Sunday, 25 October 2009

Olga Pleguezuelos Puzueu stabbed several times

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Scotland Yard has opened an investigation into the death of Olga Pleguezuelos Puzueu. The 35 year old Spanish woman was married to the Briton, Mark Campbell, the information director of the ILD company which wants to build the largest casino complex in Europe, Gran Scala, in the Los Monegros desert in Aragón.A statement from the British police says they received an emergency call from a resident of a home in Harrow and found the body of the woman on their arrival at the scene. It had been stabbed several times.A 53 year old man was arrested at the scene, but his name has not yet been revealed, although it is known that he had injuries to his neck and one of his wrists, and has been admitted to hospital.The victim worked in marketing and had recently been promoted in the Aristocrat Europe company.

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