Saturday, 8 October 2011

15 year old British holidaymaker taken into care as his aunt is drunk

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The police in Sant Antoni de Portmany got more than they bargained for when they asked the 15 year old who was looking after him on holiday The juvenile unit of the Sant Antoni de Portmany Police on Ibiza has decided to admit a British 15 year old to a youngsters’ centre while it is hoped that he can return back to the U.K. EFE news agency reports that the 15 year old was found on the island looking after his alcoholic aunt, and a statement from the local police on Friday explained that the case came to their attention last Wednesday, when the police were involved in a minor incident with the youngster. The 15 year old was found in the street and the police asked who was looking after him. He told them that it was his 40 year old aunt, with whom he had come to Ibiza on holiday. However the police found the aunt to be drunk in the hotel and possibly also under the effects of drugs or medicaments, and considered she was in no condition to look after the adolescent. They took note of the situation and returned a few hours later and then found the 15 year old also drunk, and the woman was now ‘totally out of it’ and ‘shrieking at her nephew for no apparent reason and with clear symptoms of being drunk’. The police saw empty alcohol bottles on the floor and medicines on the furniture. After a time the police managed to locate the boy’s mother by phone in England, the sister of the aunt, and explained the situation, calling on her to come to Ibiza urgently to deal with her son. The mother apparently told the police that she could not travel to Ibiza the next day, and it was agreed with her that the boy should sleep that night in another room with some friends. Then the decision was taken, with the help of the British consular offices in Ibiza to try and mediate with both the mother and the aunt, and finding that collaboration missing, and assembling witness reports on incidents between the boy and his aunt in the hotel, it was decided to remove the 15 year old into temporary care. He’s now in the Sa Coma centre awaiting the arrival of his mother to take him back to the UK. The consul is helping with the organisation of the flights.

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