooting was linked to a criminal settling of scores, probably over drugs.The man who is accused of carrying out the Nikki Beach shooting last August 23 is due to appear in court later today. In that shooting a 42 year old man was shot in both his legs.The day before that also saw an Irish man injured after being shot on the terrace of the Aloha Gardens bar.Puerto Banús became the scene of the third shoot out in Marbella in a month yesterday. A man in his thirties from Liverpool in England was shot in the face and the arm when he tried to get into his British registered dark blue BMW in Calle Ramón Areces at 7.30 p.m.
Witnesses in bars close by said that the man who fired the shots, some of which hit the victim in the face, spoke to the Liverpool man minutes before.
The shooter, apparently also British, made his get away in a waiting car. Police officers, who were quickly on the scene and have seized the bullet shells for investigation, believe that the shooting was a settling of criminal scores.
One witness said that: "We thought the shots were fire crackers until we saw the victim on the ground with his face blown apart and covered in blood. It was like a film, he was having convulsions although he was was able to say something."
The victim was taken to the Costa del Sol Hospital where he was being treated for two bullet wounds in the face, one near his eye, and another in his arm, and his condition was reported as being serious.

Michael ‘Dermot’ McArdle goes on trial in Spain next week to face charges in relation to the death of his wife Kelly-Anne Corcoran in Costa Del Sol

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Michael ‘Dermot’ McArdle goes on trial in Spain next week to face charges in relation to the death of his wife Kelly-Anne Corcoran in Costa Del Sol over eight years ago.Kelly-Anne (28) plunged to her death from the fourth floor balcony of a hotel in Marbella while the couple were on holiday with their two children in February 2000. McArdle, (39), from Haggardstown, who denies any involvement in his wife’s death, faces 14 years in prison if convicted of murder. The trial is set to begin on Monday in the Provincial Court of Malaga, Marbella. Members of the Corcoran family are expected to travel to Spain for the trial. Documents leaked to the Spanish newspaper ‘La Opinion de Malaga’ earlier this summer revealed that the prosecution’s case centres around evidence of an alleged struggle which appeared to have taken place in the couple’s hotel room prior to her fall. It was initially believed that Kelly-Anne died accidentally on the first day of the couple’s week-long holiday on February 12th, 2000, while trying to prevent her eldest son from toppling over the balcony. She survived the horrific fall but died of her injuries the following day, tragically leaving behind two sons aged just four and two years old at the time.

Thursday, 25 September 2008

National police are questioning a Dublin man over a €7m drug seizure

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National police are questioning a Dublin man over a €7m drug seizure in the country.
The 62-year-old Irish man was arrested as he and three Spaniards berthed a boat which is alleged to have been full of cannabis. Police pounced on the vessel as it landed in Cadiz in the south of Spain. It is believed that the boat was carrying a tonne of dope. Detectives questioning the Dubliner have refused to reveal his identity except to say that his initials are DAJ. Police sources have said that this seizure was part of a major operation and have heralded it as a big success in the fight against drugs. Before the arrests, the gang is believed to have been under surveillance for two months. Gardai in Ireland say they are not aware of the man's identity, but said he may have entered Spain illegally. It is believed that the gardai were not involved with the arrests and were not asked to liaise with the Spanish police. It is suspected that the arrested man could be travelling on a false passport or may have dual nationality. The drugs that were seized off the boat will be forensically examined in the coming days, and Spanish police will be investigating who the drugs were destined for.

Saray Tinoco disappeared going to dye her hair, she never returned for supper.

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15 year old has gone missing in Andalucía with the announcement that 15 year old Saray Tinoco who vanished from Lepe, Huelva last Wednesday, a week ago.
Saray Tinoco left home last Wednesday with her I.D. but with no money.
Saray left home at 5pm with her ID card, but without any money, and the family says they had no idea that she may have wanted to run away. They say Saray said she was going to dye her hair, but she never returned for supper.
The Guardia Civil have now organised a search for the youngster.

Pirate British satellite television group distributing signals to British clients resident in the provinces of Alicante, Murcia and Almería

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The group had some 60,000 clients, most of them British, between Benidorm in Alicante and Vera in Almería.
The Judicial Police from the Torrevieja Guardia Civil has broken up an international gang which had been pirating British satellite television signals and then distributing them to British clients resident in the provinces of Alicante, Murcia and Almería in an area between Benidorm and Vera.
The group, based in an industrial estate at Algorfa, Alicante, had more than 60,000 clients, most of them British who paid 590 € for the installation of the system and then a monthly subscription of between 18 and 22 €. A total of 500 million € is thought to have been defrauded by the group which made no tax payments to Hacienda.
A total number of 14 people have been arrested, including eight Spaniards, three Britons and a Byelorussian, Rumanian and Russian.Investigations started following a complaint placed by Sogecable, the owners of the Spanish Digital Plus satellite system

Liverpool man shot in Puerto Banus as gangwar flares

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A man in his 30’s, first reported to be Eastern European by some sources, but now considered to be British by most media, has been injured in a shooting incident in a cafeteria in Puerto Banús, Marbella. At least five shots were fired in the port at 7,30pm last night, according to emergency service sources, with four of the shots hitting the man in the face after a first shot to the knee. He is reported to be seriously injured. Witnesses described the victim as a tall and athletic blonde man, and say he is British, from Liverpool, and has been living in Marbella for several years. They say the shooter, who is also thought to be British, talked to him for some time before opening fire.Police think that what was the third shooting in the town in less than a month, was a possible settling of criminal scores.
The man was shot as he left a cafeteria in Calle Ramón Areces, to walk to his car, a dark blue British registered BMW which he had left illegally parked with the windows open.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Policewoman have been arrested by Murcia’s National Police drugs squad .

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Four people , one of them a policewoman , have been arrested by Murcia’s National Police drugs squad .They have been caught for distributing and selling designer drugs . The supposed head of the gang and his policewoman wife are residents of Los Montesinos and they are thought to be responsible for acquiring and cutting the drugs before selling them on .The four people had been under investigation for sometime by the drug squad and when they were apprehended the squad couped a big haul of many types of drugs from speed to hallucinogenic mushrooms .The suspects have been reported to the courts at Orihuela and Torrevieja .

David Oakley fled to Spain as police closed in on him.

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David Oakley was today found guilty of a series of frauds and deceptions in which he cheated customers of his holiday and travel companies.A jury took just 20 minutes to decide that Oakley was guilty of 12 offences which included fraudulent trading and using forged cheques - and then heard he had fled to Spain as police closed in on him.The prosecution said Oakley, 62, was a conman who sold timeshare and holiday club memberships.Oakley, formerly of Salters Lane, Shrewsbury, was not in the dock and his trial was heard in his absence.During the six-day hearing the jury was not told Oakley had absconded three years ago. But after the verdicts the jury heard that Oakley was in Spain, as Mr David Matthew, prosecuting, made a confiscation application under the Proceeds of Crime Act.Recorder Denis Desmond was due to pass sentence on Oakley later today.Oakley was found guilty of obtaining £15,000 from Adrian Ramian by deception by claiming the money was to be invested in a holiday resort in Antigua.The jury also returned guilty verdicts on 11 other charges, including that Oakley ran Caribbean Marketing UK Ltd and Voyager International Ltd, and formed and promoted VIP Connections Ltd when he was banned from being a company director. He was also found guilty of fraudulently running two of the businesses knowing that the liabilities could not be met.He was found guilty of five specimen offences of forging cheques using Mr Ramian’s signature. And he was found guilty of perverting the course of justice by giving false evidence in a civil case to prevent his home being repossessed.He had initially denied all 14 offences which took place on dates between May 1999 and November 2002.However, he had been in contact with his barrister, Mr John Gruffydd, by fax and made admissions in connection with 11 of the 14 charges he faced.Two of allegations - of perverting the course of justice in a speeding case and fraudulent trading with VIP Connections Ltd - are expected to lie on file

Monday, 22 September 2008

5-year-old boy is in a critical but stable condition at Málaga's Maternity Hospital after a savage attack by his family's pet Rottweiler

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5-year-old boy is in a critical but stable condition at Málaga's Maternity Hospital after a savage attack by his family's pet Rottweiler in the garden of the family home on the La Alqueria residential estate in Alhaurín de la Torre. The toddler suffered serious injuries to his face, legs and back when he was attacked by the family pet, which may have been accompanied by a second dog, at around 9.45pm last Saturday evening. His life was saved by the prompt reaction of his father who pulled him free then rushed him to hospital. The Rottweiler was removed to a stray dog facility for tests while the boy's parents, who are not Spanish, have been ordered to provide proof that they have the necessary paperwork to keep dangerous animals of this type.

63-year-old English mans charred corpse was found on the outskirts of Chrivel (Almería)

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63-year-old English man whose charred corpse was found on the outskirts of Chrivel (Almería) last Saturday evening, may have set fire to himself intentionally as an empty 8-litre can of petrol was found near his body. A loud explosion shortly before 6pm alerted locals, who called in the emergency services. The totally-incinerated body was found after the resulting flames had been extinguished. No significant damage was caused to the surrounding scrub and woodland. A distinctive tattoo on the dead man's back was the key to identifying him

Alicante rabbit chop their victims on the back of the neck as they were taking money from cash machines

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A gang who amassed 150,000 euros through violent crime have been arrested in Torrevieja .These criminals attacked their victims across a wide range , from Valencia to Murcia , with more than 20 violent thefts .Four of the men are from south America and one is a Spaniard .Their modus operandi was to rabbit chop their victims on the back of the neck as they were taking money from cash machines .One of their victims was relieved of 21,000 euros as he left a bank in Alicante .They have been charged with robbery and grievous bodily harm .

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Spanish jury found 24-year-old Victor Navas guilty of homicide.

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Builder Gary Dunne, 22, was attacked and stabbed to death in the street in the popular resort of Benalmadena on March 2, 2006, for no apparent reason.
Yesterday, a Spanish jury found 24-year-old Victor Navas guilty of homicide.
But they accepted the killer’s drug problem as an extenuating factor in the case.
During the four-day trial at Malaga provincial criminal court, Navas admitted stabbing Mr Dunne, who had lived with his parents at Benalmadena for four years.
But he said he could not remember doing so because that night he had consumed cocaine, designer drugs, hashish and alcohol.He also told the nine-man jury he had been a drug addict since the age of 13.When the trial started, the state prosecutor demanded Navas should be jailed for 14 years for homicide.But following his statement about his drug problem, the prosecutor reached agreement with the defence to lower his demand to nine years’ imprisonment because of temporary diminished responsibility.Returning their verdict of guilty to homicide yesterday, the jury foreman said they accepted Navas’s drug addiction was an extenuating circumstance.
The presiding judge will release a written sentence within the next two weeks.
Mr Dunne’s parents Lesley and Stephen are also fighting a long-standing battle against the Spanish authorities to bring their son’s body home.For two years, they have been prevented from bringing his body back to Merseyside for burial.
The Spanish authorities claim that for hygiene reasons, Mr Dunne must be cremated. They would then allow his ashes to be taken home.He remains in a concrete box in the resort of Benalmadena

Corruption case on Mallorca with two people arrested for issuing fake facturas

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Corruption case on Mallorca with two people arrested for issuing fake facturas in favour of the Unió Mallorquina party spokesman. One of those arrested is the manager of a real estate company with interests in Spain, Moldavia, Luxembourg, Hungary and France.

Mario Santafede member of the Camorra, the Neapolitan mafia detained in the car park of a luxury apartment in the northeastern city of Barcelona

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mafia suspect on the list of 100 most wanted fugitives in Italy has been arrested in Barcelona, Italian police said today.Mario Santafede, 55, a member of the Camorra, the Neapolitan mafia, was picked up in a joint raid carried out by Italian and Spanish police on a flat in a residential area of the city.Santafede, who is the object of an international arrest warrant, was sentenced to 14 years in prison in his absence for criminal association in connection with drug trafficking. He has been on the run since 2004.Spanish police working in cooperation with their Italian counterparts have arrested a suspected leader of Italy's Camorra crime syndicate, the Interior Ministry said Saturday.Members of Spain's elite special operations police moved in to detain Mario Santafede in the car park of a luxury apartment in the northeastern city of Barcelona on Friday evening, the ministry said in a statement.Santafede, 55, is wanted by Italian authorities for suspected cocaine smuggling from Colombia and Ecuador to the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Italy, the ministry said.
The suspect, who is thought by investigators to have close links with other Naples-based criminals, is also wanted in connection with at least three murders, the ministry said.Santafede, who was in possession of false Italian and British identity papers when arrested, had changed his appearance through exercise, the ministry said.
The suspect was expected to appear before a judge at the National Court in Madrid later Saturday prior to possible extradition to Italy, the ministry said.
Santafede is one several suspected Camorra leaders arrested in or near Barcelona in recent years.Police arrested Patrizio Bosti, who was on Italy's list of 30 most-wanted criminals, while having dinner in Girona last month. Bosti, 49, had been on the run since 2005.In February 2006, Raffaele Petrazzuolo was picked up in Barcelona and deported to Italy on suspicion of criminal activity and complicity with mob leaders.Also in 2006 a man identified only as Carmine R., 38, was detained in the seaside resort of Sitges, just outside Barcelona.

Friday, 19 September 2008

17 tons of hashish to Denmark drugs were smuggled from the Netherlands and Spain

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Danish police say they have broken up a drug ring suspected of having smuggled at least 17 tons of hashish to Denmark.Police spokesman Steffen Steffensen says nine people have been arrested across the country since May in the operation. About 484 pounds (220 kilograms) of hashish has been seized during the raids.
Steffensen said Wednesday those arrested include a 46-year-old German woman of Colombian heritage who was arrested on her way out of Denmark with 1.7 million kroner (US$323,633) in cash. He said more arrests are likely as the investigation continues.Police say the drugs were smuggled from the Netherlands and Spain.criminal organisation has imported as much as 17 tons of cannabis from Spain and the Netherlands into Denmark, police say. The turnover was enormous, and a German woman has been charged with transporting DKK 53 million to the gang’s contacts abroad.
The affair has been secretly investigated by the Copenhagen Police since the beginning of the year and a total of nine people have been arrested so far.
Both the 46-year old woman, who worked as money courier, and a man, aged 41 and presumed to be the drug baron, have been in custody since May, according to Police Superintendant Steffen Th. Steffensen. At the time of her arrest, the woman was leaving Denmark with DKK 1.7 million. One of the arrested men, a suspected principle figure, was caught south of Køge and police have found a comprehensive set of accounts that form the basis of the charge. The many transports are believed to have taken place over the past 18 months. Another principle suspect was also arrested near Køge. If the amount of 17 tons of cannabis is correct, it is the largest hash case ever in Denmark. The cannabis was sold from different places in Copenhagen, including in Christiania. There were also customers in Holstebro, Esbjerg, Horsens and Århus, and arrests have also been made in these cities, says Steffensen.
In a few cases sentences have already been passed regarding the receipt of 600 and 800 kilos of cannabis. During one of the raids in Jutland, the police officers also found a machine gun. The police believe the cannabis was smuggled into the country in cars and trucks.
But the investigation is far from over as the Copenhagen Drugs Squad suspects that a Danish man, who is already wanted in connection with another crime, has played a central role.
In the biggest case so far involving the smuggling of 13 tons of cannabis on board the ship “Atlantic Privateer”, Claus Malmqvist, 41, was sentenced to 16 years in prison last year. Police believe that the man they are looking for handled about three tons of the ship’s cannabis cargo and that he worked with Malmqvist and the latter’s partner Lars Petersen, who is serving time for hash smuggling as well as killing of another accomplice. The drugs squad apparently think he is continuing his highly profitable cannabis business from his hideout and with new partners.

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Brian Deans,Dean Hinton arrested case was linked to an operation in July in which five tonnes of hashish worth £15m were seized in Alicante city.

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Brian Deans, 45, was arrested along with Dean Hinton, 41, from Northampton, at the small resort of Oliva, on south-east Spain's Costa Blanca. The drugs discovered by detectives were worth just over £1m on the streets. Police said the case was linked to an operation in July in which five tonnes of hashish worth £15m were seized in Alicante city.

Spaniards spend 50 million € a day on prostitutes according to latest estimates with Andalucia the region of the country with most prostitutes

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Spaniards spend 50 million € a day on prostitutes according to latest estimates with Andaucía the region of the country with most prostitutes in Spain, followed by Valencia and Madrid.The southern region has no fewer than 18,200 involved in the oldest profession of the world according to the official numbers. Official estimates say that there are just over 100,000 prostitutes in the country, while some other estimates have tripled that number. Many studies indicate that 6% of the population are regular users of prostitutes and that the industry moves some 18 billion € a year, based mostly in roadside ‘alternative’ night clubs. These venues are ‘inspected’ on a periodic basis by the Guardia Civil and it is from these inspections that a rough official number is obtained.Prostitution is considered is second most profitable business in the world, behind only arms trafficking, but ahead of drugs.In Sevilla the City Hall has started a poster campaign against prostitution with the slogan ‘Are you worth so little that you have to pay? – Prostitution exists because you do pay.

local construction industry will be at a complete standstill in two months time, as work is completed on those sites where it is already underway.

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Málaga Chamber of Commerce has said that the local construction industry will be at a complete standstill in two months time, as work is completed on those sites where it is already underway. The declaration comes as there are still some 85,000 people whose work in the province is linked to construction. A call has been made for more public works as a way of keeping some of the jobs alive.

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Roch Claude Tabarot and Francisco Fernández.directors of the real estate company Riviera Coast Invest bailed

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National Court Judge, Fernando Grande Marlaska, has granted bail of 60,000 and 40,000 € for two of the directors of the real estate company Riviera Coast Invest, Roch Claude Tabarot and Francisco Fernández.Judicial sources say the judge has released the other four directors of the company who were being held since last Wednesday when the group was arrested when about to board a private jet at the Altet airport in Alicante on a flight to Morocco.All six had declared to the judge yesterday afternoon. Marlaska was filling in for judge Santiago Pedraz who was in Washington attending a conference on terrorism.The bail conditions mean the directors have to register every Monday and are prohibited from leaving Spain. They face charges of continued illegal enrichment in a fraud which some claim reached 17 million €.

20 people have been arrested in a timeshare fraud on the Costa del Sol.

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20 people have been arrested in a timeshare fraud on the Costa del Sol.The National Police are investigating the case which could have affected hundreds of people, most of them foreigners.The arrests are now known to have been made last week and new detentions have not been ruled out and several promoters are reported to be under investigation.La Opinion de Málaga reports that the fraud could consist of offering the purchaser a set time in the property without confirming that the time has already been previously sold. The paper says that investigations remain open and more arrests will take place shortly.

Victor Posse Navas,killer of a Liverpool man stabbed to death in Spain is likely to be jailed for nine years.

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killer of a Liverpool man stabbed to death in Spain is likely to be jailed for nine years.Builder Gary Dunne, from West Derby, was attacked with a machete in the Costa Del Sol by Victor Posse Navas, in March, 2006.At Malaga High Court yesterday, the parents of the 22-year-old were advised to accept an offer of nine years behind bars.
Gary’s parents, Lesley and Stephen Dunne, are furious and want Navas jailed for longer.Gary’s family are also fighting a battle to bring his body home.Spanish authorities say that, for hygiene reasons, Mr Dunne must be cremated first before his ashes can be taken home.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Edgar Vallejo-Guarin aka Jairo Gomez

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American and European media are reporting that Vallejo-Guarin [World-Check UID 32513]was carrying identity documents, under the assumed name of Jairo Gomez, with Venezuelan citizenship, and that he had used that false identity to obtain a residency permit in Spain. Spanish police stated that he had been living in the Barcelona suburb of Sant Cugat del Valles, and that he had been arrested with the assistance of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). The United States is seeking has extradition to face multiple narcotics and money laundering charges pending there. The arrest, in Spain this week, of alleged drug kingpin Edgar Vallejo-Guarin has now yielded additional details not previously released to the public. They provide the answer to the question as to how an individual, designated 'Most Wanted' by the Government of Colombia, was able to live in Europe. Vallejo-Guarin was reportedly arrested whilst staying at a luxury hotel in Madrid.

Space nightclub in Playa d'en Bossa The doorman asked the woman if she was carrying any drugs and to his surprise she pulled a bag of pills out

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Bouncers have pounced as an Irish woman tried to sneak 100 ecstasy tablets into an Ibiza nightclub in her bra.
The 23-year-old tourist was on her way into the Space nightclub in Playa d'en Bossa, outside Ibiza town with seven of her friends when the drugs were discovered.
The doorman asked the woman if she was carrying any drugs and to his surprise she pulled a bag of pills out of her bra. The bouncer then confiscated the tablets and called the Civil Guard.It is understood that the woman was really surprised by this because she claimed that she didn't know it was a serious crime to carry drugs on the party island."The doorman asked her if she was carrying any drugs and she simply put her hand inside her bra and pulled out a big bag of pills.""The girl claimed she did not know it was a serious crime to carry drugs in Ibiza," said a police spokesman.

Marbella Colombian network of cocaine dealers arrested

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Three drug-running chiefs from a Colombian network of cocaine dealers have been arrested in Marbella. The three are thought to have controlled another 13 Colombian dealers in the drug, who were arrested in Murcia and Almería.
A statement from the Guardia Civil said the group also prepared the drug ready for sale.The arrests were all made this week as part of an operation codenamed ‘Acuala’, with police also seizing computers, mobile phones, cash, firearms and ammunition and several vehicles with an estimated value of 200,000 €, as well as 2.5 kilos of highly pure cocaine.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Nicholas Gardner has not yet revealed all the contents of his bank accounts, including ones in Jersey and Spain, and could not account for £250,000.

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Nicholas Gardner, 53, persuaded his friends to loan him large amounts of cash to finance "fantasy" business projects destined to fail.Instead he spent the money maintaining his lifestyle, paying for the private education of his three children, rent on his house and keeping his wife, who is now divorcing him.Gardener, currently serving a 33-month jail term, was taken from HMP Woodhill to Northampton Crown Court yesterday for a confiscation hearing under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002.The prosecution are seeking to seize any hidden assets or savings he may have put aside, after benefiting by almost £400,000 from his crimes.
The court heard that he has not yet revealed all the contents of his bank accounts, including ones in Jersey and Spain, and could not account for £250,000.
Judge Christopher Metcalf adjourned the hearing for Gardner, of St Ives in Cambridgeshire, to declare any savings or accounts he may have hidden.

Movers International Europe duped into drug running

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Simon Ashworth, operations manager at Movers International Europe, a household removals firm, said his staff in Spain were stunned when they discovered the drugs hidden in pieces of furniture the firm was due to transport to a depot at at Longridge Road, Red Scar.The staff immediately reported the find, in June 2006, to the Guardia Civil in Alicante who mounted a joint operation with the county's Serious and Organised Crime Unit (SOCU) to track the load.It was discovered the haul had come from a sophisticated drugs network in Spain.Mr Ashworth, 38, said: "We undertook the job believing it to be furniture from a warehouse in Alicante.
"But when a man delivered the goods to our base in Alicante we were suspicious at how quickly he wanted to get away. "They were heavy, awkward pieces of furniture and something didn't add up. The police were called and the furniture was sealed back up and packed back in its bubble wrap and sent on its way as arranged so the officers could see where it ended up. At this end I helped a courier who had been sent by the person who was supposed to receive the furniture to load it into his van.
"The police struck later when it arrived at Merseyside."A SOCU officer, who cannot be named, said: "We would have been looking at roughly up to £250,000 street value."

sixty Nigerian human traffickers are facing prosecution

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sixty Nigerian human traffickers are facing prosecution in nine countries in Europe. The traffickers were arrested in Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands and Britain, following a major crackdown on traffickers in an operation tagged ‘Koovis’ which was coordinated by the National Agency for the Prohibition of Traffic in Persons and Other Related Matters (NAPTIP).
Making this revelation, Mr. Warner Ten Cate, the National Prosecutor for Human Trafficking and Smuggling of Persons in the Netherlands, who is leading a ten-man team of investigators, prosecutors, immigration and police officers on a fact-finding mission to NAPTIP and other law enforcement organisations in Nigeria, said NAPTIP has shown tremendous courage and exemplary leadership skills which are hallmarks of law enforcement organisations in the world.
According to Cate, the period of the operation was a defining moment for NAPTIP as it has earned the reputation and recommendation of international law enforcement organisations all over the world.
Cate also said that NAPTIP’s exemplary achievement should stretch to other crimes like drug trafficking, as they are working with the Dutch Ministry of justice to effectively bring the criminals to justice. He promised the collaboration of Europol and Eurojust in tackling the crime of human trafficking.
Cate reiterated the fact that no singular organisation could fight criminal networks alone without cooperation, capacity to utilise each other’s comparative advantage, exchange of information, training of investigators and learning from best practices in the field of victim protection.
Lastly, he said the team was in Nigeria to explore avenue for good agreement on information exchange on criminal groups, how to access their illegally earned profit, capacity building and expand our cooperation to other Nigerian institutions through NAPTIP.
Responding, the Executive Secretary, Mrs. Carol Ndaguba, said the success of the operation was a good example for the rest of the world and other law enforcement organisations to emulate.
According to her, “as a law enforcement organisation we must support each other’s capacity with equitable information flow and technical know-how to operate as equals.

cocktail of liquid ecstasy and alcohol puts policeman in hospital

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local policeman who was attended to in the Nogalera area of Torremolinos on Sunday after taking a cocktail of liquid ecstasy and alcohol, remains in the intensive care unit of Carlos Haya Hospital in Málaga in an induced coma.
Sources close to the man, who is in his 30’s, are quoted by El País saying that he almost lost his life.Mayor of Málaga, Francisco de la Torre, has criticised the policeman’s behaviour
‘It’s not good that there are drug users in the security forces. They should show exemplary behaviour to all the citizens’, he said. The Municipal Police Station in Málaga say they will wait for the man to make a recovery before considering taking any action.The policeman was attended to, with two other men and a woman close to the Emporium Disco. One of the other men also remains in hospital in a serious but stable condition.

Neapolitan Mafia chief arrested in Barcelona

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Raffaele Laurenti is an alleged member of the Neapolitan Mafia.
An alleged member of the Neapolitan Mafia have been arrested in Barcelona. 31 year old Raffaele Laurenti was found in a flat in Calle Calabria. The arrest follows a similar detention of another alleged member of the Camorra in Barcelona last month.
The arrest on Tuesday was carried out in a joint operation between the Spanish Guardia Civil and Italian Carabineros.The suspect was unarmed at the time and offered no resistance.

Covered in petrol and set alight by robbers on the San Luis industrial estate in Málaga

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48 year old man is in a serious condition in hospital with second degree burns to his neck, face and arms, after he was covered in petrol and set alight by robbers. It happened on Tuesday night in the San Luis industrial estate in Málaga and came after the thieves had taken his wallet which contained 1,500 €.National Police were alerted to the case by the Carlos Haya Hospital in Málaga where police are waiting to take a statement from the victim.

Burnt-out body of a British man found

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Guardia Civil has found the burnt-out body of a British man in an area known as La Rambla in Chirivel, Almeria.The body was found last Saturday evening when a local person saw smoke from the area. A petrol can was found at the scene and it is believed that the man committed suicide. His name has not been given by the authorities, but it is believed that he was identified from a tattoo on his back. An autopsy is to be carried out.

Sean Edwards,wants to say “thank you” to the anonymous holidaymaker who rescued him, his daughter and wife

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Sean Edwards, 39, wants to say “thank you” to the anonymous holidaymaker who rescued him, his daughter and wife after they were trapped in strong rip currents in the sea off Benalmadena.Mr Edwards, who didn’t have time to get his rescuer’s name, only knows the reluctant hero came from Scarborough.
The family were enjoying a week’s holiday in the Costa del Sol town, near Malaga, when they decided to go down to the beach.Mr Edwards, his daughter Letitia, 11, and son Sam, six, went into the sea to jump waves while his wife Paula stayed on the beach.Sam left the sea to get some goggles while Mr Edwards and his daughter went further out – only to be knocked back and then off their feet by waves.
Mr Edwards, who is a sales director, said: “I came out from under the water and I couldn’t see my daughter anywhere. Then I saw her being taken away by a rip current and she was shouting. I swam out to her and we were just panicking and screaming for help.”Mrs Edwards, who had brought their son back to the edge of the sea, noticed the pair were in trouble and screamed for help.When she thought no-one was doing anything, she started swimming out to them.Mr Edwards said: “I couldn’t go anywhere because my daughter was panicking and holding on to me. The next thing I know there’s a gentleman taking hold of me. He calmed the situation and took control of my daughter.“Then a Spanish guy came with a lilo and all four of us held on to the lilo, kicking through the current to get back to shore.”During the dramatic rescue, Mrs Edwards had also got into trouble and was eventually saved by the same pair of rescuers.Mr Edwards was too shocked to properly speak to the man but would now like to trace him.He said: “The gentleman’s bravery in jumping into the sea to save three lives is something that should be honoured and commended.“He said he had heard my wife screaming on the shore and just went running. He thought nothing of it. He is a man in his late 40s and was there with quite a large family.“I would just like to thank him personally. We’re still in a bit of shock now. I dread to think what would have happened if they hadn’t made the dash into the sea.”

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Spanish girls turn to prostitution

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Spanish girls turn to prostitution
Brothels and clubs such as this one are mushrooming due to lack of legislation. And for the first time in many years, they are showcasing their Spanish girls as the main attraction.The boom of foreign prostitutes that took place in recent years had all but relegated Spanish girls to the most marginal markets such as industrial parks outside small towns.But now, newspaper and local television ads are screaming out their presence. Sometimes they go as far as to specify the region the prostitutes are from: Catalan senoritas, Andalusian chicas and others.According to Laura, the owner of a massage parlour in downtown Valencia, "each day there are more national girls offering their services".Laura, a middle-aged woman who used to be a prostitute, is also Spanish. "I fell into this because of serious money problems," she explains. "Years ago, Spanish girls could work as go-go dancers at nightclubs or whatever, but now the economy is real bad.""Besides, right now clients are paying more for them," she adds.It was the other way around years ago when the first sculptural foreigners arrived in Spain courtesy of international mafias. But now, even specialised websites stress whether an advertised girl was born in Spain.
Amaranta Foundation, a religious non-profit group that helps women caught up in prostitution and crime, confirms that there has been a rise in the number of Spanish-born prostitutes working in private apartments. In the case of telephone and internet contacts, sex takes place on the street or inside the client's car.
"They are girls who want fast money in a specific way. They see prostitution as a way to make things change for them," says Pilar Casas, the director of Amaranta.
"In most cases they are teenage girls with dysfunctional social and family backgrounds. They have a varied history of abuse, a lack of culture and social skills, and no self-esteem."Casas says that they are "girls for whom it is very difficult to be part of the system and its demands, especially now with the economic crisis."Even though 85 percent of prostitutes in Spain are foreign, Spanish girls now make up to 30 percent at apartment-based brothels, according to Amaranta. This trend is often linked to alcohol and cocaine use."It is becoming more common. Most Spanish girls are already hooked before becoming prostitutes, and when they start working they go completely under," says Laura, the owner of a massage parlour.
A study conducted by Carmen Meneses, of the Catholic university, Universidad Pontificia de Comillas in Madrid, shows that of all the prostitutes who were interviewed by researchers, the Spaniards had experimented with cocaine before resorting to prostitution, while the foreigners had not.
Alcohol and cocaine allow them to put up with an activity that they generally abhor, the study concludes."Consuming drugs can lead to unprotected sex with their clients and becoming the victims of attacks," reads the report.Added to all this is the fact that many young prostitutes owe money, either to banks to pay off a mortgage in the case of Spaniards, or to the mafia in the case of the foreigners. They have to share profits with pimps and club owners, and sometimes even pay for plastic surgery, an especially common occurrence in the medium- to high-end sector.One in four pays for sexAs for how many women sell their bodies in Spain, official government figures have placed the number at slightly higher than 100,000, while non-official estimates have often floated around 300,000. However, much higher numbers are also thrown around. Government experts speculate that business turnover is between around EUR 50 million a day.A study by researchers from the Instituto de Salud Carlos III health research centre places Spain as the developed country with the highest rate of prostitution; a country where one out of every four men has paid for sex.
Prostitution has been assimilated, and the modern roadside club has been the great provider. But even that model is drying up, it seems.
"It appears to be changing," agrees Esperanza Casals, a sexologist and the director of the applied psychology group Espai.
"Prostitution has been assimilated as a form of massive consumption for entertainment purposes that is separate from morals. And it happened through the use of these establishments as weekend resorts or for stag parties."

Un motorista ha fallecido hoy en Marbella (Málaga) al salirse de la vía con su vehículo cuando circulaba por la A-7

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Un motorista ha fallecido hoy en Marbella (Málaga) al salirse de la vía con su vehículo cuando circulaba por la A-7, según han informado a Efe fuentes del servicio de emergencias 112.

(EFE)En la imagen, vuelco de un camión que transportaba cristales, en la autovía A-7 a su paso por la localidad malagueña de Marbella.En el accidente, que se produjo en las inmediaciones de la salida hacia Cabo Pino, no se ha visto implicado ningún otro vehículo, han añadido las fuentes.
El suceso se ha producido esta madrugada, sobre las 4.10 horas, cuando por causas que todavía se desconocen, el hombre, de 30 años, se salió de la calzada en el kilómetro 195 de la citada vía.

Mayor atención para prostitutas del Poligono Guadalhorce

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Benidorm attempted kidnap of 8 year old boy by sexual predator

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20 years old with a police history of sexual abuses has been stopped in Benidorm for the attempted kidnapping of an 8 years old boy in downtown Benidorm,
informed police sources.

Peter Thomas convicted 122 kilo grams of cannabis resin, which had been destined for Preston, was seized by the Spanish authorities in the Alicante

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In June 2006 a joint operation between Lancashire Constabulary’s Serious and Organised Crime Unit and the Guardia Civil Police based in the Alicante area of Spain began. Codenamed Operation Hazel, it targeted the importation of cannabis from Spain into the UK. In July 2006 122 kilo grams of cannabis resin, which had been destined for Preston, was seized by the Spanish authorities in the Alicante area.
After coming to Preston the cannabis was then delivered to an address in the Liverpool area. As a result five people, a man from Preston and two men and two women from Merseyside, were arrested in connection with the investigation. The Preston man and a man and woman from Merseyside were later released without charge. Margaret McGee, 48, of Grafton Street, Prenton, Merseyside was charged with conspiracy to supply a controlled drug. Thomas was charged with the same offence.
Peter Thomas, 47, of Upper Brassey Street, Birkenhead, Merseyside, admitted the charge at Preston Crown Court yesterday. Both appeared at court yesterday, McGee was cleared while Thomas pleaded guilty to the charge. Thomas will be sentenced at Preston Crown Court on Friday, November 7.

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Dismembered body parts found belong to at least two people, possibly a young man and woman.

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Dismembered body parts found near Ferrol yesterday evening belong to at least two people, possibly a young man and woman. They were found at around 8.10pm by a local man on a steep, rocky slope next to a country path in a densely-vegetated area adjacent to the main road linking Ferrol city centre to Cobas village around 3km away. It seems that the bodies had been cut up and divided among an empty oil drum, a suitcase and a plastic sheet. A machete and a large knife were found nearby.

leading restaurateurs arrested in Galicia accused of selling contaminated scallops illegally harvested

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Ten people, including a number of leading restaurateurs, have been arrested in Galicia accused of selling contaminated scallops illegally harvested from Ferrol's busy port estuary. It is believed that the shellfish are contaminated with a dangerous toxin that can cause memory loss. A source close to the investigation, which is being handled by a judge from Ferrol municipal court, refused to rule out further arrests, and was unable to confirm rumours that celebrity chef, Toñi Vicente, is among those detained.

Almeria Riots initially broke out early Sunday after a Romani Spaniard allegedly stabbed a 28-year-old Senegalese man to death

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Riots initially broke out early Sunday after a Romani Spaniard allegedly stabbed a 28-year-old Senegalese man to death in a low-income neighbourhood. Officials linked the killing to a dispute between drug traffickers, but residents said the victim was trying to mediate in a dispute. Immigrants then set two buildings on fire, including the one housing the suspected killer, who had fled. They erected barricades, burned several cars and garbage containers, and hurled stones and bottles at police and firefighters, who managed to end the rioting only after receiving reinforcements.
The violence started again overnight after a local man fell on the street. Migrants stoned the ambulance that came to attend to him, setting up burning barricades and attacking shops. Several people, including a police officer, were stoned and slightly injured, reports said. Some passers-by were also hit by rubber bullets fired by police. The detainees were from Guinea-Bissau, Senegal, Nigeria and Sudan. Roquetas de Mar has a large population of immigrants employed at vegetable hothouses. The riots were not caused by xenophobia, but the "complicated situation" in the neighbourhood where both migrants and Spaniards lived in poverty, according to representatives of the organization Andalucia Acoge, which works to help immigrants. In February 2000, about 80 people were injured in riots between Spaniards and immigrants in the nearby town of El Ejido after a Moroccan killed a local woman.

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Sojourner London,yacht sailing under the British flag loaded with 800 kilos of cocaine

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yacht sailing under the British flag, Sojourner London, loaded with 800 kilos of cocaine was escorted into Cádiz port on Saturday amid high security after being intercepted by the special operations force of the Spanish National Police on the high sea close to the Azores. The cargo, from Venezuela, has an estimated value of 48 million €, and was packed into 28 bales. There were three Lithuanian crew on board, who have all been arrested.

12-year-old South Korean girl was found dead at her house in Las Palmas

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12-year-old South Korean girl was found dead at her house in Las Palmas, Spain, Aug. 30, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Friday.
The ministry said a 50-year-old neighbor who is close to her father is suspected of murdering the teenager identified only as Oh. Spanish police arrested the man identified as Lee and are questioning him to find the motive behind the crime, it added. The ministry said it ordered one of its officials stationed in Las Palmas to deal with the case as soon as it was informed of the incident and asked the Spanish police to conduct a prompt investigation.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Audrey Fitzpatrick and her partner Dave Mahon are hoping that the Taoiseach's intervention will help in the investigation

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Audrey Fitzpatrick and her partner Dave Mahon are hoping that the Taoiseach's intervention will help in the investigation into the mysterious disappearance of the 16-year-old in Spain. Mr Cowen met with the Dublin couple for about an hour to hear the latest developments in the case. Amy vanished on the evening of New Year’s Day 1st January 2008 at approximately 10pm when she left her friend’s house in the tourist resort of Riviera Del Sol on the Costa del Sol to take the 10 minute walk to her house. The Taoiseach's office promised to contact the Irish embassy in Madrid to help in the investigation. "At the end of the day, he's the pulse of Ireland and has more contacts than we have at home," Ms Fitzpatrick said, adding the couple would host a benefit in Spain next month to raise funds for their ongoing search.

Jeffrey Michael O'Shaughnessy is alleged strangler of a woman in a lift

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Jeffrey Michael O'Shaughnessy (32), from Limerick, is alleged to have indecently assaulted the woman in a lift, before trying to strangle her as she attempted to escape. The 45-year-old Spaniard was on her way to work in a law firm, when the alleged attack happened on Wednesday morning in Malaga on the Costa del Sol.
She has told police that Mr O'Shaughnessy followed her into the lift as she headed to the lawyer's office where she works, grabbed her by the neck and indecently assaulted her. Colleagues heard her cries for help as the lift reached the third floor of the building in central Malaga – and have told detectives they raced out to find the Irishman trying to strangle her with one hand and forcing her mouth shut to stifle her screams with the other. A police patrol which was near the scene arrived minutes later to take O'Shaughnessy away in handcuffs. The alleged victim has told investigators she had never seen the Irishman before. Today O’Shaughnessy was in custody pending a court appearance before an investigating judge who is now probing the incident. The court hearing will be closed to the press and the public and is expected to conclude with O'Shaughnessy's remand in custody. A spokesman for Malaga's National Police said: “A 32-year-old Irishman is currently being held in custody on suspicion of indecent assault and attempted murder.” A source added: “If it had not been for this woman's colleagues hearing her screams and coming to her aid, we could have had a murder on our hands.
“The attack took place in daylight in a public place. It defies logical explanation.
“We're not sure if the attacker had been following his victim or was an opportunist who struck when he got his chance. “An investigating judge will now try to get to the bottom of what has happened.”

Friday, 5 September 2008

George Menzies Campbell has a number of convictions for sexually abusing minors in the U.K. and has been on the run for several years

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George Menzies Campbell has a number of convictions for sexually abusing minors in the U.K. and has been on the run for several years. He is thought to have been living in Villajoyosa for some two years, and indications are that his trail was followed by reporters from a British newspaper.
The Daily Mail says the man lived alone in Villajoyosa, but was popular with other ex pats and sometimes babysat for some of them
He is now being extradited back to Britain.

most wanted Vallejo-Guarin is suspected of having transported many tons of the drug to Florida and Europe,has a US$5 million reward posted

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Spanish police have arrested a suspected Colombian drug trafficker listed among the most wanted by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, the police force said in a statement Friday.Acting on a tip from the DEA, police tracked Edgar Vallejo-Guarin to a luxury hotel in Madrid, police said Friday, confirming a U.S. Embassy statement.
Vallejo-Guarin, 47, who has a US$5 million reward posted for information leading to his capture, was arrested Thursday, the embassy statement said.Vallejo-Guarin, also known as "Beto el Gitano," has a history of violence, money laundering and corruption, the police statement said.In June 2001 the South District of Florida accused Vallejo-Guarin of being one of the principal sources of Colombian cocaine in the United States between the years 1990-1999, the statement said.
Vallejo-Guarin is suspected of having transported many tons of the drug to Florida and Europe, and is also under investigation for possible involvement in several murders, the statement said.The United States has asked for Vallejo-Guarin's extradition, the embassy statement said, adding that the suspect was using a false identity at the time of his arrest.The police statement said Vallejo-Guarin had a house in Sant Cugat del Valles, near the northern city of Barcelona, but had been staying at many hotels in Spain and Venezuela to avoid capture.Spanish police said Friday that they have arrested top Colombian drug lord Edgar Guillermo Vallejo Guarin, also known as "Beto the Gypsy," from outside a luxury hotel in central Madrid.Spanish police said in a statement that Guarin's arrest was carried out with help from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and added that he was carrying false identity papers when arrested."Vallejo Guarin has an extensive history of violence, money laundering, and the corruption of high-level government officials," the statement said. "He is responsible for the shipment of a multitude of tons of cocaine via ship to the United States and Europe."Guarin is wanted in many countries, including the U.S., on various drug related offenses and is also suspected of being responsible for various assassinations wordwide.Guarin figured in the U.S. State Department's Most Wanted list and the American government had offered a $5 million reward to anyone who helped bring about his capture.

Málaga police have arrested a man who is accused of trying to strangle a woman in a lift

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Málaga police have arrested a man who is accused of trying to strangle a woman in a lift in a building in the central Calle Larios in the city. The victim was on her way to work in a lawyer’s office when the attack took place and told police that she had never seen the alleged attacker before. Her screams alerted people in another lawyer’s office at 10am yesterday morning, and they managed to catch the attacker who was handed over to the local police.

Murder-suicide pact British couple have been discovered in their holiday home

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Bodies of a British couple have been discovered in their holiday home in the French Basque country, in a case which authorities have described as a murder-suicide.
Officials believed that 76-year-old Jon Ortuzar strangled his wife, Carlotta, 60, then drowned himself in the pool at the villa in Urrugne, near the Spanish border.
According to eitb, a Basque news channel, the bodies were discovered by a cleaner on Tuesday morning. the husband was found in the pool, weighed down with a sports bag. The wife was discovered dead in a bedroom with bruises on her face and a cord around her neck. A hammer was found next to her, and a letter, believed to have been written by Ortuzar. Its contents have not been revealed, but a local official described the letter as “explanatory”.The French newspaper Sud Ouest said Ortuzar was the son of a senior member of the PNV Basque nationalist party who had fled from Franco’s regime in the 1930s and come to the UK.Born in London, Ortuzar was a businessman in the City of London for most of his career, the newspaper reported. Later, he and his wife moved to Madrid, but retained their British nationality. They did not have children. Ortuzar and his brother both bought homes in Urrugne, where the two families were well known.Odile de Coral, mayor of Urrugne, told Sud Ouest: “I went to the house straight away to offer my support to the brother and the nephews of the victims, who have also made Urrugne their second home. Jon and Carlotta came very often to the Basque country, where they bought this house just after the war.”Police found no evidence of a struggle at the house, and nothing appeared to have been stolen, leading them to the murder-suicide theory. A friend of the couple, Daniel Poulou, said: “They were charming people, who loved having guests round and knew how to treat them.”

Tattoo on the right hand of a naked body found in Orihuela Costa

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The tattoo was on the right hand of a naked body found in Orihuela Costa in August.
The Guardia Civil has asked for help from the public in identifying a strange tattoo found on the body of a man, thought to be aged between 25 and 35 whose body was found on August 19 between the Cano de Punta Prima and Roig in Orihuela Costa.
The tattoo is on the right arm of the body and consists of a text written in Spanish copperplate lettering. The Guardia Civil say the body was found naked and is of a muscular man, about 1m 85 tall, who removed the hair from his legs.

Nikki Beach shooting in Marbella Two Iranians arrested

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Two Iranians have been arrested by the UDYCO Organised Crime Unit of the Marbella police, in connection with the shooting seen at Nikki Beach in Marbella last Saturday August 23.Judicial sources told La Opinión de Málaga that neither of the two men actually carried out the shooting. One of the two has now been released after making a statement to the police, while the other is still being held.
It’s understood they took part in trouble between a group of Iranians and a group of Britons which broke out in the discotec ahead of the shots being fired. One 42 year old man needed surgery in the Costa del Sol hospital after being shot in both legs.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

2.2 tons of hashish recovered gang brought the drugs into the Campo de Gibraltar area from the north of Morocco.

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Guardia Civil have made 22 arrests, a policeman on practice duty in Los Barrios among them, and recovered 2.2 tons of hashish in the breaking up of a gang which brought the drug into the Campo de Gibraltar area from the north of Morocco.A statement from the Civil Guard said that their investigations started in May and ended with the arrests made last Friday. The case was being handled by Instruction Court Four in Algeciras.The operation was codenamed 'Congreso' and also saw the impounding of two boats, two outboard motors, a trailer, motorbike and 11 vehicles, three of which are known to have been stolen.

Orihuela Police have detained two people for growing cannabis in their garden.

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Orihuela Police have detained two people for growing cannabis in their garden. The plants were thriving in plastic boxes on the patio of the house. A man of Arabic origin was also detained after a chase of two hours around the fields of Los Dolores, when found to be carrying 4.7 kilos of hashish. The detainee was carrying an imitation gun, with which he tried unsuccessfully to intimidate police.

Drug trafficking gang used Torrevieja port as a point of entry into Spain

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National Police have uncovered an international drug trafficking gang which used Torrevieja port as a point of entry into Spain. Eight people were arrested in the raid, which uncovered 2,500 kilos of hashish. Three of the detainees were traveling onboard a yacht and the rest were arrested on land. The gang was multinational, with members from Lithuania, Morocco, Italy and Spain. The investigation started before the summer when drug trafficking activity was detected among recreational boats transporting huge quantities of drugs. After months of hard work the leader of the ring could be identified and the arrest was planned.

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