Saturday, 1 August 2009

Armoured Mercedes S-Class limousine was found not far from where it was stolen

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German Health Minister’s official car, stolen by thieves last week while Minister Ulla Schmidt was holidaying in Dénia, has been found by the Civil Guard.The German newspaper ‘Rheinische Post’ reported on Wednesday that the armoured Mercedes S-Class limousine was found not far from where it was stolen, and is believed to have been dumped there by the thieves after all the media attention over the vehicle’s theft.
The car was driven the 2,400 kms from Germany by her chauffeur, while Mrs Schmidt made the journey by air. It was taken when thieves broke into her chauffeur’s accommodation while he was sleeping and made off with the vehicle.Just two months ahead of a general election in Germany, the Social Democrat Minister has come under harsh criticism for deciding to bring the vehicle to Spain, which she said was due to official engagements planned during her holiday in Dénia. A spokesperson for the German Health Ministry said Mrs Schmidt acted within the law, and has always reimbursed the government for any private journeys made in her official vehicle.
It was also claimed to be cheaper to drive the car to Spain rather than renting a similar vehicle on the Costa Blanca.

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