Thursday, 12 June 2008

Gary Dunne died in the Costa Del Sol after an attack by a machete-wielding Spaniard

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Victor Posse Navas, 23, will plead guilty and be sentenced on September 15 in Malaga High Court.Builder Gary Dunne, 22, died in the Costa Del Sol after an attack by a machete-wielding Spaniard in March 2006.
Under Spanish law the victim’s family can have a say in the sentencing of the defendant.The Dunne family, from West Derby, have been asked if they would accept a jail term of six years for Navas.But this has been rejected by his parents who are opting for a judge decision that could deliver a life sentence with a maximum of 15 years. Mr Dunne’s parents Stephen and Lesley Dunne and his fiancee Ashley Buchanan, will travel to Spain for the court date and see Navas for the first time."No matter what happens, I’ll have that image of him in my mind for the rest of my life. It’s horrible but I’ve got no choice."We’ve been told to go for the judge option as a jury may have sympathy for him as he’s a local lad."We want to have Gary’s two-year-old Kieran in court with us so Navas can see how he’s left a baby without his dad."
The family have been informed that Navas will plead guilty to the killing on mitigating circumstances, based on his intoxication with drugs.
Since Gary was killed, his parents have faced repeated frustration dealing with the Spanish legal system.The couple have still not been able to bring him home and bury him in Allerton cemetery.His body remains in a concrete box in the Costa Del Sol resort of Benalmadena.

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