Friday, 4 March 2011

Civil Guard seize more than a ton of cannabis in Andalucía

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Cannabis: A HistoryCivil Guard seize more than a ton of cannabis in Andalucía: "Civil Guard in Cádiz have recovered almost half a ton of cannabis from a helicopter which had been under suspicion of drug smuggling from Morocco.

Officers had the aircraft under surveillance after it was detected taking off due south one night, without having filed the necessary flight plan with the authorities. It was followed on its return flight to Cádiz and seized by Civil Guard waiting on the ground in La Janda, who discovered the aircraft was carrying 400 kilos of cannabis as its cargo.

The helicopter’s two German crew were arrested, as were two Spanish suspects who’d been waiting on land to guide the aircraft in and unload the cargo. It’s understood a fifth person is also in custody and that five vehicles were impounded."

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