Thursday, 6 January 2011

More Spanish bars join the smoking rebellion

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More Spanish bars join the smoking rebellion: "Marbella restaurant owner says that smoking will continue in his establishment until a judge tells him otherwisePhoto EFE
There are more cases emerging of bars which are refusing to enforce the Government’s new anti-smoking legislation which bans smoking in all closed public spaces, including bars and restaurants.

The owner of a bar in Castellón is defending his ‘private business’ and that if any of his customers is bothered by the smoke he will make a table available for them on the terrace.
‘It’s either that or we are ruined’, says the owner, Fernando Tegedor, who has already received a denuncia from the police. He claims that 90% of his clients are smokers and that his takings fell by 80% on the first day of the prohibition. Fernando made a call for other bars and restaurants across the country to boycott the law.
‘If we unite one by one and another and another they cannot do anything’, he told Canal 9 TV."

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