Wednesday, 2 July 2008

30 caravans stolen in the UK on Benidorm campsites

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Serious and Organised Crime Unit, working with the Guardia Civil, have uncovered more than 30 caravans stolen in the UK on Spanish campsites.
British authorities were aware there were stolen caravans being sold to unsuspecting Britons, but the full scale of the organised crime operation was not uncovered until last week.Undercover police and a UK insurance investigator raided a number of campsites in Benidorm and their findings have been astonishing to say the least.
After checking the registration numbers of 120 caravans last week, they found that 30 of them had been reported as stolen in the UK.
Investigators have estimated the total value of the stolen caravans at one million euros. In the UK 700 caravans are stolen each year, many of which are filtered to the Costas by organised gangs.Checks revealed that none of the 30 stolen caravans had the correct legal paperwork or a receipt of payment.Police have been busy taking statements all week from the owners affected by the crime, all of whom are British expats.

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