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British teenager who fell six floors from the corridor walkway of a holiday apartment in Spain was in a "very bad" condition in hospital

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British teenager who fell six floors from the corridor walkway of a holiday apartment in Spain was in a "very bad" condition in hospital.
The man who fell with her - and who is believed to have been trying to save her - is expected to be released from hospital but 18-year-old Jemma France is thought to be in a much worse condition.Lee Cook, 28, and Miss France were found lying beneath the walkway in a pool of blood by hotel staff at 3am .The pair, who the hotel said are from Ashton-under-Lyne, near Manchester, were on holiday with friends at the Casablanca Apartments in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria.Hotel manager Antonio Campos said today: "At midnight last night the reception was told that Mr Cook was better and was going home."But the woman is very bad. It's believed she fell down first and the man was behind her and fell on top."Friends of Miss France posted their good wishes on her Facebook social networking page.Aimee Tolen said: "Jemma... you're gonna pull through this... everyone is praying for you. Hope it gets better!"
It is thought Lee Cook, 28, 'was trying to save' Jemma France, 18, but both fell from a sixth-floor corridor outside their rooms on the island of Gran Canaria.
But he has told police he remembers nothing about the fall in the early hours of this morning from the Casablanca Apartments in the popular resort of Puerto Rico.
They had fallen from an outside corridor near room 607 where one of the victims had been staying.Mr Campos said: 'The two injured holidaymakers were part of a group of four people that returned in the early hours of this morning.
'They rang on the bell and a night porter let them in and they headed up to their rooms.'A short time later he heard a tremendous noise and groaning sounds.
'He went to investigate and found the injured man and woman on the second floor where the restaurant is.
'I'm certain they wouldn't be alive today if they hadn't fallen on plastic tables at the back of the restaurant.
'The tables cushioned their fall. It was the best place they could have fallen. If they hadn't landed on the tables, they would have smashed against rocks on the hill the apartments back onto.
'There's no doubt the fall was an accident. Everyone's saying it was an accident, the police, the victims' friends and Thomas Cook, who the injured pair and their friends had been travelling with.
'The woman tumbled first and took the man with her. It may be she tried to grab on to him as she fell and took him with her or he tried to save her and he ended up falling with her.
'The friends are all youngsters and they're very shaken up by what's happened.
'The man is going to be okay and we're just hoping the woman pulls through. She's in a very bad way.'
A spokesman for the Civil Guard in Gran Canaria, which has launched an investigation, said: 'We can confirm two British holidaymakers, an 28-year-old man and an 18-year-old woman, have been injured in a fall from their apartment block.
'We are currently investigating the causes so there is nothing more we can say at the moment.'
A female friend was today at Jemma's bedside. Her parents are thought to have been informed. Lee is thought to have celebrated his 28th birthday on Tuesday on the island. His life is not in any danger.
A receptionist at the apartment overlooking the Atlantic where they fell said: 'No-one appears to have seen anything and so no-one knows what's happened at the moment.
'Police are interviewing the couple's friends to try to get to the bottom of it all. They're all out of the hotel at the moment.'
Puerto Rico, once a small fishing village, is now a popular resort in the south-west of Gran Canaria.
It attracts tourists all year round and autumn is one of its busiest times of the year.
The Casablanca apartment complex is built on a hill half a mile from the beach overlooking the resort and the marina. It is popular with families and couples and most of its guests are British.

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