Friday, 14 November 2008

Fuengirola attempted security van robbery

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National Police have arrested six people, four men and two women, from a gang of jewellery thieves who had been acting in Málaga province. The arrests came just as the gang were about to assault a security van in Fuengirola.A police statement that the arrested men were five Argentineans and a Paraguayan and that following two searches a large amount of jewellery had been recovered. The leader of the group has been named with the initials J.F.G. and is known as Joe.The gang has been linked to two violent robberies in Málaga and Torremolinos, but they could later be linked to other incidents. Police investigations were started last September, and it’s thought the gang could also have acted elsewhere in the country. They were professional thieves who planned their operations to the letter.

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