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A year on the Costas holiday from prison for U.K. offender

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Escape Leyhill Prison after being jailed for breaking into almost 1,000 cars spent more than a year in sunny Spain and then flew back into Britain without being detected, a court heard.
Andrew Winter then quickly returned to crime - stealing a £1,500 generator in the latest of his many offences, Gloucester Crown Court was told today.
Winter, 32, of Thorsbury Avenue, Matson, Gloucester, admitted escaping from the prison in November 2006 and stealing the Honda generator on January 21 this year.
He was sent back to prison for 18 months by Recorder Shamim Qureshi.
The court had been told that in September 2006 Winter was jailed for two and a half years when he admitted handling stolen goods and asked for 915 offences of stealing from cars to be considered.
Police estimate he has been responsible for £302,000 worth of crimes - but because he is now penniless the court ordered that he will have just £1 confiscated from him under the Proceeds of Crime Act.
Recorder Qureshi ordered him to pay the £1 within 28 days - telling him that if he does come into more money he will be liable to have it confiscated as well.
Jailing Winter for 18 months, 12 months for escape and six months for stealing the generator, Recorder Qureshi told him he had breached the trust placed in him at Leyhill.

Standing on the track hugging each other.motive of suicide is now almost certain

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Two people, both 57 year old women, a Spaniard and a Belgium, have died after being hit by a train on the new AVE high speed line. It happened in the Málaga municipality of Mollina, 2kms. from the Antequera - Santa Ana station at 9,30pm last night according to the Guardia Civil and emergency services.
It’s understood that the two women had jumped over fencing to reach the train line, and the motive of suicide is now almost certain, according to the Guardia Civil. La Opinion de Málaga reports that the couple was reported to have been standing on the track hugging each other.
Train services were interrupted for more than an hour, and the police are now looking for witnesses to what happened.

Amy Fitzpatrick :Candlelit demonstration

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A candlelit demonstration for Amy Fitzpatrick safe return takes place in Mijas this Sunday, to, as Mijas Town Hall said in a press release, keep alive the hope that she will be found. It comes at the instigation of a number of local residents of differing faiths, including Catholic, Evangelical and Baptist, the Town Hall said, and it’s understood that Amy’s family will be there at the demonstration. It takes place at 7pm on Sunday 3rd February on the Bulevar de La Cala in Mijas Costa.

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Shooting on Calle Asuncíon Parreño García

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Shooting on Calle Asuncíon Parreño García in Elche on Tuesday morning has escaped with his life, despite receiving four bullet wounds. The 48 year old was shot twice in the left leg and once in the neck. The fourth bullet went into his right arm.
Doctors said none of the bullets remained lodged in his body and he was expected to be released from hospital shortly. He was shot with a .22 calibre gun and it’s understood none of the bullets damaged any major organs and he only received flesh wounds.

Another child kidnap attempt in Málaga

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Another child kidnap attempt in Málaga. Following on from an attempt against an 11 year old girl when she was walking home from school in Arroyo de la Miel on Friday, comes news of another incident on Saturday night in
Málaga City.
A Nigerian man tried to snatch a two year old girl from her grandmother in the Rosaleda Commercial Centre in Málaga City
La Opinion de Málaga reports this morning that it was only the efforts of her grandmother which stopped the kidnapping of the two year old in the Carrefour Rosaleda commercial centre in the city. After the attempt at snatching the child the man followed the grandmother and daughter for some further minutes, leading the grandmother to alert the security guards in the commercial centre.
They detained a Nigerian man who is said to be in Spain irregularly. They held him until the National Police arrived and took him away for questioning. They think he may be suffering some mental problems, but is certainly in Spain illegally. He will appear before a judge shortly.

Morocco-Almeria ferry car theft and forgery of documents

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Abdelhak R, has been arrested by the Guardia Civil Port Authorities in Almería on suspicion of car theft and forgery of documents. During routine inspections prior to the boarding of the Morocco-Almeria ferry, Berkane, Guardia Civil officers had reason to believe that documents for a Volkswagen Golf had been tampered with. Subsequent enquiries confirmed that the car, displaying false number plates, had been stolen on January 7 from inside France. They arrested the driver on suspicion of theft and use of a stolen vehicle as well as forgery of legal documents. The suspect, along with the stolen vehicle and other documentary evidence, has been remanded into the custody of examining magistrate court number two in Almería

Drunk driver reversed his car into the Police twice

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Police vehicle has been smashed into twice by a drunk driver in Fuengirola. Reports say that the accident occurred just 15 metres away from the police station. The police car was making its way out of the station’s garage, when drunk driver reversed his car into them. According to the officers, they shouted a warning at the man but he continued to reverse his car three more times. The third attempt resulted in another collision which caused damage to the front of the police car. Officers approached the man’s vehicle and observed that he appeared to under the influence of alcohol. A breathalyser test indicated that he was four times over the legal limit. A search of his car also revealed a small amount of marihuana.

extortionists uncovered

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Gang of extortionists was uncovered by National Police thanks to an investigation which began at the beginning of the year after an elderly woman in Cadiz reported that a group of people were physically and verbally abusing her and demanding that she pay them 100,000 euros.
The investigation led to the arrest of four people, three of them residents of Malaga, and all with extensive criminal records.
The suspects, who are aged between 39 and 61, now face charges of allegedly forming an illegal association, extortion and threatening behaviour as well as resisting arrest.
According to the police headquarters in Cadiz, the group was an organised and complex gang which had analysed and studied information gathered on the victim as they had realised she was vulnerable. One officer was injured during the arrest.

Daniel Hastelow Spanish autopsy reports no defense wounds

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Richard Henry Roberts, 35, and Paul Anthony Griffiths, 22, accused of murdering Daniel Hastelow in Magalluf (Calvia) were sent to jail without remand. They are also accused of breaking and entering and may face 20 years in prison. The two attackers confessed to the crime,Roberts, who is said to have a terminal illness, claimed he had been drinking and had taken drugs and couldn’t remember what had happened. Griffiths claimed to have been a mere spectator.
Autopsy, the body of Daniel Hastelow was autopsied yesterday The autopsy did not reveal any defensive wounds. Daneil Hastelow had received three deep stab wounds in the back and one in the chest and died of massive loss of blood, which is known as a hypovolemic shock.The body also showed signs of a strong blow in the abdomen, which could have been caused by the baseball bat. From the investigations carried out until yesterday, it appears that the victim had no opportunity to defend himself . The two men, armed with a knife and a bat, stormed past into the small apartment at four in the morning. Hastelow shared with two other Britons. He slept on the sofa and his hand was one of his companions, on a mattress on the floor. Everything happened in a few seconds. . The intruders attacked Hastelow and fled. The British had been mortally wounded and lost a lot of blood. He was taken in critical condition by ambulance to Son Dureta, where he died shortly after eight.However, according to the police, Hastelow managed to give them the name of his attacker before he died. The two men were also caught on film by one of the close circuit televisions cameras in the apartment block.
The two alleged attackers, the British also HR Richard and Paul AG, 36 and 22 years old, were arrested about ten o'clock at the airport of Son Sant Joan, while trying to catch a flight to return to his country . In his statement to the Guardia Civil both acknowledged the facts. The alleged perpetrator of the stabbing, Richard HR, argued that either did not remember what happened because he had drunk alcohol and taken pills.Efforts of the Civil Guard to close the case continued yesterday. A team of divers of the Ad Hoc Group of Underwater Activities (GEAS) went to the beach Magaluf, where two detainees said they had thrown the knife with which reportedly injured Hastelow. Divers had already inspected the beach on Sunday afternoon, and yesterday continued to crawl. The agents of the Judicial Police took place at the two detainees, to indicate the spot where the site would be the weapon.
The search was complicated because the seabed accumulates a large number of dead algae, which makes it very difficult to see. The search ended mid-morning with no positive results, and researchers had doubts that detainees were telling the truth about the place where they would be the knife.
Other teams inspected guards during the afternoon of Sunday, the homes of those arrested. . At the home of Paul AG were his parents, who knew nothing of what had happened.

Allan Foster aka Sean Wilkinson. new siteings

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David "Noddy" Rice, of St Vincent Street, South Shields, was shot nine times by two masked men on the seafront at Marsden.
A jury at Newcastle Crown Court heard how he had been lured to the meeting by Steven Bevens, 39, who worked for gunman Allan Foster, a drug dealer originally from South Tyneside, who had moved abroad.
Bevens, of Wheatsheaf Court, Sunderland, denied Mr Rice's murder but was convicted in April and sentenced to life with a minimum of 26 years.
Derek Stephen Blackburn, 51, from Humberside, pleaded guilty to assisting an offender after admitting driving Bevens and another man away in a Ford Transit following the murder. He was sentenced to four years.
Police are trying to trace Foster, 30, who sometimes goes under the name Sean Wilkinson. He is known to have associates in the Kent area. He has also spent time in Majorca, the Canaries, Spain and Thailand.

Drug dealers operating out of Málaga's El Palo district.

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More than 4kg of the designer drug, crystal Meth , has been seized by National Police officers in Málaga.

It was being transported by motorcycle from Madrid for distribution through small-scale drug dealers operating out of Málaga's El Palo district.
Six youths aged between 24-32, including the motorcyclist, have been arrested - two were detained in Málaga, two in Madrid, one in Sierra Nevada (Granada) and one in Valdepeñas (Ciudad Real).
However, the whereabouts of the 22 year old alleged leader of the gang, who fled Spain during an unrelated police investigation last year, remain a mystery.
Apart from the MDMA powder, 350g hashish, 50g marihuana, two wraps of cocaine, and several laptop computers were also seized during the ongoing operation, which has already resulted in the largest haul of MDMA powder ever recovered by Spanish police.

Monday, 28 January 2008

Charged with drug trafficking and bribery

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A 50 year old prison officer from Alhaurín de la Torre jail was remanded in custody without bail by a judge at Málaga provincial court at a preliminary hearing earlier today.
The Guard, who is charged with drug trafficking and bribery, was arrested at the prison gates last Thursday by officers from the National Police's Drug and Organised Crime Squad after being found in possession of drugs, alcohol and several mobile phones

Costa Del Crimes Right to Reply

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Costa del Crime allows everyone using the site the right to reply.Our readership is worldwide Comments and personal opinions are just that everyone has an opinion or a comment. As a society we want our young people to be literate, thoughtful, and caring human beings; but we also attempt to control what they read, think, and care about. We feel the need to "protect" children or parents from dangerous or disturbing ideas and information. Of course, what is dangerous or disturbing to one person or segment of society may be exciting and innovative to others and perhaps just "the truth" to still others. This combination of multiplicity of values and concern for young people keeps censorship alive in school and public libraries.
Current concerns for literacy and critical thinking in education may actually increase incidents of censorship. Literacy assumes the power of texts and encourages exposure to competing ideas and beliefs. Critical thinking implies questioning, the analysis and evaluation of those beliefs to come to a personal judgment that empowers young people to take ownership of ideas and control of their own intellectual and moral lives. Everyones a volunteer on this site and comment themselves either anonymously or by name. The editorial staff make as little comment as possible allowing the stories to speak for themselves.We would like to thank and respect all those who comment on the site regardless of their viewpoint. Respecting those that post by name showing there strength and courage in difficult situations

Four and a half kilos of Hashish

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Guardi Civil arrested six eastern Europeans on suspicion of drug trafficking. Police arrested the men on 22 January 2008 in Almería Port, along the southeastern coast of Spain, after they arrived on a ferry from Melilla. Since the time of arrest, the six men have expelled as many as 630 balls of hashish from their bodies. The men used cling wrap to secure the balls of hashish in their systems. The group was carrying as much as four and a half kilos of drugs in their bodies.

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Dolores Vázquez

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The Justice ministry has awarded Dolores Vázquez, who spent 17 months in jail falsely accused of a murder that Tony Alexander King subsequently confessed to, €120,000 in compensation - substantially less than the €4 million requested by Ms Vázquez's lawyers.
Ms Vázquez was arrested in 2000, eleven months after the body of 19 year old Rocío Wanninkhof - who went missing from Mijas on the 9th October 1999 - was found on the 2nd November in Marbella.
Although no evidence implicating Ms Vázquez, who was going out with the dead girl's mother, was ever found, she was found guilty one week after her arrest - on the 19th September 2001 - and sentenced to serve 15 years and one day in jail.
She was eventually cleared after DNA evidence implicating Tony Alexander King recovered after the murder in Coín of Sonia Carabantes in 2003, was found to match traces found at the Rocío Wanninkhof crime scene, and King's subsequent confession.

18 years in prison and fined them 400,000 €

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The Provincial Court in Málaga has sentenced two men to a total of 18 years in prison and fined them 400,000 € after they were found guilty of carrying nearly five kilos of cocaine in the false bottom of their vehicle.
The case dates back to March 2003 and 3 kilo more of the drugs was found in the house of one of the accused.
Two women who accompanied the men at the time of the arrest were found not guilty, with the court considering that their participation in the drug trafficking was not proven.

Fuengirola: Gang of drug traffickers

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The police on the Costa del Sol have broken up a gang of drug traffickers who are alleged to have carried out a kidnapping in Fuengirola. Eight people have been arrested.
A police statement said that the investigation, codenamed Cleopatra, was opened when police realised the gang had arrived in the area from L’Hospotalet de Llobregat in Barcelona, and that those arrested were moving large amounts of money and drugs.
267 kilos of hashish have been recovered as a result, as well as a firearm, several vehicles and false documentation.

Arrested six eastern Europeans

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The Guardia Civil in Almería Port has arrested six eastern Europeans, all now living in Madrid, on suspicion of drug trafficking, after they arrived on the ‘Santa Cruz de Tenerife’ ferry from Melilla. The officers thought the group was acting nervously, and since their arrest they have between them expelled as many as 630 balls of cling film wrapped hashish from their bodies.
It’s estimated that between them the six were carrying as much as four and a half kilos of the drug in their intestines.
The detentions happened last Monday, but details of the operation have only just been released. The detained men will all appear before Instruction Court 4 in Almería later.

Saturday, 26 January 2008

11 year old girl :New Kidnap attempt on the Costa

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There has been a kidnap attempt of a child on the Costa del Sol. Diario Sur reports that it happened on Friday afternoon after 2pm, when an 11 year old girl was making her way home after school. She had to walk no more than 300m along the Avenida Inmaculada Concepción to her home in Arroyo de la Miel in Benalmádena when an unknown young man blocked her way at a crossing, got out of his car, put his hand over her mouth, and tried to force her into his vehicle which is reported to have been grey in colour.
However the child fought back and kicked and managed to make her escape, thanks also to a passing woman who intervened. Local police were alerted by other parents when the child ran crying back to school, but controls failed to catch the kidnapper.
Information on the case has now been passed onto the Specialist Crime Unit UDEV of the National Police. Meanwhile the local police in Benalmádena say they want to question the woman passerby who helped out, as she remains unidentified.

Daniel Hastelow Case: Richard Roberts,Anthony Griffiths Declarations in front of the Judge

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Richard Roberts, aged 35, and Anthony Griffiths, 22. The paper gives the victim’s name as Daniel Hastelow.
Mr Roberts reportedly told the Civil Guard that he had had a number of arguments with the victim in the past, and had been threatened by him on each occasion. He said Mr Griffiths had no part in the crime, who himself said the two were in the apartment looking for another man who lived there and they thought Mr Hastelow would still be out. He said neither of them went there with the intention of killing him.

David Alfred Andrews

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David Alfred Andrews, 66, was born in the village and is accused of being behind the importing of cocaine from south America.
Crimestoppers and SOCA have issued new appeals for information concerning Andrews and nine other British men thought to be on the run in the Costa del Sol region of Spain.
He allegedly conspired to import large amounts of the drug by using corrupt Heathrow Airport employees.
Operation Captura was originally launched in October 2006, and eight of 20 fugitives have so far been brought to justice.
Bill Hughes, director general of SOCA, said: "British crooks who thought they could enjoy a yachts and villas' lifestyle in Spain have received a nasty shock. Many of them are now experiencing a rather different lifestyle at Her Majesty's pleasure."
Andrews is 5ft 11in tall, has grey, collar-length hair, large build and is usually clean shaven.

Stephen Johnson

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Stephen Johnson, who denies any wrongdoing, has appeared in court in the Canary Islands, accused of fatally stabbing a 25-year-old Moroccan man in the popular resort of Playa de las Americas.
He has been released from custody on bail, but is not allowed to leave the country and is believed to have surrendered his passport to the authorities.
The 54-year-old dad-of-two, from Elvet Green, Hetton, runs Stepy's Coaches, which has sponsored the Durham and District Sunday Football League for a number of years.
As well as catering for weddings, anniversaries and hen nights, the family-run firm has regular pick-up points for weekend revellers from Easington, Seaham, Shiney Row and Houghton, and returns from outside Fitzgerald's.
Mr Johnson was arrested after the incident on January 11.
A Foreign Office spokeswoman told the Echo: "We can confirm that he has been released on bail, but he is not at liberty to leave the country."
She added: "We are providing him with consular assistance."
Mr Johnson's family declined to comment.
It has been reported that the Moroccan was involved in a fight with four men in an area known at The Patch.
The victim was discovered lying in a pool of blood by security staff, who alerted police, at the top nightspot Americas Shopping Centre in Avenida Rafael Puig.
He was taken to the nearby Hospital Sur in a critical condition, but doctors pronounced him dead shortly afterwards from a stab wound to the stomach.
A man from Liverpool has also been arrested by Spanish Police, as an accomplice to murder.

The full article contains 291 words and appears in n/a newspaper.

Antonio Banderas ordered to demolish a large chunk of his beachfront house near Marbella.

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Antonio Banderas became the most famous name to fall foul of Spain's efforts to clean up illegal developments when he was orderedto demolish a large chunk of his beachfront house near Marbella.
A court in Andalucía rejected an appeal by Banderas's lawyers against a demolition order handed down in 2003. The star of the Mask of Zorro and Spy Kids was given permission by Marbella's town council in 1995 to build a large extension to his villa, but the court has now ruled that the add-on is illegal and Banderas has been given two months to knock it down.

Los Alcázares

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In Spain, powerful investigating judges lead the way in investigating corruption. They have extensive powers and can imprison anyone they wish to interview. Also involved are the National Police and Guardia Civil who have specialist units that the judges make use of. Money laundering is a prime concern. One big problem for criminals is explaining how they came by their wealth. Washing the cash through seemingly-legitimate enterprises allows it to be used safely. The investigating judges in the Los Alcázares and Totana cases are continuing their work and calling in more and more people for examination. Some are released afterwards and others are released but only on bail. No charges have been brought at this stage so no-one can formally plead either innocence or guilt. Many local people in the two towns are outraged at the investigations. Buses have been used in Totana to take supporters to demonstrations in support of their mayor and in Los Alcázares there were loud shouts of support for the ex-mayor when he was released from custody after being examined. Citizens complain that their communities are being slandered and damaged by the allegations and massive publicity. The case at Los Alcázares is known as Operation Ninette.The investigation is looking into suspicions that transactions in the town relating to property development have been corrupt, with bribery, money laundering and other offences being involved. The former mayor, Juan Escudro, was held in the cells of the National Police station at Cartagena while he was questioned.

Also arrested was the ex-secretary of the Municipal Council, Diego Sánchez Gómez. He has been released on bail. His son is also under investigation.The municipal architect, Mariano Ayuso, is now in prison and answering questions. Two prominent local businessmen are also in prison. There are strong family relationships between some of those being investigated. One woman is suspected of being a front person and she is the second cousin of the ex-mayor and sister in law of the municipal architect. The suspicions are that Juan Antonio Roca had strong links with people in the Los Alcázares town hall, through a company controlled by him. One case that is drawing particular attention involves a plot of rural land known as La Dorada. The town hall reclassified its use and it then passed into the hands of a company which later sold it to another company. In the process the value of the land increased in a few months from 742,000 euros to an estimated two million euros. Other major developments in the area are suspected to be involved with Roca, who is a native of Cartagena and who has a large home in the Los Alcázares area. The corruption investigations involving him in Marbella are still continuing. The Totana case, known as Operation Totem, became public a short time before investigators swooped at Los Alcázares. At Totana the current mayor, José Martínez, is sitting in prison while another investigating judge continues with his work. The former mayor of Totana, and current Regional Assembly Deputy, Juan Morales, is also being questioned.

A prominent local businessman and more than a dozen other people have been interviewed, including the secretary of the Totana town hall and the chief of police. There has been no suggestion of any link between the investigations going on at Totana and the Marbella case. Again, development rights are the prime issue. One aspect is the wish of a company to have re-classified some 2.2 million square meters of rural land for the construction of 5,040 houses. Meanwhile, other investigations into possible wrong doings are taking place at the Murcia towns of Torre Pacheco and Fuente Alamo. In both cases large amounts of documents have been seized and investigations are continuing. Those involved deny any wrongdoing. Near Águilas, a high-profile case involving land at La Zerrichera, is continuing to unfold. This major development was approved by the local town hall despite being in an area protected on environmental grounds and which is a major European bird reserve. Thousands of houses were planned together with golf courses and all the usual urbanisation facilities. The development came to a grinding halt, however, when higher authorities became involved. Just how the plans were approved in the first place is now the subject of detailed investigations. Again, all concerned deny any wrongdoing.

Friday, 25 January 2008

House Jackings in Valencia

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Police in Valencia have arrested six people in connection with a string of 13 break-ins on properties in the Marina Baja, all carried out while the owners were inside.
The six detainees, all Albanian-Kosovans, were arrested along with the owner of jewellers in Xirivella, who is accused of buying stolen goods from them.
The investigation into the gang’s activities started in October, 2007, when police detected a rise in the number of break-ins in the Marina Baja. After a lengthy surveillance operation police were able to piece together how the gang operated before closing in on them in a property in Valencia.
A search of the property uncovered a quantity of stolen jewellery.
All six detainees have been remanded in custody.

Uninsured Drivers in Spain your time is up !

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new computer system linked to a national database will tell officers if a vehicle is insured or not.

The force has been equipped with 12 specially adapted vehicles that will scour roads and motorways seeking out insurance dodgers and by summer that number will go up to 50.
traffic department began using a new system this week that enables Traffic Guardia Civil to detect whether a vehicle is insured or not simply by scanning its number plate.
new computer system linked to a national database will tell officers if a vehicle is insured or not.
Using an onboard camera mounted at either the front or the rear of the vehicle, officers can scan number plates. If the number plate is not recorded on the database a message will appear on a screen and a voice will announce ‘Attention, this vehicle is not insured’.
If they get a negative answer officers will detain the vehicle and issue a fine. Uninsured scooter drivers will face a 1,000-euro fine, motorcyclists 1,250 euros, car drivers 1,500 euros and drivers of heavy goods vehicles 2,600 euros.
officers also have the power to impound vehicles if necessary
Official sources say that there are more than 400,000 uninsured vehicles on the roads and between them they cause around 16,000 accidents a year.
Head of the DGT Pere Navarro said that it is incredible that the owner of a high powered luxury car can take to the road without insurance.

Ojeiwa, who worked in a construction company in Malaga, Spain, confessed to have invested N1.8 million in the drug business.

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The Murtala Mohammed International Airport Command of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) has arrested two men over alleged ingesting of 146 wraps of cocaine.
A statement from the command Sunday said it arrested Joseph Iseimi and Frank Ojeiwa, both 35, for allegedly ingesting 80 and 66 wraps of the substance respectively.
The statement signed by the command’s spokesman, Mr. Mitchell Ofoyeju, said the suspects were arrested on January 19 during screening of passengers.
“Unlike most drug traffickers that indulge in the illicit act for a fee, both suspects were found to have bought the drugs themselves for sale in Europe,” the statement said.
“Iseimi is based in Madrid, Spain. He revealed how he invested N2.5 million into the illicit drug business,” the statement said.
“I was pushed into the business by friends. I gathered all my money – about 18,000 Euros – for the deal.
“I want to be selling cars, but my money is not enough, that is why I decided to raise money from drugs.”
The statement said Ojeiwa, who worked in a construction company in Malaga, Spain, confessed to have invested N1.8 million in the drug business.
“I do not know what pushed me. I need to come back to Nigeria to settle, so I decided to raise some money from the trade,” the statement quoted Ojeiwa.
It added that both suspects were still under observation to complete excretion of the cocaine before being charged to court.

Scott Coleman Liverpool FC crest tattooed on right leg

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Scott Coleman, 33, originally from Liverpool, who is wanted by Grampian Police for supplying heroin. He was arrested in Aberdeen in 2003 and charged with possession with intent to supply almost three kilos of the drug.
Coleman, 6ft 2in tall, is known by police to have links to Benidorm. He is described as of medium build, with short brown hair, blue eyes, with a bulldog tattooed on the centre of his back, a Liverpool FC crest tattooed on right leg – and lips tattooed on his buttocks.
Also on the list is John "Jock" Barker, 50, originally from Irvine, Ayrshire, who is wanted by Strathclyde Police.
There are two European arrest warrants in his name which allege that he trafficked cocaine and amphetamines to the value of £110,000 in 1998 and 1999 in Scotland.
Stockily built, Barker has fair hair, blue eyes and a squint in his right eye. He has links with Tenerife.
The list also includes Noel Cunningham, 46, who escaped from a prison van in 2003 while on the way to court to face charges over a £1.25 million security-van theft.
His alleged accomplice, Clifford Hobbs, was arrested in Malaga last year and returned to the UK by Scotland Yard.

Daniel Hastelow Case Translated from the Spanish Press and Local Press

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A more comprehensive translation will be made in the next 24 hours
I was very drunk. Les threatened and insulted several times, but the boys did not respond. Were left sitting without saying anything," explained yesterday two witnesses. That same morning the injured parties to the conflict resolved stabbed and killed the young Briton, who has just turned 26 years. "He had two faces. Sober When I was a boy was not normal that gave problems, but when he drank too became aggressive and looking for fights," tell their acquaintances.
Danny Hastelow left on Saturday night to celebrate his birthday alone. Before midnight was already very drunk. Prayed and I had no money to customers of the bar who invited him because it was his birthday", according to two eyewitnessesThere he met two men and began insultarles and threaten them with death. Do not know why, but I was very upset. Other kids did not respond and were seated without saying anything.The victims of the offense were two compatriots, neighbors in the area, with whom they had fought for obscure reasons on several occasionsOne of them still has a bruising in one eye result of the last fight, which occurred on Friday.

"Alcohol is returning madman". Two Britons arrested last Sunday for killing a compatriot in an apartment in Magaluf are already in prison. This was agreed yesterday by Judge Alvaro Latorre, at the request of the prosecutor Michelangelo Anadón, who are charged with murder and breaking and entering, crimes that carry penalties of more than 20 years in prison. . Both suspects, yesterday defended by counsel Roser Fuster, will be tried by a jury.
Richard Henry R., de 35 años de edad, y su compañero Paul Anthony G., de 22, Richard Henry R., aged 35, and her partner Paul Anthony G., 22, were taken yesterday morning by the Civil Guard tried to guard. They had spent nearly two days in the dungeons of Command and yesterday the judge could explain its involvement in the incident that cost him his life Daniel Hastelow. The British man, aged 26, died last Sunday stabbed at the home where he slept,in an Magaluf apartment .
El presunto autor material del crimen, Richard Henry R., The alleged perpetrator of the crime, Richard R. Henry, did not want to testify yesterday before the judge. He was very nervous and that many had trouble remembering what happened, but did not want the coroner finds his state. The judge gave him a second chance and did not want to testify. At the end, he was transferred to prison without explaining their version of events.However, on Monday, it acknowledged that the Civil Guard was he who that night stabbed the weapon used in the death of his compatriot.She detailed that it had already held several confrontations with the victim. They had discussed several times in bars Magaluf and felt threa He reiterated that every time he was threatened. In every moment of his statement wanted to exonerate another inmate.

Unlike his partner, Paul Anthony G., 22, did not hesitate to tell his version of events. In his statement before the judge did not hide the tactics that will preserve, almost surely, if declared before the jury. Try positioned as a mere spectator at the crime scene. It is true that accompanied his friend Richard, but he was not who stabbed Daniel.
. Therefore, the detainee maintains that neither he nor his friend planned that night to kill Daniel Hastelow. This would, according to him, a chance encounter, not a planned crime. . The youngest of the detainees elaborated that it was true that that evening went to the apartment of Magaluf. Not looking for Daniel, but another British was the tenant of the apartment. . We were looking for them to sell a "posture" of hashish they were going to eat that night.The couple reiterated in his statement that he and his friend were convinced that Daniel was not going to be that night at the apartment. They knew that he had been celebrating his birthday and had news that it had a confrontation with the police and he was arrested. Daniel had gone to his house to sleep. This version exculpatory, who intends to prove that this was not a premeditated murder but a clash casual does not coincide with the conclusion police. . The Civil Guard maintains that the two arrested that night went to the apartment to give a lesson to Daniel by the fighting that had taken earlier with him in several bars.. Those who most often had fought with the British couple had been Richard and it would have been he who persuaded his friend to assist him. This explains that that night were armed with a knife and a baseball bat. Sobre las armas, en concreto el cuchillo, Paul Anthony incidió en que no es cierto que las llevaran. On weapons, including the knife, Paul Anthony emphasised that it is not true that lead. He argues that the knife was already in the apartment when they arrived. He believes that was being used by flatmate Daniel to cut hashish. . On the bat, on the other hand, maintain a version somewhat more confusing, although he acknowledged that it was them. After the crime was alleged to be in charge of disposing of the two arms.. The couple accuses his friend Richard launch of the sea. Neither the knife nor the bat have been located, although the Civil Guard still searching for weapons.

Thursday, 24 January 2008

San Miguel de Salinas Armed house robbery

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A family in San Miguel de Salinas is recovering from their terrifying experience in the early hours of Monday when a group of eight masked robbers, armed with guns, knives, and a baseball bat, assaulted their home on the Avenida del Prado, and made away with the jewellery and cash the family had in the safe.
The wife told the Información newspaper that they had Eastern European accents, and that some of the group held their children hostage in the bedroom, while the parents were told to collect all the money in the house. She described them as well-trained professionals.
The paper said the owner is a real estate agent who is well known in the town.

Amy Fitzpatrick and the British-registered Ford Fiesta, with the number plate C955 SLK

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The Civil Guard have released the registration of the vehicle they believe Amy Fitzpatrick may have taken that night. It is a British-registered Ford Fiesta, with the number plate C955 SLK. Anyone who may see the vehicle is asked not to touch it to avoid destroying evidence, and to contact 062 urgently.
The car belongs to an Irish friend of Amy’s family, 34 year old R.B.O., who used the vehicle on his trips to Spain, and told detectives when he was called in for questioning during the investigation that he had not seen it for some days. EFE reports that Amy knew the car had no key and knew how to start it.

Hilario López Luna, the government delegate for Málaga province, said earlier this week that, while all hypotheses remain open, one ‘very important line of investigation’ is that the teenager left voluntarily.

Antonio Banderas, will lose part of the house he owns in Marbella

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It now seems more certain that the Málaga actor, Antonio Banderas, will lose part of the house he owns in Marbella, with a ruling from the Andalucía High Court of Justice, the TSJA, turning down his application for a previous sentence to be declared null. The 2003 sentence ordering partial demolition also came from the TSJA, and overturned the building licence which had been granted for the property in 1995 by the Gil administration in Marbella.
EFE said the order affects one wing of the property, ‘Las Gaviotas,’ which the actor owns on the urbanisation Los Monteros. It was previously owned by the journalist Encarna Sánchez. His only option now is an appeal to the Constitutional Court, EFE said.

Mari Luz Cortes anger at the lack of progress

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Juan José Cortés spoke of his anger at the lack of progress which has been made, and confirmed that the family will be contracting the services of a private detective agency to help in the investigation. He said two have contacted him, and a third, outside Spain, is ‘interested in the case.’ The family has opened a bank account in the BBVA bank for any donations.
He also mentioned new police information that his daughter crossed the road after the leaving the kiosk where she had gone to buy a bag of crisps, and said she would not have done so alone, as she knew it was totally forbidden.
In Andalucía, hundreds supported a protest outside Málaga City Hall on Tuesday morning, with others also taking place in Granada and Cádiz. The demonstration in Huelva set off from Mari Luz’s home in El Torrejón, and three doves were released into the air when the protestors arrived at City Hall.
The search for Mari Luz meanwhile goes on, and on Tuesday, apart from Huelva itself, extended to Gibraleón and Trigueros. They will move later to the woods of Moguer and Palos de la Frontera if nothing is found, and as far as Mazagón, El Mundo said.

Mari Luz Cortes vanished massive search by the local towns people and a new website

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Mari Luz Cortes vanished on January 13, as she went to buy sweets from a local kiosk in the Spanish town of Huelva, near the border with Portugal. A massive search for the five-year-old is ongoing.

A website has been set up by the parents and a full scale search of Spain and Portugal has been set up.

The disappearance has been linked to that of Madeleine McCann from the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz, although police said they did not think the two cases were connected.

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

James Tomkins, aka Jimbles,Noel Cunningham,

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Two London men are among 10 suspected criminals who police say are on the run in Spain's 'Costa del Crime'.
James Tomkins, 58, known as Jimbles, is wanted over a murder in Hornchurch in 2006. A £20,000 reward has been offered for help that leads to his arrest.
Noel Cunningham, 46, is wanted by the police Flying Squad over an alleged £1.25m armed robbery in Brixton.

Argentine Coke destined fror Spain

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Police seized 1.1 metric tons of cocaine destined to be smuggled into Spain by a drug gang led by a retired Argentine military intelligence officer, officials said Saturday.
The bust disrupted a US$67 million operation, making it one of Argentina's "most important" achievements in the fight against drug trafficking, Justice and Security Minister Anibal Fernandez told the C5N television channel.
Police arrested 18 people on Saturday, including retired army intelligence officer Ernesto Lorenzo, who served during Argentina's 1976-83 dictatorship and is believed to be leader of the gang, Fernandez said.
The cocaine had likely been smuggled into Argentina from Bolivia, and was destined for Spain, police chief Hector Roncaglia said.

Allan Foster

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Allan Foster has been included in a police hit list of the most wanted criminals hiding on Spain's Costa del Sol.
The 33-year-old from South Shields has been on the run since the gangland murder of father-of-seven David 'Noddy' Rice in May 2006.
Now detectives have released the photographs of 10 suspected criminals, including Foster, hiding in the holiday hotspot dubbed 'Costa del Crime'.
They hope the operation, codenamed Captura, a joint initiative between the Serious Organised Crime Agency (Soca) and the Spanish police authority, will lead to Foster's arrest.
His details have been posted on Crimestoppers' Most Wanted website targeting the region, alongside nine other men wanted for murder, serious violent offences, robbery and for their roles in multi-million pound drug trafficking rings.
Last year, the Gazette revealed how Foster, named by detectives as the man behind the killing of Mr Rice, 42, at Marsden Lea car park, was No 1 on the Crimestoppers' Most Wanted website in the UK and in Spain.

Keith Brian Burke information to say he was in the Benalmadena region of Spain

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Keith Brian Burke, aged 47, originally from Halifax, is wanted by South Yorkshire Police for his role in an attack in the toilets of the Top Club in Edlington, Doncaster, in July 2001.
His name is among a list of 10 suspects believed to be hiding on Spain's 'Costa del Crime' whose details will be posted by Crimestoppers on a 'most wanted' website targeting the region.
Burke was convicted and sentenced to three years imprisonment for affray in his absence. He is described as 5ft 9ins tall , with blue eyes, a bald head, dark brown goatee beard, a tattoo of a devil on the right side of his neck of a devil, and a tattoo of a swallow on the left side.
Graham Truman, steward of the Top Club, said: "I've only been here three and a half years so I don't know much about the incident.
"But it will come as no surprise to anyone in the village that the police are looking for him in Spain - the story that goes around is that he's been living there for years. It happened so long ago that people don't even really talk about it anymore - though I suppose this will bring it into their minds again."
South Yorkshire Police confirmed Burke is still wanted from an incident in 2001.
DC Jim Findlay, leading the investigation, said: "There is a European arrest warrant for Burke and we had information to say he was in the Benalmadena region of Spain. He committed a particularly nasty assault on a local man in Edlington in 2001. He is also known as 'Tattooed Keith', has tattoosof swallows and is a big Manchester Untied fan. Burke attended court but left prior to the verdict back in 2001."

£20,000 reward for information which leads to James Walter Tomkins arrest.

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Costa Bounty Hunters are looking for James Walter Tomkins £20,000 reward

, Crimestoppers and the Serious Organised Crime Agency (Soca) want to find 10 men believed to be connected to crimes ranging from murder to drug running.
The appeals are part of Operation Captura, which has caught eight criminals since October 2006.
They include alleged robber Clifford Hobbs, who escaped from a prison van on his way to his trial in 2003.
Mr Hobbs was arrested in Spain in August last year and is currently on trial.
Details of the 10 have been posted on a Spanish version of the Crimestoppers website.
One of the men police are trying to arrest is James Walter Tomkins, 58, who faces murder charges related to the death of Rocky Dawson in Hornchurch, Essex, in 2006.
There is a £20,000 reward for information which leads to Mr Tomkins' arrest.
'Nowhere to hide'
Another is Allan James Foster, accused of murdering David 'Noddy' Rice in a South Shields car park in 2006.
Dave Cording, Crimestoppers' director of operations said: "The success of Operation Captura speaks for itself.
British crooks who thought they could enjoy a 'yachts and villas' lifestyle in Spain have received a nasty shock
Bill Hughes, Soca
"Once the photograph of the criminal is posted on our website they have nowhere to hide. We are delighted to be working with Soca on this campaign which is halting some very serious criminal activity."
Bill Hughes, Soca's general director added: "British crooks who thought they could enjoy a 'yachts and villas' lifestyle in Spain have received a nasty shock. Many of them are now experiencing a rather different lifestyle at Her Majesty's pleasure.
"Soca has worked with Crimestoppers and the Spanish to bring these criminals to justice but we couldn't have done it without the help of the public.
"I'd like to thank all of the brave individuals who have provided vital information. Now we need your help again.

Monday, 21 January 2008

Remanded in Custody:Richard Roberts, aged 35, and Anthony Griffiths, 22. arrested for the murder of Daniel Hastelow

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Richard Roberts, aged 35, and Anthony Griffiths, 22. arrested for the murder of Daniel the Mallorca resort of Magaluf on Sunday appeared in court on Tuesday and have been remanded to custody by the judge

Richard Brian O’Shea My first name or full name is now on dozens of websites in stories about Amy Fitzpatrick

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Guardia Civil are still looking for the white car belonging to Richard Brian O’Shea, a 34 year old family friend of the Fitzpatricks. He reported the Ford Fiesta missing shortly after Amy disappeared. Spanish press reports indicated that she knew that the vehicle was not locked and how to start it, but this has been denied by the owner. Richard Brian O’Shea told the Irish Independent that ‘The suggestion Amy used the car is ridiculous. It was locked and she’d never driven it. She’s only 15 for God’s sake’.Ritchie O'Shea broke his silence following his 24-hour detention earlier this week to claim his name was being dragged through the mud.
He was arrested on an outstanding warrant relating to a traffic offence on Wednesday and taken to court on Thursday to receive a fine and an 18-month driving ban.
Police have confirmed his arrest had nothing to do with the Irish teenager's disappearance on New Year's Day from her home on Spain's Costa del Sol.
But Ritchie, 34, said he was now a virtual prisoner in his own home and was planning to leave Spain in the next few days.

Computer expert Ritchie, who has known Amy's stepdad Dave Mahon, 36, and her mum Audrey, 39, for several years, added: "I'm confused myself as to what has happened to Amy. I knew she was missing Ireland and at the beginning I thought she had most probably run away.
"But now I fear something terrible may have happened to her. She's been gone a long time and I would have expected her to make contact with a friend before now.
"But I'm happy to repeat myself until I'm blue in the face. I have nothing to do with her disappearance."
Police are searching for a missing Ford Fiesta Ritchie used that was parked outside his former home and disappeared at the start of the year.
Spanish newspapers have reported that detectives are probing the possibility that Amy had access to the car and may have used it to leave the Costa del Sol.
But Ritchie said: "The suggestion Amy used the car is ridiculous. It was locked and she'd never driven it. She's only 15 for God's sake."

Amy Fitzpatrick in Wexford ?

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The Irish police, Garda, have informed the EFE news agency that they are investigating the possibility that the missing 15 year old girl, Amy Fitzpatrick, who vanished from Mijas costa on the night of New Year’s Day, could now be in Ireland. A Garda spokesman said that they had received calls from witnesses which claim to have seen Amy in Wexford, in SE Ireland and close to ferry ports. The spokesman said however that the sightings had not been confirmed.

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Richard Henry Roberts, 35, and Anthony Griffiths, 22,

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Richard Henry Roberts, 35, and Anthony Griffiths, 22, were being questioned today and are expected to appear before an investigating judge tomorrow.Daniel Hastelow, 26, died after celebrating his birthday during the early hours of yesterday morning
Two men from Liverpool were under arrest today after being stopped as they tried to leave the Spanish island
Mr Hastelow had left the UK to build a new life in the resort of Magaluf as a bricklayer
He was out celebrating on Saturday night with friends but was later knifed at his apartment.
He had been stabbed three times in the back and at least once in the neck, the blade reportedly piercing his liver and a lung
Spanish police say Mr Hastelow died in hospital two hours later
The attack happened shortly after the victim is alleged to have had a disagreement in a bar with one of the men arrested. Police stopped two men as they tried to buy tickets back to Britain at Palma Airport.

Three break-ins

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Alhaurin el Grande : Three break-ins , all of them apparently carried out by the same gang. The police suspect that the eastern European gangs are moving inland to escape increased police vigilance on the coast. Other towns in the Guadalhorce Valley are affected, with Coín reporting some 30 break-ins in recent weeks, all involving houses in the country just outside town. Alhaurin el Grande town council has asked the Malaga provincial government for help to deal with a wave of recent robberies.

José Ávila Rojas

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Investigating judge Miguel Angel Torres heard how José Ávila Rojas the owner of five construction companies paid the alleged mastermind behind Marbella council corruption 150,000 euros in exchange for the licenses in and around the Costa del Sol resort.
The builder added he was “obliged” to pay because the houses “were already built and bought.”
“People were close to moving in to their homes,” he said.
Ávila Rojas, who was charged with bribery following his arrest in June last year, told the court he was convinced he would not have received the licenses had he not paid the money.
“Roca asked for the money for favourable council decisions and because he was insatiable and always wanted more and more,” he said according to reports.
Torres believes Roca “bought and controlled” Marbella councillors with part of the money he received from housing developers.
The rest of the money went towards the 120-million-euro fortune Roca had amassed in his 15 years in charge of the town’s urban planning department.

Francisco Javier de Urquia

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The Andalucian high court has said there is “absolutely no doubt” that judge Francisco Javier de Urquia took money from former Marbella planning svengali Juan Antonio Roca.
The young judge, 29, who worked at Marbella court number two, is understood to have received payments of 63,000 and 10,800 euros.
According to the prosecutor there are at least eight clues that demonstrate that the judge colluded with Roca, who is on currently on trial in the Operation Malaya case for taking millions of euros in bribes for permissions.
It was earlier reported that the pair had been seen out together on a number of occasions.
Judge Miguel Pasqau has now ordered that the case will go to trial later this year.

Maddie McCann Case: DJ Shifty fled from Praia da Luz after being accused of grooming an under-age girl for sex.

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British DJ who fled from Praia da Luz after being accused of grooming an under-age girl for sex.
Police found the car of Christian Ridout, 32, at Sevilla airport after he fled the Portuguese village where Maddie McCann was snatched in May last year.
Known as DJ Shifty, he had allegedly sent lewd messages to a 12-year-old British girl, whose mother found them on her mobile phone.
“He was sending my daughter messages offering to pick her up from school, and suggesting the most disgusting sex acts,”
“He was sending my daughter messages offering to pick her up from school, and suggesting the most disgusting sex acts,” her mother told the Daily Mail. “It went on for two months before I found out.
“He was suggesting he should pick her up from school. The messages were absolutely vile.”
“My youngest girl is quiet – and police said that it was a clear case of grooming. It was very sick. I couldn’t even read the final ones, but just phoned Christian. I said, ‘If you come anywhere near my daughters again I’ll kill you.’”
Ridout left Portugal a year before Maddie’s disappearance on May 3 but his parents still run the same pub and his name was given to police by concerned locals - although he has never been traced.
He also grew up in the same village of chief suspect Robert Murat, Almadena, some five miles from Praia da Luz.
The mother worked at his parent’s pub called the Plough and Harrow - which has been nicknamed The Plough and Paedophile by locals.
“He took all the money from the till at the Plough and Harrow and went to Spain that night,” she said.
“They later found his VW Golf at Seville airport, with his keys left hidden in the wheel arch and he was believed to have gone back to England.”

National Police officer arrested

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The Guardia Civil arrested 62 year old National Police officer as he was attempting to board a ferry to Algeciras after 91kg of cannabis resin or hashish was discovered during a routine inspection concealed in a metal box inside the boot of his car. The arrested officer is stationed in Ceuta.

'Marcel's' bar Murder

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A 37 year old Spanish man has been arrested for allegedly stabbing one man to death and seriously injuring a second at a Costa Brava bar during the early hours of yesterday morning.
The incident occurred when the suspect entered 'Marcel's' bar in the village of Sant Antoni de Calonge (Girona) at around 3am and started a fight with the two victims.
After fatally stabbing one of the men - who died soon after at Palamós Hospital - and seriously injuring the other, the suspect - who has previous criminal convictions - fled the scene, but was arrested around three hours later at his home in nearby Palafrugell. Police officers found two blood-stained knives at the scene.
It is not known how or why the fight started.

Cherie Hodge

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Cherie Hodge, who has lived and worked in Benidorm for more than six years, was brutally attacked around midnight on Sunday, December 30.
The attack took place inside Rinconada Real urbanisation, on Avenida Juan Fuster Zaragoza in the Rincón de Loix area.
Mrs Hodge, who had just finished work, took a taxi home which dropped her off outside the entrance to the urbanisation.
As she walked through the gates of the estate and down towards her front door, her attacker was waiting for her round a dark corner; he hit her on the back of the head with a blunt object, making her fall to the ground.
As she fell, the mugger cut her handbag strap and ran off with it, taking her keys, mobile phone and the daily takings from the bar she owns.
Cherie had carrier bags in her hand which meant she couldn’t break her fall, resulting in the loss of her two front teeth.
Even though she was badly bruised and covered in blood, Cherie tried to run after her attacker, but he managed to get away.

Daniel Hastelow murdered

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The two men were arrested as they were about to take a flight to the UK.
Richard Henry R, 35, confessed to the crime saying he did it because Daniel Hastelow had threatened to kill him a previous fight between the two men in a local bar.
Fellow detainee Paul Anthony G admitted the facts and confessed to having cooperated in the crime.
Other witnesses have described the victim as a regular troublemaker who often got into fights around the resort.
The incident took place at around 4.00 on Sunday at the victim’s home in Apartamentos Playa Mar, Magaluf, within the town of Calvià.
Emergency services received a call from a young Briton, allegedly a friend of the victim, informing that he had been attacked at his apartment.
Police entered the apartment and found the victim seriously injured after being stabbed repeatedly in the chest and back. They gave the victim first aid but when paramedics arrived they were unable to save his life.
Two witnesses questioned by police said they were inside the apartment when the attack took place. According to their statements the attackers forced the door open and attacked the Briton.
Both attackers were identified and arrested at Son Sant Joan airport.
Police are now searching for the knife used to commit the crime and which the detainees claim to have thrown into the sea.

Alexander Zakharov,Martin Babakekhyan

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Zakharov and Babakekhyan were detained on July 7, 2006 in Marbella.
Spain will extradite to Russia on Friday another suspect in the 2002 contract killing of Magadan regional Governor Valentin Tsvetkov.
Martin Babakekhyan will be airlifted to Moscow from Madrid in the evening guarded by Russian Interpol officers and bailiffs.
Babakekhyan’s accomplice Alexander Zakharov was extradited to Russia last August.
Governor Tsevtkov was shot dead on October 18, 2002 in a central Moscow street. In 2003 the office of the Russian prosecutor general said the crime had been exposed. Two suspects Sergei Filippenko and Artur Anisimov were arrested and another five, including Zakharov and Babakekhyan, were declared wanted.

Friday, 18 January 2008

Amy Fitzpatrick new lead

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The police investigation into the disappearance of an Irish teenager in Mijas, Málaga, found a new lead Thursday when a neighbour testified that his car, which he often lent to the girl, had gone missing on 1 January.
The 35-year-old British man told the Civil Guard that he had not reported his car missing until now because he feared being arrested over two old traffic violations. But an interrogation has yielded "several contradictions," police sources said yesterday.
Amy Fitzpatrick, 15, used to take refuge in the neighbour's home when she had arguments with her family, her best friend Ashley Rubio told investigators. The man is friends with the missing girl's stepfather.
The girl disappeared on 1 January after visiting her friend Ashley, who lives close by in a gated community in this resort town on Costa del Sol.

Mari Luz’s Grandfather, Juan José Cortés, speaking outside his home in the Torrejón district of Huelva

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El Mundo newspaper said Mari Luz’s grandfather, Juan José Cortés, spoke of ‘Romanian’ immigrants, who he thought may have kidnapped his grand-daughter out of ‘revenge’ for the family’s refusal to allow them stalls at the Sunday market they run in El Portil.
police are in contact with an un-named person who could be connected with the disappearance of Mari Luz Cortés, the five year old girl who went missing after leaving her home in Huelva City on Sunday to buy a bag of crisps. Juan José López Garzón told journalists that the person is not a suspect at this stage, nor has been arrested.
He also noted that there is no known connection with any other case of missing children, just as there is not, he said, between any of the other cases reported in Andalucía in recent months
Mari Luz’s father, Juan José Cortés, speaking outside his home in the Torrejón district of Huelva, meanwhile told the press that police are working on a lead, and said he himself had a suspect in mind, although it had nothing to do with the police investigation, he said. He confirmed that Kate McCann, whose daughter Madeleine, went missing on the Portuguese Algarve in May last year, had been in contact to show her support.

Mari Luz Cortes (update)

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Mari Luz’s parents, construction firm boss Juan Jose Cortes and his wife Irena Suarez Fernandez, both 39, said: “We are heartbroken, all we ask is that you return our daughter.”
Mari Luz’s heartbroken parents yesterday launched publicity campaign to help the search for their daughter. They released a video of Mari Luz dancing and opening her Christmas presents.
As thousands joined a march through Mari Luz’s home city of Huelva, the McCanns’ detectives were scouring the tough gypsy-dominated neighbourhood of El Torrejon.
It was from there the lively young girl disappeared at 4.30pm on Sunday after walking alone to a kerbside kiosk 100 yards from her tenement home to buy a packet of crisps.
The McCanns’ private investigators from the Barcelona-based Metodo 3 agency were with the Cortes family in the slum suburb to examine links between the two disappearances. Portuguese police were also liaising with Spanish detectives and the Guardia Civil to find any connection.
The McCanns and their investigators, two of whom spent the evening with the Cortes family, believe Huelva is on the route Madeleine’s abductor took to spirit the four-year-old away to North Africa.
Her father Gerry McCann, 39, offered Mari Luz’s family support through the nightmare ordeal.
He said: “Hearing of the probable abduction of Mari Luz Cortes has brought many awful emotions flooding back. We hope and pray she is quickly found and returned safely.”
No ransom demand has been made but Mr Cortes said: “If anyone has got my daughter and wants something, then they should ask – we will just get it from wherever.”
Local parents and their children are terrified a kidnapper may be at large.
Around the city, police were engaged in exhaustive searches, including scuba divers at two areas of remote marshland. A dozen divers were in launches off the port city searching for any signs.

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Amy Fitzpatrick (update)

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La Opinion de Málaga reports that two main line of investigations are being followed in the case. Firstly that she left the area with someone she knew, or secondly, she is being held somewhere against her will.The Civil Guard is investigating what they describe a passion motive in the case of the disappearance of the missing 15 year old Irish girl, Amy Fitzpatrick, who vanished from Calahonda in Mijas Costa on the evening of New Year’s Day. This idea has apparently gained support following interviews of many of Amy’s friends carried out by the Guardia Civil.
Meanwhile a 34 year old British friend of the Fitzpatrick family has been arrested. Named in reports only by the initials R.B.O., he was being searched for in connection with two traffic offences which have no link to Amy’s disappearance. He spent last night in the prison in Alhaurín de la Torre after being arrested when he was called in for questioning as a friend of the family.

Massive Drugs Haul on the Costa del Contraband

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Columbians working out of Morroco with high speed motor launchs have been caught landing 100 kilos of hashish on the Huelva coastline, A favorite destination with contrabanistas and narcotraficos with large teenage gangs of unemployed spanish youth helping to quickly disburse the illegal cargoes. Theres more gold on the teenagers, more Mercs, wide screen T.Vs less work, we have very high unemployment but just look around you, said one local of Ayamonte. More than 2.100 kilos of highgrade hashish, a 12 metros launch of 500 horse power and a large van were siezed making this the second large seizure this month.

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

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Mickeys Missing Millions

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£10 million in cash buried in hills above Spain's Costa Del Sol.Mickey Greene is said to have fled back to Spain where he owned a villa. One accomplice says he had 1m cash in French francs in a box buried under the villa's flower-bed.The truth is probably somewhere in between these figures.Mickey Green during the 90s lead a spectacular life on Spains Costa del Sol with runners arriving from all parts of the world. One who new more than the others and had a history dating back to the early days of the wembley mob, and who had been on the run in Las Vegas with him confined that Mickey in the 90s was heavily using his own product and could not remember the exact location of the money.They had travelled around in Mickeys new porsche sports car trying to locate the site but to no avail.What had seemed like a good idea at the time,the police had just injected Freddie Foreman and whisked him off to jail in the U.K, seemed in retrospect not such a wise decision.Green has always stayed one step ahead of the law, leaving behind speedboats, yachts, Rolls-Royces, a Porsche, a Ferrari, gold bullion, cash and cocaine in his haste to get away.So somewhere in those golden sierras lies a fortune just waiting to be found.
Mickey Green, a British national who lived in Ireland for a number of years and who lost his palatial properties here following a money laundering probe, is named as the second richest drugs smuggler in the world.His last home was Rod Stewarts old pad in Beverley Hills. estimates to his worth to be up to 280 million
Green is now thought to be living in England, having spent some time posing as a legitimate businessman before being unmasked by an informer. He went underground
Irish Police Chief Superintendent Felix McKenna, , described how Green quickly moved to save his antiques from seizure before members of his bureau were sent in to seize them.These antiques were collected in removal vans by a well known longfirm operator from Marbella who lived as a neibours not far from Mickeys villa. Although Green was able to clear the antiques from his houses, the Police was able to seize and sell off his properties.
Chief Supt McKenna claimed, as many before and after have, that Green has managed to evade jail time by, in part, corrupting officials, saying: “He was high into corrupting officialdom. That’s part of his forte all over the years when you read about him in police investigations.
Mickey Green, also known as the Pimpernel, a multi-millionaire criminal who has been on the run for more than 20 years and is believed to be one of the most senior figures in the British underworld. A successful armed robber during the Seventies when he ran a gang called the 'Wembley Mob', Green, now 60, moved into the drug trade after leaving prison in the early Eighties. He now owns bars and property in Wembley, West Hampstead, Dublin and Marbella. In the past he has had a string of detectives on his payroll and has had close connections with the notorious Adams family, the powerful London gangsters. He was named Europe's most wanted drugs baron and nicknamed 'the octopus' for the tentacles of his ever-expanding network.
But Green has always stayed one step ahead of the law, leaving behind speedboats, yachts, Rolls-Royces, a Porsche, a Ferrari, gold bullion, cash and cocaine in his haste to get away. He has worked out of Morocco, France and the US, where he consorted with the Mafia and flew in and out of Colombia before his arrest in Beverly Hills, where he was living in Rod Stewart's former house. FBI agents arrested Green as he lounged by the pool. He lived up to his nickname by escaping the charges.

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Bank raid in Marbella

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Banestos Marbella Branch was raided by one man. The local police have as yet not managed to work out the amount stolen but early indications are that the man escaped on a motorbike at around 11.30 this morning

John Charles Currell,sex offender has been fined for failing to tell police when he leaves the country

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Sex offender has been fined for failing to tell police when he leaves the country.
Property investor John Charles Currell, 46, must give seven days’ notice before he goes abroad.
But Cardiff Magistrates’ Court heard he jetted off to Palma, Mallorca, on three occasions without a word to police that he was leaving the country.
Currell, of Portland Place, Lisvane, Cardiff, was jailed for 12 months in December 2004 after he was convicted at the city’s Crown Court of indecently assaulting a 16-year-old girl.
He was placed on the sex offenders’ registers for 10 years, meaning he must tell police if he changes address or leaves the country.

Stephen Mark CLARE

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Location: Last known to have resided in the Newcastle upon Tyne area. Has previously had connections with the Bromsgrove area of West Midlands and Brighton, Sussex. However it is assessed as likely that he could be abroad.
Stephen Mark CLARE has failed to comply with the notification requirements under the Sexual Offences Act 2003.

Monday, 14 January 2008

Hashish siezed in combined op against high powered launch

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The Civil Guard Command of Seville and Huelva, in collaboration with the Customs Surveillance Service have arrested two persons for crimes against public health, and have seized 841 kilograms of hashish resin, across the river Guadalquivir.
the Civil Guard in Seville, in particular the Office of Customs and Tax , learned that a high powered pleasure craft , moored at the Port of Gelves, was engaged in drug trafficking .
Faced with this, the Civil Guard launched an operation called Carmela and found that the owner has a history of offences against public health and smuggling, besides being also investigated by the SVA in Seville in the same boat.
In addition, researchers from both institutions knew that, unexpectedly the vessel left the port, which, given the suspicions that it might move to North Africa to collect hashish, decided to conduct an operation in the vicinity of the Guadalquivir River.
To perform this service, a joint operation between different units and land Aeronavali the Civil Guard and the Customs Surveillance Service was arranged, which belongs to the AEAT With teams from the Guardia Civil and SVA deployed awaiting possible drop off of hashish, the Maritime Service Cadiz and Huelva decided to intervene and capture the boat and the hashish,in the middle of the night as it was being monitored it changed its course towards the mouth of the River Guadiana.
The Civil Guard Huelva launched a new deployment in the province of Huelva, with support from the Command of the Civil Guard Huelva and SVA headquartered in Huelva.
Despite the quick change of location during the morning, the helicopter SVA, deployed for operating in the municipality of Ayamonte, reported that the craft was being unloaded, so civil guards in the area intervened and caught the occupants disposing of their wet clothes and packages of hashish found on the boat.
Arrested were RDM, born in Argentina aged 37 and FJFG, born in Alicante 28 years of age for an offence against public health and made available to the court number 3 Ayamonte. hashish siezed weighed 841 kilograms , in addition SVA and the Civil Guard have seized a boat with two 150 hp engines each, a satellite phone, a GPS, a radio station and a mobile phone .
Operation Carmela, initiated by the two institutions has shown constant coordination, between this Command and the neighbouring Cadiz and Seville and especially with the SVA, as a result of this coordination has been able to complete the operation successfully.

El Palmar body

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A boat found floating in the sea close to the beach of El Palmar, in Vejer de la Frontera (Cadiz), the corpse of a person in "advanced state of decomposition", which becomes the eighth body found the Cadiz coast during last 2 days.
The government representative in Cadiz confirmed to Reuters that the body was discovered by the crew of a pleasure craft, who told the Civil Guard who are incharge of Maritime Salvage, They sent two boats recovering the body which was taken to to the portof Barbate Cadiz.
The state of decomposition of the body has prevented the sex and nationality of the deceased, the seven North African immigrants who were appearing in the area in the recent days could be linked to the wrecked boat.

Police in Huelva said the local girl, from a gypsy family, vanished .

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Gangs of child sex abusers based in Valencia and Alicante on the south east coast of Spain.these two areas are said to have links with paedophiles in other countries including Belgium, Portuguese newspaper Diario de Noticias reported.
A detective from the agency told the paper: "We cannot discount anything."
The news came on the same day police launched a manhunt for a missing five-year-old girl named Marilux abducted in Parque Moret Huelva,a Spanish town .
Police in Huelva said the local girl, from a gypsy family, vanished at about 10.40pm last night while playing in a park with friends.
Officers are investigating a travelling circus in the area at the time.

Amy Fitzpatrick brother Dean Fitzpatrick Interviewed by Guardia Civil

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Dean brother of Amy Fitzpatrick,who disappeared on January 1 in the town of Mijas Malaga, has been required by the Civil Guard to meet with officers leading the investigation of the case, according to sources close to family.
The mother of the girl and her partner last Friday and went to the barracks to meet also with investigators to reconstruct Amys movements during the days before her disappearance. In addition, Amy's friend called Ashley, and her mother also had a similar meeting for about three and a half hours last Thursday, the day on which the Guardia took the computer from the couple to discuss its contents. Civil Guards, along with members of Civil Protection, Fire, Local Police from several municipalities in the province as well as Red Cross and officials of the Environment of the Government of Andalusia, developed last week two major searches. Officials of the Civil Guard are continuing with the investigation who disappeared after leaving the home of her friend Ashley, located in Calypso urbanization, where both had been caring for Ashleys brother .

Amy Fitzpatrick and the triangle of fear.

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Spanish press dub the scene of Amy Fitzpatricks disappearance as the triangle of fear.The triangle is defined by the towns of Coín, Mijas and Motril (Granada) Connecting three other similar disappearances over the last years.María Teresa Fernández, from Granada, who bears a striking resemblance to Amy in 2000. Rocío Wanninkhof y Sonia Carabantes 1990 and 2003 both killed by Tony Alexander King.Where Amy lives is known as Riviera del Sol which has a 90% ownership of expat Brits and holiday homes.Mijas as a whole has over 40,000 expat inhabitants.Riviera del Sol is only four kilometres from Tony Kings (convicted murderer) last residence.Spanish police believe that this urbanization and its surroundings are a centre for drug taking and distribution as there have been arrests for these offenses within this area. Maria Teresa was last seen on Avenida de Andalucia, in the heart of Motril, on her way to meet some friends going to the patron saint procession. August 18, 2000. and has not been seen since.The similarities between the two cases are outstanding

31st December: Amy Fitzpatrick went to her friend Ashley Rubio’s house to help her look after her younger brother for New Year’s Eve.

1st January: The two friends went to Fuengirola in the morning, had lunch at home and went to El Zoco in Calahonda in the evening. They returned home at 21.45. Fifteen minutes later Amy left the Rubios’ house in Calypso. As usual she was going to take a short cut to Riviera del Sol, a little used, unlit path. She was wearing black trousers and black boots that belonged to her friend. She had no money and wasn’t carrying her mobile telephone.

2nd Jan: Her mother and stepfather waited. It wasn’t the first time that she had left home without warning.

3rd Jan: Amy’s mother, Audrey Fitzpatrick, and her partner report her disappearance. The search starts.

4th Jan: Thirty officers from the Guardia Civil, Civil Protection and Local Police comb the area between Calypso and Riviera del Sol in Mijas Costa, with the help of a helicopter and sniffer dogs.

5th Jan: The search is extended to the upper area of Riviera del Sol, near the motorway. The family appeal for information about the teenager’s whereabouts. Photos of Amy are distributed.

6th Jan: The Guardia Civil resume their search around Amy’s home and into the Sierra de Mijas.

7th Jan: The search continues. Amy’s father, Christopher Fitzpatrick, who lives in Dublin appeals for help to find his daughter. The hypothesis that she ran away loses strength.

8th Jan. The Guardia Civil study CCTV tapes from neighbouring estates.

9th Jan. Some 200 police and fire officers, rescue experts and members of Protección Civil and the Red Cross comb a six kilometre radius. The family give a second press conference.

10th Jan. The search is extended into the municipality of Marbella

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Armed Bank Robbery at La Caixa

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Two hooded, armed men escaped with 100,000 euros from the safe of the branch of La Caixa opposite the Hotel Torrequebrada last Thursday in what appeared to be a very well planned robbery. The men were lying in wait for the bank workers and pounced as the deputy manager and another employee were opening the premises at 8 am.

Drugs: Briton , Irishman who live in Benalmádena

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Guardia Civil Malaga arrested a Briton and an Irishman who live in Benalmádena in connection with the seizure of more than one and a half tons of cannabis resin in Christmas week. The resin was found hidden among pallets of crockery on a lorry bound for the UK.

Maurice Boland Ireland's most famous ex-pat in Marbella robbed

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Marbella's most famous Irish resident, communicator extraordinaire, Maurice Boland kissed the Blarney stone and, following a stint as a nightclub owner, carved himself an exemplary career in the local media.
From karaoke host of the 80s, he became the most prominent radio DJ of the 90s with his daily radio chat show on Onda Cero International.
Maurice , said in an interview recently he was sick and tired of the British press constantly tagging the Costa as a haven for criminals and crime. There is more crime in London, he stoutly maintained. On Monday night as Maurice settled into a night in front of the television a gang of robbers were breaking into the bedroom wing upstairs in Boland's magnificent million-pound mansion, set in the hills overlooking Marbella.
"It looked like a bomb site," said Maurice , "the bedroom was a mess. To be honest I thought they were still in the house it was a terrifying experience. The police arrived very quickly and started to examine the crime scene."

It was then that Maurice's wife Wendy realised that all her expensive jewellery was gone along with Maurice's Cartier watch and the spare key to his Mercedes.

"The irony," he laughed , "was that I had to give an interview the following morning to Sir Trevor Mcdonald on how Marbella is virtually crime free".

International drug smuggling ring

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Spanish police said it arrested a Bulgarian national, who was part of an international drug smuggling ring
Three men were arrested in total, including a 40-year-old Bulgaria, a Turkish national and a Spaniard, as well as seizing 23 kilograms of heroin in a raid in the southern city of Seville.
The ring was under surveillance for nearly a year and police believe the Bulgarian national was smuggling the drugs into the country.
The police seized the drugs in a secret compartment of a car and was to be sold throughout the Andalucia region of Spain.

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