Thursday, 6 January 2011

Local Police arrest man after attempted theft in Cuidad Quesada

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RTN The Favourite Free Newspaper For The Costa Blanca, Costa Calida - Local Police arrest man after attempted theft in Cuidad Quesada: "While patrolling the local area and the golf club of La Marquesa, police noticed a disturbance at The Bull Flanagan in the town of Quesada.  A waitress of the establishment was trying to detain the man with difficulty when the police intervened to prevent injury to the employee and to stop the man taking the money for charitable causes which had been donated by clients and local residents.
According to the first report by the police, the arrested man had a companion who tried to take advantage of an oversight by the waitress by trying to remove a bottle which had been gathering donations.  At the first given chance the man broke free and jumped into a nearby car forcing a chase to ensue. 

The pursuit resulted in a three kilometer chase which ended when the car crashed into the terrace of a nearby house, where the man was detained immediately.  Later it was announced that the arrested was not a resident of Spain and had been implicated in such scandals before, including €15,000 in 2009, also a charity collection."

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