Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Three Costa del Sol lawyers suspected of laundering money forTambov/Tamboskaya group arrested

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Police on Wednesday arrested three lawyers suspected of laundering money for Russian mobsters in southern Spain, authorities said.The suspects _ who were not identified by name or nationality _ allegedly worked with a powerful Russian organized crime gang known as the Tambov/Tamboskaya group, Spanish police said in a statement.
Investigators found evidence of bogus financial transactions since the late 1990s that funneled proceeds from criminal activities in Russia into Spain and invested them in expensive houses, cars and other property in the Costa del Sol area through a complex network of companies, police said.Police made Wednesday's arrests and seized property and unspecified assets in Malaga and Marbella, where police said the suspects were found living in luxury.
The arrests were part of an ongoing operation ordered by Judge Baltasar Garzon. In the first phase of the operation in June, police arrested 20 suspects nationwide and seized

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