Monday, 30 November 2009

kidnap in Mijas

16:48 |

Two men, reported as German, have been arrested by the Civil Guard on suspicion of plotting a kidnap in Mijas, allegedly planning to target a family in the jewellery industry. Diario Sur reports that the husband trades in jewels and diamonds.
Officers were called out to the family home earlier this week after the wife, noted by Sur as a foreigner, reported that she had noticed someone following her that day and had then seen a suspicious car parked outside her house. The Civil Guard located the vehicle nearby shortly after arriving at the property and found suspicious items in a search of the two suspects’ car, including an electric defence weapon and surveillance equipment.The wife recognised one of the suspects as the man who had been following her, and both she and her husband identified him as the person they had reported to police in the summer over suspicions that he had been keeping the family under watch. They are understood to have told officers on that occasion that they were being extorted.

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