Saturday, 1 August 2009

50,000 in high-quality fake Euro notes imported into the country every month

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Police in Spain have broken up a network which is said to have brought an average of 50,000 in high-quality fake Euro notes into the country every month. The money came into Cataluña from Italy in 20 and 50 Euro notes, and from there, was distributed throughout the country, only being detected as fake once it reached the banks.The 21 arrests over the two-phase operation include the three network leaders and a courier who was detained at the Figueres bus station with more than 66,000 € in fake notes, of a total of 113,000 € seized over the entire operation. Some of the forged money was used to buy more than 16,000 € worth of jamones in Guijelo, Salamanca province, and five people resident in Sabadell, Barcelona province, were arrested in connection with the purchase.30 kilos of cannabis resin were found in one of the property searches carried out by police.Police say that, since the European currency was first adopted in Spain, they have seized more than 6 million € in fake notes.

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