Tuesday, 19 January 2010

voodoo prostitutes

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sent a Nigerian couple to prison for 12 years 6 months for obliging girls from their country to work in Spain as prostitutes. The girls were told that if they disobeyed a voodoo curse would be placed on them, and voodoo ceremonies were carried out involving the cutting of nails and the removal of all body hair.The couple’s activities were discovered thanks to the statements of one of the victims who declared in the case as a protected witness. She had been promised work in Spain as a secretary, but found herself working at a club in Sevilla. She made her escape in May 2008 and then asked for help from Social Services who informed the immigration authorities and the National Police.The couple were found guilty on charges of clandestine immigration, illegal detention, and inducing into prostitution. Among their possessions was an agenda containing the phone numbers of ‘alternative’ clubs from right across the country.

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