Monday, 9 March 2009

Abou Mossab Anadori arrested on the Costa del Sol

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The man who is organising group of men or terror cell is known to the police as Abou Mossab Anadori .The small town of Torreforta was the scene of the arrest of a Moroccan man on the Costa del Sol.The Civil Guard made the arrest because the 21 year old was wanted in his own country because of allegedly planning terrorist attacks against tourists in North Africa .He was the subject of an international arrest warrent issued by the Attorney Generals Office in Morocco.After the arrest he was handed over to the National Court which made a decision to imprison him .More than 15 people with links to terrorist operations were arrested in the same operation .It appears that these people are attached to a radical group with a link here in Spain .He it appears proposes to carry out terrorist attacks here in Spain .

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