Wednesday 6 May 2009

52 year old British neighbour,hurt as neighbour attempts suicide by Butane Gas

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Woman who was injured in a gas explosion at her home on the N340 coast road in Almayate Bajo in the early hours of Tuesday has reportedly admitted that she purposely caused the blast in an attempt to commit suicide. She is said to have opened the valve on a butano gas bottle and then lit a cigarette.It came after an incident at her home in the early hours of Monday, where local police arrested her partner’s brother, 42 year old J.A.M.G. The woman, named by EFE as 37 year old N.E.R.P., told officers she had been sexually assaulted.Sheremains under treatment in the Carlos Haya Hospital in Málaga with superficial burns to 33 % of her body. Her 52 year old British neighbour, named by EFE as M.T.S., was also injured, but has already been discharged from hospital. His wife and two children escaped the explosion unhurt.Five other neighbours were evacuated as a precautionary measure while experts assess the damage caused to their houses. It’s understood that the house where the blast took place suffered considerable damage, and that a wall between that house and the British neighbour’s was destroyed.

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