Saturday, 23 May 2009

Bulgarian gangster Hristo Vasilev has been shot dead in public

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Bulgarian gangster Hristo Vasilev has been shot dead in public in the town of Sant Joan Despi, Barcelona province, in Catalonia, Spain.The news has been reported by the Bulgarian 24 Chasa Daily, which cites the local newspaper El Periodico.
According to the reports, Vasilev was part of a gang of Eastern Europeans who committed robberies and luxury car thefts in Spain and France.The gang had committed a number of daring crimes including one occasion in the French city of Orleans where they held a whole family at gunpoint for several hours until the family opened a save.The gang was eventually busted by the Spanish police but Vasilev managed to get away. According to El Periodico, however, he was shot dead over drugs as he repeatedly stole drug shipments of competing Barcelona gangs.The murder was committed in public by a motorcyclist who chased Vasilev for several blocks.
Hristo Vasilev had been living in Spain for years, and even had Spanish citizenship. He had arrested a number of times for various crimes.At the time he was shot, Vasilev had no ID and was identified through a DNA analysis.

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