Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Princes William and Harry fly to Spain for secret weekend hunting trip

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They bagged themselves several brace of pheasant at Sandringham over Christmas. But at the weekend Prince William and Prince Harry set their sights on bigger game. The brothers flew to Spain on Friday for a secret hunting trip to celebrate the end of Harry's advanced helicopter training. The royal pair were staying on an estate in the backwaters of rural Cordoba owned by the Duke of Westminster, Gerald Grosvenor, Britain's third-richest man and one of William's godfathers. Finca La Garganta, near the village of Conquista, on the border of Castilla La Mancha, is one of the largest and most exclusive hunting estates in western Europe. It is teeming with wildlife including wild boar and stag which William and Harry, both crack shots, are said to be keen to bag. Beaters and packs of dogs were brought in to ensure that the princes did not return home without several 'kills' to their name. The brothers have visited the estate before and last time were said to have bagged a staggering 740 partridge on a single day. The second and third in line to the throne arrived in Spain on Friday on separate flights as they are not allowed to travel together in case of an accident. William , 29, who was not believed to be accompanied by his wife, the Duchess of Cambridge, flew into Seville while Harry, 27, arrived on a private jet at Cuidad Real Central later in the afternoon.

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