Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Second hand car showroom, two restaurants on the promenades in Fuengirola and Marbella raided in Drug Yacht probe

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A 9.3 metre yacht which was heading for Britain has been intercepted by the Spanish authorities and found to be carrying 250 kilos of cocaine.Businesses on the Costa del Sol have been raided as part of the operationThe boat had set sail from the Dutch Antilles, and was escorted by the Spanish police into the port of Vigo after its interception.Eight arrests have been made in total, some of them on the Costa del Sol, and the nationalities of those detained are Spanish, Colombian, British, Dutch and Italian. 18 top of the range cars have also been impounded in the operation along with 300,000 € in cash, a jet ski, semi-automatic pistol, a revolver, 60 mobile phones, 20 computers and diverse documents.Investigations were carried out in a joint operation, codenamed ‘Candlelight’, between the Spanish Agencia Tributaria and the British Serious Organised Crime Agency after an organisation which introduced cocaine, heroin and hashish from South America to Britain and Spain was discovered.The bosses of the operation are thought to have been based on the Costa del Sol. Businesses on the coast are thought to have laundered money from the gang, in a second hand car showroom, and in two restaurants on the promenades in Fuengirola and Marbella.

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