Wednesday, 18 June 2008

British man has been arrested after hitting five pedestrians

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British man has been arrested after hitting five pedestrians with his car and then driving off.La Opinion de Málaga reports that the man was finally arrested on Sunday after allegedly hitting two women, a two year old baby boy and two babies aged five and thirteen months, as they were all crossing a zebra crossing at the junction of Avenida de los Reales and Avenida Andalucía. It happened at 1030am on Sunday morning with the driver accused of not respecting a red light.One of the two babies was trapped in its pram by the impact, and none of the adults hit are reported to be seriously hurt, but the five month old baby and two year old boy continue in the Costa del Sol Hospital in Marbella with diverse injuries. The two adults and the other baby were allowed home on Sunday.After the accident several witnesses made off in pursuit of the driver who was finally detained.A British man has been arrested in connection with a road traffic accident in Estepona that occurred during the early hours of yesterday morning, and which left five people injured, including two babies. Eye-witnesses described how, after jumping a red light on the Avenida de Los Reales, the driver ploughed into two women, a two year old boy and two babies (aged 13 and 5 months). The two women and the elder baby were released yesterday though the younger baby and the two year old boy, who suffered a variety of cuts and bruises, are still being kept under observation at the Costa del Sol Hospital in Málaga. The British man was arrested when he called in to the police station to recover the vehicle - which was found abandoned near the accident scene and impounded - and after he eventually owned up to having been behind the wheel.
The accused man, named only with the initials D.A.J. will appear in court shortly.

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