Sunday, 26 October 2008

Bulldozers moved in yesterday morning to knock down a number of properties

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hamlet of Cho Vito does not meet the requirements of the Ley de Costas, Coastal Law
Bulldozers moved in to knock down a number of properties at the fisherman’s hamlet of Cho Vito in Santa Cruz de Tenerife as the homes do not meet the regulations of the Coastal Law.Crowds gathered to witness the moment as the oldest of the properties, dating from 1939 and owned by the man whose name, Cho Vito, now also refers to the whole district, was demolished. By the end of yesterday only 7 of the 31 homes remained standing and some 60 people had been evicted from the properties.More than 100 people including Guadia Civil and others were needed to enforce the evictions of some of the residents of the property under the judicial order.

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