Friday, 29 January 2010

attempting to kill the victims with a chainsaw in Estepona Port

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sentenced by Malaga Provincial Court to 15 years each in prison for attempted manslaughter, for causing an accident and attempting to kill the victims with a chainsaw. The events took place in Estepona Port in April 2001, where one of the accused put a chainsaw to the neck of one of the victims, although he did not start it. A friend of the victim came forward in his defence and pushed the attacker to the floor.The two men, accompanied by another, got into a car and left, with the three accused in chasing them in another car. During the chase, the accused rammed the other car trying to force it off the road, intending to kill the occupants. The first time was at a roundabout and caused so much damage to the back of the car that the man who was in the back seat had to move into the front. Once on the motorway, they slammed into the car again.The victims took a narrow, winding and unlit path which led to the home of a relative where they intended to take refuge. Despite the 40kph speed limit, the cars were driving at more than 80kph. It was then that the attackers rammed them a third time, making the driver loose control of the car and crash into a wall. The attackers rammed the car a fourth time, and seeing that the occupants were still alive, they threatened them with the chainsaw. However, another vehicle approaching forced them to flee the area thinking it was the police.

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