Sunday, 30 December 2007

Francisco Salinas

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National Police officers arrested the mayor of Ojós this morning on charges of corrupting children. Francisco Salinas, who represents the Independent Group, was elected mayor in 2003, replacing Bartolomé Bermejo. He has a degree in Pharmacology and works as a pharmaceutical analyst at the Morales Meseguer Hospital in Murcia.
Ojós is the smallest town in the Murcia region with only 600 inhabitants.

José Martínez Andreo

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Guardia Civil officers have arrested the current mayor of Totana, José Martínez Andreo (PP), the Local Police chief and the municipal secretary as part of the 'Totem' council corruption inquiry. The Town Hall building has been evacuated while officers search for evidence. Totana judge, María Asunción Navarro, has remanded mayor José Martínez Andreo (PP) in custody without bail
Two others also arrested last Thursday - Town Hall general secretary, Laura Bastida, Juan Francisco Casanova - were released after each posting bail of €20,000 euros.
In total, twelve people were arrested on Monday, Thursday and Friday last week on a variety of charges including: bribery, falsifying public documents, giving false testimony, fraud, influence-trafficking, money-laundering, prevarication and embezzlement - relating to the expropriation of 2.2 million square metres of farmland to build more than five thousand new residential properties.
the first six arrestees have been brought before the judge handling the investigation. The main suspect is former mayor, Juan Morales (PP), who now represents the party on the provincial council. His current girlfriend and former wife, María del Carmen Jordán, are also implicated.
During a search of Ms Jordán's home, a number of council documents were found, which, according to a source close to the inquiry, should never have been in the possession of a private individual. Similar documents were found during a search of the consultancy owned by Ms Jordán earlier this week. When asked about them, Ms Jordán claimed that she was merely a secretary, saying that her former husband, Juan Morales, was the one responsible for delegating her work.
The same sources reveal that a briefcase containing documentation highly relevant to the inquiry was found in possession of Mr Morales's lawyer, Javier Cegarra, whose company was contracted to advise the council on urbanisation issues during Mr Morales's entire tenure (2003-2007) in return for a monthly fee of €1,800 euros. However, Mr Cegarra was sacked when Mr Andreo came to office following the regional and local elections earlier this year.

36 year old man from Birmingham was found dead

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36 year old man from Birmingham was found dead in the centre of Vigo on Christmas Eve. Cause of death appears to have been alcohol poisoning.
The man, whose initials have been confirmed as KT, was found lying on the pavement outside a bar in La Puerta del Sol.

Saturday, 29 December 2007

Guardia Civil officers arrested two men following a high speed chase on the Costa del Sol

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The chase happened at 1PM on Saturday and started in the centre of La Cala de Mijas and ended 5km down the road when the suspects car dramatically spun out of control and smashed into a lorry in Torremolinos.
The Guardia were acting on information that a grey Renault Megane on the A-7 road was used to send messages between drugs gangs and to move quantities of cocaine.
The officers ordered the vehicle to stop but the too occupants sped off and officers followed
After the crash the two occupants were ordered out of the car at gunpoint although no shots were fired. In the event no drugs were found and the two Moroccans, who have a previous record
They have been charged with serious disobedience of authority and traffic offences.

lorry registered in Germany

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A Ton of Cannabis Was Seized By Civil Guard Officers In Malaga Last Friday
Four People were arrested after a routine Civil Guard control of routes into the provincial capital pulled over a lorry registered in Germany which was carrying a cargo of tinned foods and officers discovered a ton of cannabis resin hidden amongst the cargo.

Friday, 28 December 2007

Cannabis Resin

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The Civil Guard Seized over a ton of cannabis resin in Cabopino port in Marbella
arresting 5 people in the operation ,Four Moroccan nationals and a Spaniard who were caught as they were unloading their cargo into a van
A van and the boat used to transport the 1.275 tons of cannabis were impounded

link between the fire and the shooting of a French man

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A Fire broke out at the Visconti Restaurant in Marbella on Monday morning. The fire is being investigated by the National Police who are suspicious that there could be a link between the fire and the shooting of a French man last week at the same restaurant.The fire has gutted the terrace of the restaurant, but the interior remains practically untouched by the flames.

link between the fire and the shooting of a French man

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The fire is being investigated by the National Police who are suspicious that there could be a link between the fire and the shooting of a French man last week at the same restaurant.
The fire has gutted the terrace of the restaurant, but the interior remains practically untouched by the flames.

Mother threw away a marihuana plant

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Police arrested a 17 year old youngster from Málaga The attack happened after the boys mother threw away a marihuana plant . She denounced her son for domestic violence following the attack after he pushed his mother head first through a glass terrace glass during a violent outburst at the family home in the Eugenio Gross area of the city.
Neighbours called the police after hearing screams coming from the house and when police arrived they found the property a wreck with blood on the walls.

Hit and Run

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A woman who was crossing the road in Estepona on Christmas Eve died instantly after been knocked down by a hit and run driver some 100 metres from the Church of Nuestra Señora del Carmen.
Following the accident in Calle Ceuta in the centre of the town police launched a intense search based on witness statements. They arrested a man shortly afterwards and he was held on Monday night in the cells of Estepona police station ahead of appearing before a judge.
The victim was a 60 year old Argentinian Woman

Thursday, 27 December 2007

a two-year investigation focused on internet users in Spain using foreign websites

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Sixty-three people have been arrested in Spain on suspicion of involvement with child pornography, following raids across the country, officials say.
Police said large amounts of computer-based "paedophile material" had been seized as the raids were executed over more than 10 days.
a two-year investigation focused on internet users in Spain using foreign websites.
The operation was carried out with help from US, German and New Zealand police.
Those arrested included four Russians detained in the seaside resorts of Lloret de Mar and Benidorm, suspected of making about 200,000 euros (£140,000) from selling access to pictures.
Those arrests gave investigators information which led police to arrest 59 other people. They were said to include production and distribution ringleaders and individual clients.

unscrupulous skippers had taken cash in return for letting illegal African refugees swim out to the cages and be towed into European ports, hidden amo

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bluefin tuna had recently streamed from the Atlantic into the Mediterranean through the Straits of Gibraltar, following ancient migration routes to their traditional spawning grounds off the North African coast.
“In Malta last week, where local businessmen working with Japanese, Korean and Spanish partners are at the forefront of the tuna revolution, “Whoever gets to the tuna first, claims the biggest prize in fishing history. For this is no ordinary catch. Astonishingly, each haul can be worth up to £10 million.
“Small wonder, then, that these traditional fishing grounds have become something akin to a battle zone with allegations of Mafia involvement, gunfights between fishermen and stories of rival boats ramming each others’ nets.”unscrupulous skippers had taken cash in return for letting illegal African refugees swim out to the cages and be towed into European ports, hidden among tuna.”

Mafia gangster known as the Acid Man, is in a Spanish jail

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Learco Chindamo, 26, is serving a life sentence for stabbing headmaster Philip Lawrence to death outside his school in Maida Vale, north London, in 1995. Learco Chindamo’s father, a Mafia gangster known as the Acid Man, is in a Spanish jail awaiting trial for murdering his ex-girlfriend.
Massimo Giuseppe Chindamo was arrested last year after the brutal stabbing of the Venezuelan woman in Gran Canaria.
He went on the run and hid out for a week in a cave, but was eventually snared by police.
It also emerged yesterday that in the build-up to the Philip Lawrence murder trial in 1996, Massimo exchanged dozens of letters with his son from his own cell at the top-security Viterbo prison north of Rome.
At the time, Massimo was serving a 15-year sentence for throwing sulphuric acid into his estranged partner’s face in 1988 - the crime that earned him his gruesome nickname.
Interviewed in the prison, Massimo tried to take some perverse credit for how his son had turned into a murderer.
“He writes to me every week - we are very close,” he said. “He is my favourite son and always will be.
“He looks up to me and he respects me for being his father and teaching him so many things. Learco is like me - he has courage.”
The 55-year-old, who has numerous convictions for assault, extortion, possession of firearms and arson, fled to the Canary Islands after the acid attack.
In his absence, a Milanese court sentenced him to 15 years.
He was eventually arrested in 1991 and extradited to Italy, where he was jailed until 2005. That year he returned to the Canaries.
But in May 2006, he allegedly stabbed Maria Elena Pedraza in broad daylight in a jealous rage after she broke up with him.
He is said to have then dumped the bloodied murder weapon and hidden in caves for a week.
Acting on a tip-off, officers spent four hours on foot searching for his hideaway before finding him.
Despite being cornered, Massimo tried to escape but was arrested and will face trial towards the end of the year.
Last night his lawyer, Javier Hernandez, said: “I am aware Massimo has a son in the UK but he has never said anything about him being in jail.
“He has never denied killing Maria Elena, but I will be insisting there was no premeditation and that he did not intend to kill her the day she died.
“If he is found guilty, I’m envisaging a sentence of between 12 and 15 years.”

Arrested at a warehouse near Castellon

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two Britons and a Polish man were arrested at a warehouse near Castellon, on the east coast of Spain, accused of preparing to smuggle cannabis hidden among cheap ceramics.

Passion Storm 3.4 tonnes of cannabis stashed below decks

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Three Britons were arrested on a luxury yacht after drugs worth £10.2million were found on board. Spanish customs officers stopped the 43ft Passion Storm 300 miles off the north-west tip of Spain after a tip-off from police. A Moroccan crew member was also held. Police believe the 3.4 tonnes of cannabis stashed below decks were headed from Morocco to the UK.
The three Britons and the Moroccan, who have not been named, were being held last night in the Spanish port of Vigo.

Tuesday, 25 December 2007

4.5 metric tons of cocaine on board

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Spanish police on Monday reported detaining a ship that was sailing from Latin America with 4.5 metric tons of cocaine on board.
A police official said the cocaine was presumably intended for drug dealers in the northwestern province of Galicia, and that several local residents suspected of complicity were arrested along with the ship's crew.
Galicia's mafia, one of the most powerful in Western Europe, is notorious for its involvement in drug trafficking, and deals especially in Latin American cocaine and hashish from Morocco.
More than seven tons of cocaine was seized off Spain's coast from the Russian cargo ship Tamsaar in 1999. This is the largest haul to have been seized by Spanish police so far. The Tamsaar crew were sentenced to ten years in prison for drug smuggling

organized crime group which brought young women from Russia to Spain and forced them to work as prostitutes

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Spanish police have broken up an organized crime group which brought young women from Russia to Spain and forced them to work as prostitutes.
"Twelve members of the gang, mainly Russian and Uruguayan nationals, who controlled four night clubs in northeastern Spain, have been detained on charges of assisting prostitution and illegal migration, forgery, and sexual harassment," a police official said.
He said the ring, led by a Uruguayan national, sent hundreds of young women from Russia to Spain, and that gang members raped them and forced them to use cocaine.
The operation was carried out by the Spanish National Police and Barcelona city police.
This is not the first time this year that police in Spain have clamped down on international criminal gangs trafficking women from Russia and subsequently forcing them into prostitution.
In July, Spanish police busted a gang that lured Russian women with job offers and then forced them into prostitution in the province of Almeria, southern Spain. Police then arrested a total of nine people, six of them Russian nationals and three Spanish.
In April, 40 Russian women were freed from sex slavery in a special police operation in Costa Brava, a coastal region near Barcelona. Most of the women were from St. Petersburg and had been held captive under threat of physical violence.
Seven people, including the gang leader - an Albanian national - were arrested and face charges of human-trafficking and organizing a prostitution ring. The gang also included three Russians, one Kosovo Albanian, and one Armenian.
Criminal groups involved in the illegal sex trafficking normally recruit women with offers of legal work abroad, and promise to sort out their visas. The women are then forced into prostitution to pay off their debts, and their documents are stolen.

Russian national 15 burglaries in Almeria

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Police in southeastern Spain have detained a Russian national on suspicion of committing at least 15 burglaries, a police department representative said Friday.
"The Russian national was arrested red-handed with a laptop computer after a theft in the town of Al-Ejido in the province of Almeria," the police spokesperson said, but declined to reveal his name in the interests of the investigation.
He said that a Spaniard, who received stolen goods in exchange for cocaine, was also arrested. A search revealed at least 100 pieces of jewelry, presumably stolen by the Russian.

Saturday, 22 December 2007

Greco Organised Crime Unit for the Cadiz Costa

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The Greco unit, which specialises in fighting organised crime will be based in Chiclana. It will be responsible for controlling the western part of Andalucía, as its counterpart in Málaga does on the Costa del Sol. Indeed many crime experts believe the success of the Málaga unit has been responsible for the increased presence of organised crime gangs in Cádiz as they have moved west to avoid the attentions of the Costa del Sol squad.
Sr. Alonso made the announcement during a speech at a conference on organised crime held in Jerez. He stressed that the government will not tolerate this type of activity, which includes drug smuggling, people trafficking and money laundering. He praised the work of the police and the Guardia Civil, saying that the authorities are trying to improve their resources to make their fight against crime less difficult.

Spanish Home invasion robbers fuelled by drugs

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Spanish Home invasion robbers work more often at night and on weekends when homes are more likely to be occupied. The Costa home invader will sometimes target the resident as well as the dwelling. The selection process may include a woman living alone, a wealthy senior citizen or a known drug dealer, for example. It is not unheard of for a robber to follow you home based on the value of the car you are driving or the jewelry you are wearing. Some home invaders might have been in your home before as a delivery person, installer or repair vendor. Home robbers rarely work alone and rely on an overwhelming physical confrontation to gain initial control and instill fear in you. The greatest violence usually occurs during the initial sixty seconds of the confrontation and home invaders often come prepared with handcuffs, rope, duct tape, and firearms. Some in-home robbers appear to enjoy the intimidation, domination, and violence and some even claim it’s a "rush."

Friday, 21 December 2007

Cocaine now sells for as little as 60 euros

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Cocaine now sells for as little as 60 euros ($80) a gram, or 5 euros ($7) a line, and it is regularly used by 1.6 percent of Spaniards, up from 0.9 percent in 1999, a government report said this month.Traces of cocaine can be found on 94 percent of banknotes in Spain, a country that has one of the world's highest rates of users, according to a study published on Sunday.

Thursday, 20 December 2007

a quarter of males younger than 49 in Spain have paid for sex

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the state-run National Statistics Institute show a quarter of males younger than 49 in Spain have paid for sex) is satisfied by a population of sex workers who are over 95 per cent extranjeras (of foreign nationality). These women, who are ‘owned’ by mafias here, are trafficked from all over the world - most commonly from Russia, Romania, Nigeria, Brazil and Colombia, with Romanian trafficking mafias becoming especially prolific. Spain is also a transit stop for victims en route to France, Germany and Portugal.
In 2005, a huge police operation in Andalucía and Extremadura discovered 54 Brazilian women who had been trafficked on false pretences and forced into prostitution on arrival. In this case, 11 Spaniards and three Brazilians were arrested and accused of trafficking.

sex slaves

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women and girls are trafficked into the country by mafias who trap them in a form of debt bondage. Effectively sex slaves, they are forced into prostitution to pay back impossible debts which barely diminish. Traffickers have been known to hold children as ‘deposits’ until their mothers pay back what they supposedly owe.

Legal confusion regarding prostitution in Spain has created a very overt and burgeoning sex industry which draws in visitors from abroad with the neon signs of its motorway brothels. It is technically illegal to earn money by managing prostitutes, but prostitution itself is legal and brothels obtain hotel licenses in order to claim that they simply rent rooms to prostitutes. With legality has not come regulation, and many of Spain’s 2,000 or so clubs are controlled by mafia groups and worked by debt bonded immigrants.

147 women for being in the country illegally

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The police have arrested 147 women for being in the country illegally since January of 2004. Not all of them have since been deported: article 59 of the Foreigners’ Law states that they can remain in Spain and obtain work papers if they co-operate with the police in tracking down the people who brought them into the country and employed them illegally in the first place. gang arranged for the procurement of women in Romania, their transport into Spain and their sale to pimps who paid 800 to 1,000 euros per woman plus a monthly rent for the right to prostitute the woman on the gang's 'turf'. The women worked 10-hour days and in some cases were also required to sell drugs to their clients, in order to increase the gang's revenues, say police. The operation is still open and further arrests could be made.

brothels on the Costa del Sol

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Following an investigation of brothels on the Costa del Sol over the past eighteen months, the National Police have arrested 150 people in Malaga province accused of sexual exploitation and other crimes relating to prostitution.

all residents of Malaga

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Police seized 4.3 tons (4.7 US tons) of hashish in southern Portugal, and arrested four Moroccans on suspicion of drug smuggling, authorities said Friday.
Police intercepted the suspects Tuesday, in truck heading to Spain.
A search revealed 52 bales of hashish in the truck, police said in a statement. Another 88 bales were found at a remote warehouse, it said.
The suspects, all residents of Malaga, southern Spain, were in custody, the statement said.
Police said the drugs had an estimated street value of around ¤20 million (US$29 million).

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

cannabis intended for the European market

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Some four tonnes of cannabis intended for the European market were seized by the Moroccan Royal Navy off the coast of Nador (northeast), local authorities affirmed here Monday.
The drug was concealed in a zodiac whose occupants succeeded in fleeing, the same source said, adding that security forces has already launched an international arrest warrant against traffickers.

member of the Civil Guard has been arrested in Melilla

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A member of the Civil Guard has been arrested in Melilla as he was trying to board the Málaga ferry with 56 kilos of cannabis hidden in his car.
The arrest took place on Sunday night, and was carried out by his colleagues assigned to the Civil Guard in Melilla.
It happened during a routine control of vehicles waiting to board the ferry, when sniffer dogs detected the drug hidden inside the wheels of the officer’s four wheel drive vehicle.
The drugs have an estimated street value of 81,000 €.

Portugal Connection

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Police said Monday they had seized 3.3 tons (3.6 U.S. tons) of hashish in Portugal, and arrested a 21-year-old Moroccan man in connection with the seizure.
Police made the arrest , after chasing a van that refused to stop in southern Portugal.
"During the chase the driver tried to hit police cars several times," leading police to fire on the van's tires to stop the vehicle, police said in a statement.
The suspect then tried to flee on foot, running 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) until captured, the statement said.
Police said the man had been headed to Spain, and had tracked the suspect and van down after investigating recent shipments of illegal drugs offloaded along the Portuguese coast.

ocean rescue boat off the Spanish coast

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Spanish police on Sunday said they had seized more than four tonnes of hashish on an ocean rescue boat off the Spanish coast and arrested 15 people in the latest of a series of raids on drug trafficking rings.
In a statement police said ‘4.3 tonnes of hashish have been seized in the cabins of a small boat used for ocean rescue operations.’
The 15 people arrested were Spanish, Colombian, Romanian and Moroccan nationals, police said.
Three of them were crew members, one was the suspected head of a drug trafficking ring, and eight were suspected of trying to smuggle the drugs onto the Spanish coast
A total of 13,000 euros (18,000 dollars), two kilos (4.4 pounds) of cocaine, five inflatable boats and 15 mobile phones were also seized in the police raid, according to the statement.
Spain is Europe’s main point of entry for Moroccan cannabis and for cocaine from South America.

operation "Coleta" (Ponytail) in Malaga

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Spanish police arrested 17 people and seized four tons of hashish smuggled from Morocco in separate anti-narcotics operations on the island of Ibiza and in Malaga
In both cases, smugglers brought the drugs to the Spanish coasts by boat and, after hiding them away for a period of time, distributed them to other parts of Europe, the General Directorate of the Police and Civil Guard said.
operation "Coleta" (Ponytail) in Malaga, authorities netted six suspects and seized 892 kilos of hashish. The arrests were made when the drugs were about to be unloaded in an area near the sports harbor of El Candado.
According to authorities, the suspects in Malaga used sophisticated communications equipment and dark clothing to better camouflage themselves and avoid detection by police.
The organization had all the necessary infrastructure for transporting the drugs: people in Morocco to load the hashish onto the boats, drivers for the vessels, individuals to receive them at the destination points and other members of the network charged with storing and guarding the drugs.
The operation remains ongoing and therefore more arrests could be made.

Moroccan-born Dutch Amin Mrini,

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Moroccan-born Dutch Amin Mrini, who was sentenced to the death penalty at the first instance court for the murder of a Dutch citizen, Ilona Nemeth, in August 2005 in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The postponement came to appoint a new chief judge to give a ruling on this case. The defendant, who was sued for a list of charges, notably murder, rape and theft, was arrested in 2006 following a Dutch police arrest warrant.
The defendant, who committed the murder during his conditional release, was serving a four-year sentence for having raped a young lady.

Cabo de Gata Nature Park

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Two arrests were made as the smugglers were unloading Close to three tons of cannabis resin at San José port in the Cabo de Gata Nature Park.
Two drug smugglers were caught in the act in the early hours of Sunday.
They are 51 year old Nicolás S.M., who is from Almería and has been arrested on three previous occasions for robbery, and a Moroccan national named as Idriss B.
Ideal newspaper reports that one of the two vans seized in the Civil Guard operation turned out to be stolen from Ribarroja de Turia, in Valencia, last month.
Another two suspects managed to escape custody.

a street value of 3.7 million

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A joint operation between National Police and Customs Authorities on Friday night has seized 2.5 tons of cannabis resin on a beach in Las Amoladeras, in La Manga.
Police say in a press release that ten people were arrested after a Customs helicopter spotted a suspicious-looking boat approaching the coast.
Authorities were waiting on shore, and the arrests were made at 4am: five Spaniards and five Moroccan nationals.
The drugs haul would have brought a street value of 3.7 million €.

British man is in custody after a high speed sea chase

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Officers seized 109 kilos of cannabis resin carried by two jetskis when the drugs were dumped on a beach in Marbella
A British man is in custody after a high speed sea chase to the coast of Marbella on Sunday.
The Civil Guard say in a press release that the Coastguard chased two jetskis to the Río Verde Beach, and that two suspects ran off on foot after dumping their cargo of 109 kilos of cannabis on the shore.
A 35 year old Briton resident in Estepona, named as E.W. in reports, was arrested after a search by Civil Guard patrols from Estepona and Ojén.

Monday, 17 December 2007

700 million smuggled-in packs of tobacco

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700 million smuggled-in packs of tobacco are sold in Spain. This merchandise comes primarily from the East through different land and sea routes, from the United States and from Andorra. It makes up ten per cent of the tobacco consumed annually in Spain, which implies a loss of 120 millions US dollars for the Spanish tobacco industry. Contraband tobacco can be found throughout Spain and is smuggled in primarily through Andalusia, Galicia and Catalonia. This tobacco traffic is controlled by large mafias dedicated to contraband goods, even of European size.

The Maltese connection

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Malta is serving as a redistribution centre for drugs from South America.
Malta’s drug barons are behind bars at Kordin, cocaine worth 46 million marks destined for the Spanish market was being discovered in a container destined for the Malta Freeport.
The find included 514 kilogrammes of 90% pure cocaine and 25,000 ecstasy pills – representing a local market value of over Lm 20 million
The plan, according to German investigators, was to use yachts from Malta to ship the drugs to the Spanish mainland.
The federal criminal investigators in Germany were somehow tipped off that cocaine from Venezuela was being transhipped to Malta via Hamburg. There were 2,500 containers on the container ship Nedlloyd Kingston, The search carried out by the German and Italian police discovered 64 packages of the drug buried beneath 1,152 packs of work gloves at the rear of the container. The packages were hidden behind carbon paper, a practice that aims to render x-ray machines useless.
In a sting operation, investigators had removed the drugs and allowed the container to depart for Malta in order to apprehend those related to the case.

Sunday, 16 December 2007

Michael Dugdale, 60,

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Michael Dugdale, 60, was arrested two months ago at his house in the south- east of Spain, following a Europe-wide manhunt.
He is accused of six rapes and a string of sex assaults on children as young as 12.
He was extradited to Britain - but was allowed to return to his villa after Judge Robert Brown gave him bail earlier this month at a chambers hearing, from which the public were excluded.

Francisco Corbacho

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The mayor of Gaucín, Francisco Corbacho, has been fined 2,700 euros and banned from holding public office for seven years after a court found him guilty of embezzlement of public funds and corruption. The judge heard how between December 2002 and January 2003 Corbacho took advantage of the absence of the municipal secretary to obtain Town Hall cheques for sums ranging between 10,000 and 22,000 euros, amounting to a total of 200,000 euros. The discrepancy in the accounts was reported by the secretary at the end of January and the then mayor later paid back the money in question.

several arrests on the Gibraltar border

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The Spanish National Police made several arrests on the Gibraltar border. One of these was a 37 year old Portuguese citizen, L.F.D.O., who was wanted by a court in Estella. Another, 44 year old J. L.C., was wanted by an Algeciras court, as was a 39 year old Gibraltarian, E.J.S. These arrests were a result of the passport controls carried out by police at the border.

Saturday, 15 December 2007

Richard Neil has become the 6th fatality

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Richard Neil has become the 6th fatality to die as a consequence of the settling of scores in Málaga province this year. The first of them was last August at The Point bar, when a 38 year old Estonian was shot dead with a single shot to the head.
Two weeks later the burnt out body of a man was found in a car in Estepona. He had also been shot. And on September 11th three Colombians were killed in the Torreblanca del Sol Urbanisation in Fuengirola, in the settling of scores over cocaine trafficking.

Friday, 14 December 2007

living in the Fuengerola area of Spain

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Northumbria Police is continuing to make enquiries to trace Allan James Foster, 31, who sometimes goes under other names including Sean Wilkinson. He originates from South Shields but has also spent time in Majorca and the Canaries.

It is believed he may currently be living in the Fuengerola area of Spain. Foster is 5'8" tall and has a mole on the left side of his face. He is wanted in connection with the murder of David "Noddy" Rice, 42, who was shot several times as he sat in his car in a car park in South Tyneside around 4pm on May 24 last year.
A father of seven, David Rice was lured by his evil killers down to the car park on the pretext of a meeting about money owed over a drugs debt. He was shot several times by two masked men at close range and died a short time later in hospital.
The area where he was shot is popular with visitors, many of whom witnessed the horrifying events of that day. Straight after the killing a Ford Mondeo was driven to a nearby lane where it was burnt out. The killers were then driven away from South Shields in a Ford Transit van. One man has already been convicted and jailed for Mr Rice's murder and a number of others convicted for their role in the attack.
Foster is featured on the Spanish Crimestoppers website and police are urging anyone who sees him or knows of his whereabouts to get in touch.

Thursday, 13 December 2007

A British man has died overnight after being shot in the centre of Marbella

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A British man has died overnight after being shot in the centre of Marbella by two people who managed to make their escape from the scene.
EFE news agency quotes police sources who say it happened at 10pm close to Calle Camilo José Cela and that the two people who carried out the attack passed on a moped.
The victim is reported to have been shot several times in the back.
The National Police have opened a full investigation.

840 kilos of cannabis resin in Estepona

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The Civil Guard have reported a drugs haul of 840 kilos of cannabis resin in Estepona this weekend, after a suspicious boat was spotted 10 miles off shore on Saturday, and came to shore on the Playa Arroyo Vaquero. The drugs had already been loaded into a waiting vehicle when officers arrived on the beach and arrested a 28 year old man named by his initials, I.C.M. The Civil Guard said he is Spanish.

A Dutch national offered an officer 50 €

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A Dutch national offered an officer 50 € to let him through without problems
A Dutch national whose van was searched at the Customs point in Tarifa on Tuesday is under arrest for trying to bribe a Civil Guard. He was due to appear before Instruction Court No. 4 in Algeciras.
Europa Press said he offered the officer 50 € to let him through without any problems, and now faces charges of bribery. There was no mention if anything untoward was found in the van.

British pensioner resident in Fuengirola

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British pensioner resident in Fuengirola has been taken into custody as the alleged head of the gang. He is named as A.M.T., aged 66.
The Interior Ministry said in a press release that the investigation began in Barcelona in October with the discovery of 1.2 tons of cannabis resin hidden inside computer casings. It led investigating officers to premises in Montcada i Reixac, Barcelona province, last month, where they saw a lorry being loaded up with what appeared to be industrial machinery, and also saw the suspect on site.

The Civil Guard officers found it to have a ton of cannabis resin hidden

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The Civil Guard in Málaga province have released news of a drugs haul on one of the accesses into Málaga City last Friday where four people were taken into custody. Málaga Hoy newspaper said it happened during a routine Civil Guard control of routes into the provincial capital, and took place on Las Pedrizas.
The lorry pulled over was registered in Germany and was carrying a cargo of tinned foods. The Civil Guard officers found it to have a ton of cannabis resin hidden

Civil Guard swoop nets three tons of cannabis resin

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A Civil Guard swoop on a warehouse in Callosa de Segura on Tuesday has seized what is reported to be more than three tons of cannabis resin and taken at least four people into custody. La Verdad newspaper said the suspects may be from Holland, and two of them appear to be the man who rented the warehouse and his father.

It’s understood he had a legal rental contract with the owner of the premises in Callosa, and had been using the premises for more than two years.
Four vehicles, two of them with Dutch plates, were also seized in the raid.

ton of cannabis resin

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Four men from Roquetas de Mar are under arrest, after they were caught in the act unloading a cargo of more than a ton of cannabis resin on a beach in Balanegra on Tuesday night. The smugglers who transported the drugs to the Seto Maleno beach managed to escape out to sea.
Two of the three vehicles seized on the beach were later found to be stolen.

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

European arrest warrant for armed robbery

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The National Police have arrested a 28-year-old Romanian fugitive wanted on a European arrest warrant for armed robbery. He was identified by police officers at a local street market. And in neighbouring Torremolinos, another foreign fugitive has been arrested. The 52-year-old German was wanted on a warrant from his home country, where he faces fraud charges

smuggling of cocaine into Ireland which passed through Alicante.

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Spanish police arrested a number of people related to the smuggling of cocaine into Ireland which passed through Alicante.

The arrests came after an eight-month investigation into the gang's operations by the Irish Police, British police and the authorities in Spain and the Netherlands. Police sources said the gang were a major part of the wholesale organization for cocaine importation into Ireland. The gang is thought to have been responsible for the supply of drugs to gangs in Dublin and Limerick.

Senior sources said the arrests were a major blow to drug-dealers here who have been sourcing their cocaine from Spain. It should significantly reduce the amount of the drug available on the streets in Ireland for the near future.
The gang's ringleader a 40 year old Dubliner was one of the suspects being held by police in Alicante. Another man form Birmingham with Irish connections was also being held. A Venezuelan and a Hungarian woman were also in police custody. All the members of the gang were caught in the car park of the Holiday Inn in Alicante in two cars on Friday night. Between them they had almost €200,000 worth of cocaine and €30,000 in cash

crime wave sweeping the Costa Blanca

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crime wave sweeping the Costa Blanca and other parts of southern Spain popular with foreign tourists. Hundreds of holiday villas have been attacked recently by criminal gangs, many of them Romanians and Albanians.
The criminals are not only burgling houses. A hire-car belonging to Geoff and Diane Winnard, a retired couple from Bournemouth, was rammed from behind as they drove from Alicante airport to their holiday villa.
“One man reached into my car and grabbed my wife’s handbag and drove off,” said Geoff Winnard, 58. The men made off with their passports, credit cards and £2,750 of jewellery.

fight in Playa Flamenca

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A man died and four others were hospitalised following a fight in Playa Flamenca.
The incident happened in the early hours of Monday outside the Chinese restaurant on Calle Nicholas Bussi in Playa Flamenca on the Orihuela Costa. The 25-year-old, who has not yet been named, died in hospital from stab wounds following the fracas. Another man was also seriously injured and three others were slightly injured. It is thought that the altercation started in the bar next door to the Chinese restaurant and after the men were requested to leave, the fight continued outside.


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Derek John Cross, nicknamed Des or Dosser, has not been seen since he was holidaying with friends in Benidorm on November 15, 1996.

Spain is going to be the largest grower of Cannabis

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Spain is going to be bigger than Jamaica or Holland as a cannabis growing country.The Spanish sun is free, and the climate in some parts of the country is good for growing cannabis 10 months a year, but we see indoor growing as superior because it offers a controlled environment, and avoids the possibility of rip-offs and problems with insects and lack of water," Molina said. "Growers can combine indoor and outdoor growing, using their indoor gardens during cool weather, and also getting a head start on making plants for transplanting to outdoors. Pretty soon, Spain is going to be bigger than Jamaica or Holland as a cannabis growing and tourism destination

Judah Eleazar Binstock

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Judah Eleazar Binstock, is a 78 year old British businessman and financier and is now believed to have been the person who financed trips taken by Marbella councillors the week before the motion of no confidence was placed against Julián Muñoz. He is now thought to have been hidden in the background and pulling the strings behind much of the corruption in Marbella. This information has been given to Judge Miguel Angel Torres in the declaration from the ex councillor Carmen Revilla.

Binstock, who has large real estate interests in Marbella including the Villa La Magnolia in the Camino de la Cascada de Camoján, is reported to be wanted for questioning by the British police in connection to several financial frauds including the BCCI case.
Actually born in East Germany, he grew up in Moscow where is was a member of the Communist Party. He took up British nationality at the end of the sixties. He is thought to have a large income from several casinos. United States intelligence services link him to the Syrian magnateMonzer Al Kassar and Adnan Kashogui and arms sales of missiles to Iran and possible links to Al Qaeda.

Binstock has been missing since the Malaya case broke in Marbella and there are some reports that he has travelled to his mansion in Paris. The missing and wanted councillor, Carlos Fernández, is said to have had a relationship with Binstock’s daughter.

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

four Madrid Lawyers have been ordered that they be held in prison pending trial

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Murcia Judge Miguel Angel Torres who has been investigating the corruption scandal in Marbella has indicted four Madrid Lawyers and has ordered that they be held in prison pending trial. This follows the arrest of the Cartagena property developer Juan Antonio Roca for corruption charges. Roca is belived to be the mastermind behind a corruption ring in Marbella, Andalucia.

The four Lawyers have been involved in large projects in Los Alcazares like Nueva Ribera. All four lawyers are from the firm of Sánchez Zubizarreta-Soriano Zurita in Madrid. Police experts have confirmed it will be many months before the evidence in assimilated into a case which can be brought before the court. During the police intterogation the lawyers were questioned about the transfers of many thousands of euros during the last few weeks.

‘Malaya 2’

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‘Operation Malaya 2’ new offences came to light, resulting in some 30 city councillors and business people being accused of massive corruption. These accusations were in addition to the arrests made earlier in the year. Then. 29 people were arrested, including Mayor Marisol Yagüe, her deputy, Isabel García Marcos and José Antonio Roca, who was town planning advisor. During the investigation, Judge Miguel Ángel Torres said of Mr Roca that he was the driving force in Marbella City Hall and that the Mayor performed a mere symbolic role. In September 2006, the former mayor and her deputy were released from custody on 60,000-euro bail.

Those arrested as part of ‘Malaya 2’ included the former chief of Marbella’s police Rafael del Pozo and Tomás Reñones, the city’s second deputy mayor. Mr Reñones became acting mayor after the arrest of the mayor and the first deputy mayor. However, his involvement in the scandals became clear during the following-up investigations and Judge Torres ordered his unconditional detention. Tomás Reñones was football player and captain of Atlético de Madrid, the football club owned by the late Jesús Gil, the first of the big corrupted mayors of Marbella and founder of GIL, the political party whose members included the disgraced mayor Marisol Yagüe.

hidden storage room

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Police have uncovered a hidden storage room in Spain holding 1,800 pieces of pre-Colombian art, including ceremonial masks, ceramics, jewellery and a suit of 37 plates of gold - artefacts from a collection last seen in public 10 years ago.
Many of the metallic pieces, including four copper masks, four gold rattles and four gold nose pendants, derived from the ancient tomb of the Lord of Sipan, one of the most important vestiges of pre-Inca Moche culture in Peru.

torture and other ill-treatment

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Spanish police are getting away with repeated acts of torture and other ill-treatment, according to a new Amnesty International report.
The report highlights cases of people who have been hit, kicked, punched and verbally abused by police officers, both in police custody and on the street. Some complainants report being being beaten while handcuffed. Others claim they were threatened with a gun or knife, whipped on the soles of their feet and subjected to death threats

Spanish drug survey

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The figures released yesterday are the result of a survey carried out by the government in secondary schools. Teenagers between 14 and 18 participated in the nationawide survey. According to the results, the number of teenagers who admit to taking cocaine is now four times as high as it was in 1994, and the number of people who smoke cannabis has doubled. 87 per cent of teenagers consider that it is easy to buy alcohol, 64 per cent find it easy to buy cannabis, and 53.8 per cent have no problem in getting sleeping tablets.

5,627 structures that are not reflected in the property register.

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Using the satellite images of the town’s urban centre and outlying urbanisations and rural zones, officials have identified 5,627 structures that are not reflected in the property register. The majority of the unregistered buildings, 69 per cent of which existed prior to 2002, are in the countryside and the El Rodeo, Cortijo Benítez, Miravalle and Las Delicias districts.
Comparing images taken in 2002 and 2006, officials discovered 2.676 land-use changes.

Three Britons have been handed prison sentences

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Three Britons have been handed prison sentences for their involvement in a recent late-night brawl in Ronda.Three received prison sentences of six months each for attacking two local police officers and a local resident. As they have no previous convictions, the jail terms were deferred but will be taken into account if they offend again.
In addition to the prison terms, they also have to pay 1,500 euros in compensation to one of the officers, 800 euros to the local resident, who received a face wound requiring four stitches, plus 36 euros to the second policeman.

Four prisoners who took three prison officers hostage

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Four prisoners who took three prison officers hostage at Picassent jail, near Valencia, yesterday evening have been split up and transferred to different jails. The crisis began at around 6pm yesterday evening when four prisoners from the high-security wing took three officers hostage, apparently using one of their fellow prisoners as a bargaining chip.
Two of the three officers, both in their twenties, were released shortly after midnight and following all-night negotiations, the third man was set free shortly after 6am this morning.

British man, whose initials have been confirmed as AMT

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A 66 year old British man resident in Fuengirola (Málaga) has been arrested accused of heading up a gang trafficking cannabis between Spain and the UK.
Two weeks ago, a suspicious trailer was intercepted on its way to a company that runs daily shipments to the UK. It was found to contain industrial-sized water purifiers, though police sniffer dogs later detected 2,500kg of cannabis resin hidden inside the machines. A further 1,500kg was found inside a warehouse on a Barcelona industrial estate from which the lorry had been spotted leaving.
The British man, whose initials have been confirmed as AMT, visited Cataluña regularly to ski, always staying in luxury hotels.
The investigation started last October when Guardia Civil officers seized 1,200kg cannabis found hidden inside a shipment of computer terminals, although they were unable to find sufficient evidence implicating AMT to arrest him on that occasion.

Ken MacIntyre from Ayrshire murdered

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Ken MacIntyre from Ayrshire and his partner Bill had been drinking in bars near Plaza de la Constitución in the old town on Friday night when the attack took place.
The couple left Eros bar in Calle Santa Faz around 04.00 and headed in the direction of Plaza de la Constitución near the popular tapas strip.
They walked through Calle San Miguel and were attacked near Domino bar.
A friend told Costa Blanca News that Ken and Bill were allegedly tapped on the shoulder by two men who snatched their jewellery and attacked them until they fell to the floor.
Sadly, Ken took a severe beating and died at the scene of the crime

Friday, 7 December 2007

raping an 18 year old British tourist last Saturday night

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A 39 year old taxi driver was arrested today accused of raping an 18 year old British tourist last Saturday night in Maspalomas (Gran Canaria). According to the victim's testimony, she caught the taxi at around 2am on Sunday morning in the Plaza de Maspalomas and asked the driver to take her back to her hotel. Instead, she alleges, he drove her first to a piece of waste ground where he raped her in the back of the vehicle before dropping her off at her hotel.

154 people were arrested

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since the introduction of tougher penalties for dangerous drivers at the start of this month, a total of 154 people were arrested for traffic infractions, 151 of whom tested with more than 0.6mg alcohol per litre of aspirated breath.

The other three were caught speeding: one was arrested for driving at more than 60km an hour above the legal limit on an urban street, while the other two were clocked doing more than 80km an hour above the limit on the freeway.

criminal offence to drive drunk or speed

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criminal offence to drive drunk or speed, and anyone caught doing so could face a prison sentence of up to six months. If they are caught committing both crimes together, the sentence could be up to two years.
The limit at which drunk driving becomes a crime is 0.60 milligrams of alcohol in exhaled air, while for speeding to be considered a crime the driver would have to exceed 200km/h on a highway or 110km/h in an urban area.

Except for people with prior criminal records, most sentences would be substituted for a fine. In the first two days of the legislation going into effect, 154 people were arrested.

Three out of every 100 Spaniards over the age of 15 paid a bribe last year

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Three out of every 100 Spaniards over the age of 15 paid a bribe last year, according to figures released Thursday by anti-corruption organisation Transparency International

Three notaries have been arrested in connection with Operation White Whale.

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Operation White Whale is the first time police have established a direct link between organised crime and Spain's booming construction and property industries. Half of all new construction starts in Spain take place on the Mediterranean coast.

In a boon for international criminals, established practice enables notaries to absent themselves for a few minutes when property contracts are signed, allowing the buyer to hand over “dinero B”, a substantial amount of undeclared cash. Unlike bankers, public notaries are not required to “know their clients” or establish the provenance of money exchanged in property transactions.

323 arrests in connection with organised crime

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The Civil Guard,estimates that about 550 criminal groups operate in Spain, about half of them foreign. Last year, police made 323 arrests in connection with organised crime. “Criminals are businessmen these days,” says a chief inspector in a unit that fights organised crime. “They want good travel connections, an efficient banking sector, nice weather and anonymity. They get all that in Málaga.”

Thursday, 6 December 2007

Seven Britons were involved in a brawl

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Seven Britons were involved in a brawl with a group of Spaniards in the early hours of Saturday morning in the centre of Ronda.

nabbed a bag snatcher

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Police in Benalmádena Costa nabbed a bag snatcher just moments after he had robbed three tourists on Friday afternoon. The alleged thief, identified only as a Romanian man, was picked up at 1.30pm on Calle Carril del Siroco. When police grabbed him, he was about to steal the bags of two British tourists.

crackdown on child pornography

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A minor was detained in Málaga last week in a crackdown on child pornography. A Guardia Civil investigation into the exchange of images by mobile phone and the Internet has seen 40 people arrested across the country. A specialist team which deals with under-age suspects took part in the Málaga arrest.

four robberies in Sotogrande and Pueblo Nuevo de Guadiaro have been reported to the police

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A further wave of four robberies in Sotogrande and Pueblo Nuevo de Guadiaro have been reported to the police. The thieves were looking for money and jewellery and used the same modus operandi as on previous occasions. They entered all of the properties while owners were asleep.

major paedophilia ring

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A Malaga woman who was searching for information about babies on internet came across two files containing images of children being sexually abused by adults. She reported her find to the National Police and the resulting investigation led to the exposure of a major paedophilia ring. After tracing the origins of the files discovered on internet the police made 13 arrests, two in the province of Malaga, and thousands of files containing child pornography have been seized.

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