Monday, 12 September 2011

Families flee crime and jobs horrors

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MILLIONS of hacked-off Brits are fleeing the UK for a home in the sun. More than three million have emigrated since 1991, shock new figures reveal. That means around one in 20 of the population have fled in search of a better life. And the mass exodus has sparked more fears of a brain drain generation as Britain’s brightest hopes go. Many say they are being driven out by crime, a shattered economy and bungling Government ministers. Huge numbers are young workers desperate for jobs and pensioners searching for an easy sunshine life. A string of tax benefits is also tempting away Brits who had been forced to get two jobs to try to ride out the recession. Australia has been the most popular sunshine spot for migrating Brits since 1991. America and Canada remain “attractive destinations”, think tank MigrationWatch said yesterday. But the popularity of Spain and France has slumped over the Eurozone debt crisis. MigrationWatch, which released the figures, warned the move was inflicting a “brain drain” on Britain. Its report said: “The profile of those leaving is a concern. Sixty per cent of emigrants since 1997 have been of working age.

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