Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Cómpeta arrested seven people in connection with the death of Stephen Mallon

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Arrested seven people in connection with the death of Stephen Mallon, the 49 year old Briton who died last week after a street fight in Cómpeta in the early hours of Friday 5th June. Mr Mallon suffered severe head injuries after falling from a five metre-high wall during the fight, and spent 12 days in a coma before he died.The brawl between opposing groups of British and Spanish youths is believed to have involved up to 30 people, and Diario Sur reports that the Civil Guard identified 10 of them last week. The seven suspects were taken into custody on Wednesday morning and are, according to Europa Press, between 20 and 25 years old. No nationalities have been given in reports.The fight took place outside the Pub La Estrella, and it’s believed that Mr Mallon was injured after going to help his 16 year old son and nephew when they became involved in the punch-up. It’s understood, according to the local Mayor, José Luis Torres, that the Mallon family owns a house in Cómpeta, which the Mayor described as a peaceful village currently shared by 36 different nationalities.

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