Saturday, 12 September 2009

Police in Ireland have seized 1 million € worth of cocaine

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Police in Ireland have seized 1 million € worth of cocaine, sent by messenger service on an aircraft from Spain.The 13 kilos of cocaine were sent as an urgent package from Madrid and intercepted by Spain’s Agencia Tributaria Tax Agency. The decision was taken, after contacting the Garda in Ireland, to allow the package to continue on its route to Dublin, which the Irish Independent said was sent under the description of spare parts.The man who collected the package at Dublin Airport was followed to a rendezvous with another man last Friday, where both suspects were taken into custody.

EFE notes a Marbella connection, but gives no further details of that information.

In Cataluña, a German couple have been arrested after the discovery by the Mossos d’Esquadra regional police of almost one ton of cannabis resin in a van found abandoned in Tortosa, Tarragona. The husband and wife are named by EFE as Isabel B.M., resident in Cambrils, and Erich B., both aged 53.750 kilos of marijuana were also found in the vehicle which, as with the cannabis, was in packets labelled as powdered tomato soup. They are believed to have smuggled the drugs into Spain by sea from Iran.

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