Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Teconsa, gave donations worth 318,000 € to Alhaurín el Grande

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El País printed details of links from the Gürtel corruption case to the Costa del Sol. One of the companies implicated in the affair, Teconsa, gave donations worth 318,000 € to Alhaurín el Grande, where the Mayor Juan Martín Serón spent the money on a library and the sponsorship of a basketball team. The paper says the money was paid via the Proinsa company, which planned to build 2,500 homes with swimming pools and golf course in the area known as Finca la Mota. Juan Martín Serón is currently released on 100,000 € bail and facing charges of perversion of the course of justice, bribery and money laundering. He said on Wednesday that Teconsa received nothing in exchange for their donations.The man at the centre of the Gürtel case, businessman Francisco Correa, is now also known to have purchased 16 plots of land and five apartments in Marbella between 2003 and 2008, despite, according to the case summary, not filling in any income tax return since 1999. He is the son in law of the late real estate promoter, Emilio Rodríguez Bugallo, who was indicted in the Malaya case. Correa paid his 500,000 € bail money, and the case summary says that to clear that debt Rodríguez Bugallo sold several properties in El Embrujo Playa to Correa as a way also of clearing himself of assets.

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