Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Addiction International makes contact with the Costas

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Revolutionary new methods of dealing with addictions hit the Costas.Addictions International offers a range of services to clients with addiction problems. Because of the unique delivery of the programme they are able to support people wherever they may be. The programme is exceptional in that we can reach people with problems even when they cannot access help in the usual ways.Are you an addict?Do you want to recover?24/7 home-based programmes help you and your family and your carers ...
•whatever your addiction drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, the Internet, shopping or anything else
•wherever you are in the world
they help English speakers world-wide
•by any way they can contact you
home-based treatment via telephone, messaging, DVDs, books etc.
If your habits are dominating your daily life and you feel powerless to control the chaos, then it's very likely that you are suffering from an active addiction.
The abstinence-based programmes use detox, the "12 steps", cognitive behavioural therapy, counselling, peer support, coping strategies, drug rehabilitation, coaching and teaching and more to help you and your carers and your family.
Because their help is home-based they can remain in their job, in their family and their community while restoring health, relationships and lifestyle. Contact

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