Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Simone Castello was arrested in Archena, some 24 kms from Murcia City

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9 people were arrested in Palmermo for links to the Sicilian mafia's former boss of bosses.A suspect has been arrested in Murcia in connection with an operation by police in Italy against the Sicilian mafia which saw nine people taken into custody in the island’s capital, Palermo. An eleventh arrest warrant was issued for another suspect who is already serving time in prison.All 11 are believed to have provided help to the Sicilian mafia’s former ‘boss of bosses’, Bernardo Provenzano, during the 43 years he was on the run. He was arrested in 2006.The Murcia suspect is named by EFE as Simone Castello, a 60 year old who had moved to the Region and set up an import and export company of fruit and vegetables with links to Sicily. It’s valued at 2.5 million € and it’s understood the company’s headquarters were sealed by National Police as part of the operation.He was arrested in Archena, some 24 kms from Murcia City, early on Tuesday.

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