Sunday, 5 October 2008

La Casita, in Nueva Andalucía six police arrested for rape and ill-treatment

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The two policemen at the centre of the matter have been held in the cells and are expected to go before the judge later today. The two are reported to have other disciplinary measures outstanding against them.number of local police from Marbella who have now been arrested in connection with the rape and ill-treatment of a prostitute in a club, La Casita, in Nueva Andalucía, has risen to six.Four of the men are now released with charges outstanding, charged with ‘looking the other way’ regarding their two colleagues who were actually involved in the incident.Now investigations are underway to try and establish if pressures were put on the club concerned and also to the possible presence of drugs in the venue.Mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, has said the incident is ‘very serious’ and repeated her policy of zero tolerance in such matters.

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