Tuesday 25 January 2011

World Health Organisation tells Spain first 6 months of new smoking law will be key

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World Health Organisation tells Spain first 6 months of new smoking law will be key: "The World Health Organisation has warned Spain that the first six months of the new anti-smoking legislation will be key in the application of the law.

Armando Peruga, who is coordinator for the WHO’s Tobacco-Free Iniative, was speaking at a conference on Tuesday entitled, ‘The law for smoke-free spaces has been approved. And now what?’ He said that simply approving the law is not sufficient, stressing that it is vital that the public sees that the Spanish government is prepared to enforce it.

EFE quotes him saying, ‘It is just as important that people believe the law is being complied with, as is actual compliance’.

Peruga also warned, as had happened in other countries, that the government must expect strong opposition from the tobacco industry. They should be prepared for legal challenges in the courts, he said.

He had some critical words for some of the media in Spain. ‘Reading the headlines,’ he said, ‘could make you think that the country is up in arms’. In Peruga’s view, compliance with the law is very good, with a marked contrast between what is reflected in the media and the reality of the situation."

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