Sunday, 25 March 2012

Two bronze Roman statues dating from the 1st century have been recovered by National Police in Jaén.

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 They are thought to form part of the Cástor and Pólix group in Córdoba and have been valued at 6 million €. 

They show two totally naked men and are 1.50m and 1.30m in size, with each statue weighing some 30 kilos and in a very good state of conservation. When they were found they both had amputations to the arms and legs, one has lost part of his chest and the other has lost his genitals.

The two masculine figures were found in a finca in the Córdoba municipality of Pedro Abad, owned by two brothers who had them hidden and who were planning to sell them on the black market for half their value. One of the brothers has been arrested and two other people indicted.

Police Commissioner, Daniel Salgado, said they were going to be sold to an Italian via an intermediary, and now Interpol are looking for the man.

The statues will be taken to the Córdoba Museum where restoration is the next job.

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