Saturday 13 August 2011

Guardia Civil arrest two British fire raisers in Torrevieja

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Guardia Civil has arrested two British men, named as 40 year old C.J.M., and 38 year old M.A.F. in connection with some 15 fires in commercial establishments in Torrevieja where the shop owners also allegedly suffered threats from the Brits.

The Guardia Civil think the British men carried out the threats, cut power supplies, and set the fires in the shops or on their terraces in revenge following arguments with the business owners in episodes which started in July 2009.

Some of the shop owners were so intimidated by the Britons that they declined to give details to the Guardia.

The Britons are alleged between them to have set 15 fires which caused damage, and face charges of causing criminal damage and making threats.

The Guardia Civil has said that the two Britons also set fire to the rubbish containers outside their homes, as they were not happy about their location. They also set a fire on waste land, and on two occasions set the home of one of them on fire, although the damage in these events was generally not serious.


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