Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Spanish property an 'attractive investment' for Brits

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The growing strength of the British pound against the Euro is to make the Spanish property market an interesting prospect, according to an expert. Mark Stucklin, head of Spanish Property Insight, explained that 2012 will be a "key year", meaning Brits will benefit from attractive offers "after some real years in the dumps". "Within Spanish property, you have to define what you are talking about. Is it the middle of nowhere property that was badly built in the boom or the nicest property of which there is scarce supply?" he said. "It is a completely different market. With the best property, I think we are now in [a period of] price stability and, with the euro getting cheaper compared to the pound, that will mean that it gets more interesting for British buyers." Mr Stucklin went on to say that if potential buyers looked at the Spanish market in terms of euros, they would be able to find "50 per cent or more price reductions and you can find property on sale at the replacement cost". This, he explained was cheaper than building property. Brits looking to move to Spain should consider housing excess belongings and furniture in a self storage unit.

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