Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Arsonists in Lago Jardin

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Peugeot 405 SRD Turbo was burnt out at around 7.30am in the quiet secluded streets of the urbanisation – just metres from an occupied home. The owner was visibly shocked and upset by the events as she awoke to find thick dark smoke billowing outside her bedroom window. She was one of many residents who quickly contacted the fire department whose prompt response undoubtedly prevented further disaster.
The car was parked between two others – one received some damage whilst the other, thanks to the quick thinking action of two African gentleman who managed to move it and locate the owner, remained intact.
One resident told us, “They are saying the fire was down to an electrical fault, but the car was parked there just after midnight and an electrical fault does not take seven hours to ignite in to flames – it was a deliberate attack – you can see the accelerant used on the bonnet.”It is not the first time cars have been targeted on this pretty, yet divided, urbanisation and residents are coming together to make a stand against the vandalism. “It is simply a thoughtless act of violence by someone with a very sick mind.” Another resident added, “If that car had exploded the results could have been so much worse. Why do they do it and what do they hope to prove?
Residents in Lago Jardin I are now being asked to be on the look out for suspicious activity in the area and to be aware of the spate of attacks.

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