Tuesday, 22 July 2008

French national arrested under suspicion of being involved in drug smuggling

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officers have arrested a man of French nationality who was under suspicion of being involved in what was known to the investigating authorities as ‘Operation Envolat’.
The man in question was arrested aboard his yacht, which was flying the French flag, just off the coast of the island of Cabrera. According to Guardia Civil sources, the Frenchman often sailed through these particular waters of the Mediterranean Sea but changed the yacht’s name and flag every so often in order to avoid detection by the authorities.This operation has been ongoing for the last few months and was made more difficult by the fact that enquiries revealed that a luxury yacht was being used to transport the drugs. It was only very recently, due to certain controls carried out, that the yacht in question was regarded as suspicious and boarded. Security forces which form part of the Guardia Civil discovered 66 packets of hashish, amounting to two tonnes in total.

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