Friday, 12 June 2009

Stephen Mallon remains in a critical condition in the Carlos Haya Hospital in Málaga

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Stephen Mallon remains in a critical condition in the Carlos Haya Hospital in Málaga
It is now a week since the mass fight in the Axarquía village of Cómpeta last Friday night resulted in the British resident, 49 year old Stephen Mallon, being admitted to the Carlos Haya hospital in Málaga in a coma. Reports indicate that he was called to the aid of his 16 year son and nephew, who also suffered a broken nose and arm in the fight outside a local disco pub, which was allegedly between a group of foreign and Spanish youths.We have received reports that the police took some two hours to arrive at the scene, as the local police station is closed at night, and also that when the ambulance arrived at the scene the medics were not allowed out of the vehicle to attend to the victim. There are conflicting witness reports claiming either that he was hit with a bottle which left him unconscious, or that he fell, or was thrown over a wall to a five metre drop.Cómpeta is a small village where everyone knows everyone else, but for now nobody is speaking publically about what has happened. There were obviously dozens of witnesses to the fight but nobody wants to talk on the record. Even the Mayor, José Luis Torres, has declined to make a statement, although some local residents have said that fights have been a regular weekend event for some time, and that the venue where the fight took place should not be open in the small hours. The fight was at 4am outside the La Estrella pub, close to the Hotel Balcón de Cómpeta. One witness told Diario Sur that the fight started inside the bar, but that the owner threw the people outside. Reports indicate as many as 30 people were involved.The Guardia Civil are still to make any arrests in the case and the local press reports that the investigation is progressing only slowly.

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