Monday, 4 January 2010

kidnapping of a businessman

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Six people have been arrested in Valencia for kidnapping a businessman who was held captive in a countryside cabin in Chiva for six days before he managed to escape. Europa Press said one of his captors is an employee at the construction company the businessman owns.The victim was snatched on an industrial estate in Chiva and forced at gunpoint into the van which took him to the place where he was held and repeatedly beaten during his captivity. He was handcuffed and kept with a hood over his head after a first failed attempt at escaping, and threatened with being buried in a hole dug in the ground if the ransom was not paid over. The kidnappers were demanding a payment of 300,000 € to secure his release.He finally managed to escape and reached the Civil Guard barracks in Cheste to report his ordeal. None of the kidnappers’ names have been released, but it’s understood that at least three are from Colombia and two are Spaniards.

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