Sunday, 25 October 2009

‘jamonero de Trevélez’, sentenced this May for defrauding 200 of his neighbours

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‘jamonero de Trevélez’, sentenced this May for defrauding 200 of his neighbours, has written to Ideal newspaper apologising for what he did. Antonio Herrera is behind bars in Albolote after the provincial court in Granada sentenced him to 11 years and five months in prison.He was finally arrested in the Dominican Republic in 2007 after fleeing Trevélez three years before with the money his neighbours had invested in his jamón serrano companies. He still maintains that the fled the country because he was being pursued by the ‘Russian mafia’.Herrera said in the letter to Ideal that the plea bargain reached ahead of the trial left him unable to publically apologise for his actions in court. . The jamonero says in his letter of apology that he is the only person guilty and regrets the situation his neighbours are now suffering, whose accounts for the past five years, he said, are now undergoing inspection by the Hacienda Tax Authority.Ideal notes that Herrera plans to spend his time in prison on writing and to studying law.

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