Sunday, 1 June 2008


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Around a year ago one Friday the early morning tranquility of Guadalmina Baja in Marbella was broken by a heavily-armed eight-man squad from the National Police raiding David Klein’s sumptuous villa.
The reason for the anti-racketeering and anti-Mafia police to take such a drastic step was Klein’s shady business activity selling dodgy international driving licenses. Klein sold licenses with few or no questions asked to the sort of people who inevitably end up in police custody. International criminals in Marbella were being arrested and their documents checked. The fingers were pointing at Klein. He advertises his licenses in many local English language publications. Look at the local press for Klein’s advertisements even today for his dodgy licenses: 610868748
The police search warrant covered fraudulent and forged passports, driving licenses and identity documents. Klein, his long-suffering wife and their housekeeper were sat on straight-backed chairs and told to keep quiet (difficult for motor-mouth) as the house was ransacked.
The police took away many papers and documents and Klein himself. Klein was then held in the cells, dungeon actually, of the Marbella Comisaria of the National Police for seventy-two hours. He was refused access to a lawyer.
Klein was released on bail and scuttled down to Gibraltar to draw out 8,000 euros to pay his lawyer.
Until recently Klein was reporting to the Marbella court twice a month as a bail condition. Due to the state of his health (dodgier than his licenses) his lawyer has now persuaded the court to drop the requirement to sign on at the court. Whereas the rest of him ceases to function unfortunately Klein’s mouth keeps going.
Klein’s trial will take place in due course. He is unlikely to be given a custodial sentence due to his age and infirmity, but the fine will be painful.

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