Monday, 7 January 2008

Amy Fitzpatrick: Prank calls hamper search.

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Amy's stepfather Dave Mahon said that there were still no firm leads but the investigation had been hampered by a spate of prank calls. while they have been getting a wide volume of calls, there has not been one sighting of Amy.
police had confirmed that they had found a bra and a bag of clothes just 500m from the home of missing teenager after further investigation, local police established that the clothing, found on wasteland, did not belong to Amy. forensic examinations have been intensified in the area around the popular seaside area. Due to the three Kings national holiday the scale of the search had been temporaly scaled down but it has now been resumed with 200 police taking part, search dogs and helicopters.Reader: Thank you for the donation of the photograph. Costa del crime will bring as much information as possible to help the family.

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