Sunday, 19 April 2009

Russian mafia Tambovskaya-Malshevskaya links as three Marbella lawyers arrested

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National Court judge, Baltasar Garzón, ordered Kiril Illine Yudasehev to prison on charges of illegal association and money laundering after questioning in Madrid on Friday.One of the three Marbella lawyers who were arrested on Thursday in a new stage of the ‘Troika’ operation against money laundering linked to the Russian mafia, has been sent to prison on remand.The other two lawyers, both Spaniards, Francisco Eloy Ocaña and Antonio de Fortuny, both still face money laundering charges but were released. Ocaña was given five days to find 10,000 € bail, while Fortuny had bail set at a million € and has to register in the court weekly. He is 76 years old and reported to be in a delicate state of health, hence the judge’s decision not to deprive him of his freedom at this stage.Garzón considers the Russian mafia has companies and accounts in financial havens as well as interests linked in the case to Spain, Panama, Lichtenstein and Russia.

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