Tuesday 8 February 2011

'New' Eta political wing rejects violence

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'New' Eta political wing rejects violence | World news | The Guardian: "The banned political wing of the armed Basque separatist movement Eta has announced the launch of a new party that renounces the use of violence.

After 40 years in which more than 800 deaths have been linked to Eta, Batasuna said it does not consider the violence as legitimate.

Rufi Etxeberria, the leader of the new political grouping, told a meeting in Bilbao that it rejects 'violence and threats' from any source. He appealed to the government and the international community to legalise the as yet unnamed party. Batasuna has been illegal since 2003. The group hopes to be able to stand in the May local elections.

Marcelino Iglesias, general secretary of the ruling Socialist party, gave the announcement a cautious welcome. 'It's better to condemn Eta than support it,' he said. 'Of course this is a great improvement, but democracy has to make stringent demands of these groups.'"

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