Monday, 30 June 2008

Spanish police and insurance investigators raid Costa Caravan Sites

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Teams of officers, working with Spanish police and insurance investigators, travelled to Benidorm to search two large sites last week. Of the 120 caravans they inspected, 30 were found to have been stolen from the north of England, police said.
Arrangements are now being made to return the vehicles to England while inquiries continue. A spokesman for the stolen vehicle squad said: "The recovery of the holiday homes in Benidorm is part of an ongoing investigation into caravan thefts.
"We are continuing to make enquiries both here and in Spain to find out who is responsible for the thefts and bring them to justice. "The occupiers of the caravans which we have recovered in Spain are often innocent parties in all this and it is unfortunate for them that they have bought what has turned out to be a stolen caravan." Officers have urged potential buyers to conduct HPI checks before purchasing caravans or mobile homes and avoid cash transactions.
Police are set to return to Benidorm later in the year as part of the ongoing investigation.

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