Thursday, 11 September 2008

Sean Edwards,wants to say “thank you” to the anonymous holidaymaker who rescued him, his daughter and wife

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Sean Edwards, 39, wants to say “thank you” to the anonymous holidaymaker who rescued him, his daughter and wife after they were trapped in strong rip currents in the sea off Benalmadena.Mr Edwards, who didn’t have time to get his rescuer’s name, only knows the reluctant hero came from Scarborough.
The family were enjoying a week’s holiday in the Costa del Sol town, near Malaga, when they decided to go down to the beach.Mr Edwards, his daughter Letitia, 11, and son Sam, six, went into the sea to jump waves while his wife Paula stayed on the beach.Sam left the sea to get some goggles while Mr Edwards and his daughter went further out – only to be knocked back and then off their feet by waves.
Mr Edwards, who is a sales director, said: “I came out from under the water and I couldn’t see my daughter anywhere. Then I saw her being taken away by a rip current and she was shouting. I swam out to her and we were just panicking and screaming for help.”Mrs Edwards, who had brought their son back to the edge of the sea, noticed the pair were in trouble and screamed for help.When she thought no-one was doing anything, she started swimming out to them.Mr Edwards said: “I couldn’t go anywhere because my daughter was panicking and holding on to me. The next thing I know there’s a gentleman taking hold of me. He calmed the situation and took control of my daughter.“Then a Spanish guy came with a lilo and all four of us held on to the lilo, kicking through the current to get back to shore.”During the dramatic rescue, Mrs Edwards had also got into trouble and was eventually saved by the same pair of rescuers.Mr Edwards was too shocked to properly speak to the man but would now like to trace him.He said: “The gentleman’s bravery in jumping into the sea to save three lives is something that should be honoured and commended.“He said he had heard my wife screaming on the shore and just went running. He thought nothing of it. He is a man in his late 40s and was there with quite a large family.“I would just like to thank him personally. We’re still in a bit of shock now. I dread to think what would have happened if they hadn’t made the dash into the sea.”

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