Tuesday, 18 November 2008

British man laundering some 200,000 € from the sale of heroin daily

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38 people have been arrested across Spain of a gang of drug runners who were allegedly distributing heroin from Turkey though a centre in La Cañada Real in Madrid.The arrests were carried out in Oviedo, Gijón, La Felguera in Asturias, Unquera in Cantabria, Arganda del Rey in Madrid, Sevilla and Fuengirola in Andalucía and El Ferrol in Galicia in an operation which was opened in April.13.5 kilos of heroin, 1.8 kilos of cocaine, more than 14 kilos of material to cut the drugs, money, jewellery and other items have all been recovered. Police say the group was laundering some 200,000 € from the sale of the drug daily using a British man to do so. The others arrested are Spanish, Turkish, Pakistani, Bulgarian and Greek.

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