Monday, 4 January 2010

Another axe attack on a homeless man in Fuengirola

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Another axe attack on a homeless man in Fuengirola has been reported by Diario Sur this Monday morning, after the murder of a man, well-known locally, whose body was found with an axe buried in his head in a local car park last month.The second victim, a 51 year old man, survived the attack, but is seriously ill in the Intensive Care unit of Carlos Haya Hospital in Málaga. He is understood to be on assisted ventilation.Emergency services were called out to Fuengirola’s Calle Palagreros at around 4.30 on Monday morning, where the victim was found with a deep wound to his head consistent with an axe attack. There has been no confirmation as yet of any connection with the fatal attack which took place on Calle Antonio Rubio Torres in December.

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